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  1. Erick Begun

    We are looking for a tiny house in about 500 to 700sq ft. Can you please give me an estimate of how much it cost.
    We would like one delivered to Central California once we find one.

    Thank You

  2. Ron Bahat

    Hi Erick I have been a builder and licensed general contractor for over 15 years. I can build any wood structure with plans and just started building custom steel traitors for boats and houses. I think we can make any design you have in mind. I can be reached @ 310-497-5438 or by email. Precisionconstruction1@gmail.com


    Ron B
    Precision Construction #796588

  3. Claudia W

    interested in a (mobile) Tiny Home with about 800 square ft. Does anyone know of anyone building or selling these in Northern California! Please email me directly (healer@chico.com). Thank you.

    1. Pat

      800 sf is not a tiny home, it is a small home. I think tiny homes are under 500 sf.

      1. James

        From my research the main founders of the u.s.a. tiny house movement have all stated that it isn’t about space but how you use it and every squarter inch of the house should work for your life style with our having excess space and clutter.

    2. Jane McFeely

      I have an 8 X 12 tiny house that I am selling in November. It is very cute.,I am moving. It is an AirBNB rental now & people love it
      You can check it out in Santa Rosa, Ca
      On Airbnb and put in tiny house

      1. Donna Nash


        I am interested in buying a tiny house.

      2. Sheryl

        Did you sell your tiny home? I couldn’t find it on Airbnb. Would be interested.

      3. Toni Davis

        Hi Jane did you sell your tiny home yet?

      4. Michael Marino

        NO replys to Did you sell your cute tiny home?
        I have property in No. CA and would like to begin placing tiny homes on site. How did the Air bnb workout?

  4. lorraine

    Hi im a low income single person who would like to know if theres a payment plan that i can pay on to own a tinyhome of my own someday? Fresno os the closest to me and i would like to hear from this company. Thank you

    1. Kathy McIntre

      Hi Lorraine, we have a 220 sq ft tiny house on wheels very affordable, priced at $29,500 in Coarsegold, Ca. we will deliver for free. its all new, and the appliances are under warranty. if you are still looking.

      1. Shannon

        I’m looking for a tiny home 36′ length 8,6″ wide custome and money saving. Under 30,000.00

      2. Sara Otto

        Kathy- is this still available?


  5. Ms. Wendy

    Looking for a Tiny House on wheels. Approx. 250 sq. ft. 2 loft’s, to put on my Tiny property in Cestline CA.

    1. Nathan Greenwood

      We are custom home builders who are transitioning into building tiny homes, based in Corona Ca. We are starting our next build in Feb. If you are interested we can customize it for what you are looking for? Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any questions.


      Thank you,

    2. Berdooiesc

      Ms. Wendy, I have built 2 tiny custom homes in the past 12 months. I live 15 minutes from Crestline in north san bernardino. If you are interested send me an email- berdooiesc@gmail.com

  6. Haylee

    Interested in a tiny home, preferably on wheels, 800 square feet, anywhere in california. White, paneling, farm house style ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you!

  7. Berdooiesc

    I am a tiny home builder who utilizes CAD to create a 3d model of the tiny home. This gives you an exact replica of what the final outcome will be.
    berdooiesc@gmail.com or 9097630047

  8. Hal

    Hello, I’m considering retiring from my job of 20 years and have been looking at Tiny Home Programs on TV and thought how cool that would be to own one. If anyone can direct me to existing Tiny Homes or builders that would be able to assist me with my new adventure. I’m in Southern California but would consider other locations

    1. Kathy McIntre

      we have an affordable tiny home on wheels located in Coarsegold, Ca $29,500. and delivery in Calif is free

      1. Toni Davis

        Hi Kathy, did you sell your home yet? Will you let me know and send me pictures if you still have it?

        Thank you!

      2. Gail Thacker

        I’m interested please send pictures

  9. Glenn

    Looking for TH to buy or build 3-400sq ft and locate in.Northern California.
    Any resources.,ideas?

    1. Jane McFeely

      I have an 8 X 12 tiny house with a bedroom & bath. It is so cute. Moving in November & need it off my property in November. It is in Santa Rosa, CA

      1. Luis

        Do you have an image gallery or photos you can send?

      2. B M

        I am interested in looking at this as well.

      3. Heidi

        Hi Jane, we live in the area. Do you still have the Tiny House?

      4. Gabriela Cesarman

        Hi Jane,

        We would be interested in knowing how much you are selling your home for and we could pick it up preferably before May.



      5. Ana-Maria Moga

        Hi i am intresting to buy the home

      6. Denise ashe

        Hi Jane, I am definitely interested, would like to see photos and price.
        Thank you

      7. Kim

        Have u sold it yet? Do u have pics? I’m in Sacramento area!

      8. Carol Schreiner

        Hello! I am looking for a Tinyhome for my son’s father. He has been staying in a fifth wheel near the beach in Crescent City and he needs an upgrade. Pls text me if it is still available. Thank you
        Carol Schreiner 706 254 3112

      9. Denise Bishop

        Would definitely be interested if you still have it.

  10. Thomas Perez

    Hello Tiny Home enthusiast! I have just built a beautiful custom tiny home in Santa Barbara CA. The home will be featured on the show Tiny Home Nation and we have decided to sell. Contact me if interested in owning a one of a kind tiny home. SBtinyhome@gmail.com

    1. mariana

      hi, how much are you asking and how “tiny” is it? do you have photos?

  11. Unique Sonka

    Interested in Cottage style tiny home about 480-500sq ft..near other tiny home communities..about 45-1he away from. LA..

  12. Unique Sonka

    Looking for a cottage style home 480-500said ft. 45-1 hour away from.LA

    1. Jackie Elshaug

      Yes we are interested in moving to Southern California we are open for ideas on what area to purchace in

  13. Liem

    I live in Lake Forest, CA. Would like to know about Tiny house community nearest here. Where can i find the parking lot and how much it that. How to get electric and water.
    As i saw, most tiny houses park in forest or lake side. Should we ask for goverment permission or any legal officer? Thank you so much .

  14. Amy

    Looking to buy a tiny home in California. Interested in builders who can customize my build. Im looking for about 700-900 square feet. Home to be placed on purchased land in California or if you have a tiny home on property already, I will consider Contact me with ideas.

    1. Alaina Meyer

      Amy! Hey my boyfriend and I do customized fabrication. And he is a tiny home builder. Shoot me an email and let’s chat. Alainameyer2@gmail.com

  15. Jc

    Looking for a tiny house to rent. I live in Burbank. I’d like 800 to 1100 sq feet.

    1. Kim

      I’m looking for a tiny house to rent in or near the Sacramento, CA area…preferably 200+ sq ft.

    2. Nichole Johnson

      That is not tiny. TINY is considered under 500 sq. Feet

  16. Sarah Rah

    I have a 450 SF (+/-) Tiny House Studio Cottage in Central California which I can sell for $75,000. The cottage a sleeping-living area, compact kitchenette, bathroom and walk-in closet. The 1/3 acre lot has shade trees, with public water, sewer and electric service. The location is in the heart of North Fork CA, a funky mountain village on the edge of the Sierra National Forest, halfway between Fresno and Yosemite National Park. You can walk to the market, library, service station, shops, restaurants, etc. within 1 to 3 blocks. Big city services are available in Fresno, 45 min south. Backcountry adventures in Yosemite or other wilderness areas are just 10 to 45 minutes away.

    Side Note; I can also offer practical advice on zoning and permit issues for portable or stationary Tiny Houses, with 40+ years in the property research business.

    1. Tim Henderson

      Hi Sarah, How would I arrange to take a look at your Tiny House in North Fork?

    2. Georgette Temple

      Looking to buy a tiny home in California 0r find a parcel of land that would allow me to build approx 900 sq ft home
      Georgette Temple
      916 412 1025

    3. Court

      Hi Sarah, if you still have the tiny house and property for sale I am very interested and can be reached via text or phone at sixfivezero 930 zerothree42

    4. bud freely

      Hi Sarah is it legal in north fork for tiny homes if so i would look for property also do you know of other areas rural and inexpensive which have favorable zoning for tiny homes? Thanks,

    5. Jennifer Granger

      Sarah, I would be very interested in talking to you about zoning laws, etc for unincorporated areas of Los Angeles. Is that something you would be able to help with? please email me at jengranger@earthlink.net

    6. Jackie Elshaug

      Hi Sarah, my husband and I live in Greenville South Carolina and are looking for an affordable way to move back to Southern California, how can you be contacted ? my cel is 864-901-3145- my email is jelshaugakajk@yahoo.com we would love to talk and gather ideas for other areas we are open, but prefer
      Southern Calif. Thanks Jackie

    7. Heidi

      Hi would love to talk and learn more. Can you email me so we can connect.

    8. Ana-Maria Moga

      I am itresting to buy the place
      Call me or text

    9. Janine Sherman

      Hope this is Sara, do you still own anything in can? If so please let me know at email

  17. Ashley Borjon

    My husband and I are looking to own our own tiny home between 600-800 square feet. We have two boys and want enough space for them as well. I am hoping to find a builder or someone selling in the central valley but am open to purchasing and shipping from outside of the northern California area. I’d like estimates or to be contacted for further details.

  18. JAMI

    Hi all! I’m looking for a tiny home on wheels with 2 lofts. I’m willing to spend 30-40k cash. I’m located in Clayton,Ca.

    My email is Jamilee02@aol.com

  19. mikedonnellyconstruction

    Check out lil abode.com. I have a 480 sq ft 2 bed 2 bath micro that has loads of charm but never forgets function. Priced at 79k including foundation. thanks for checking it out. Mike 831-383-0549

  20. Tiffany medina

    Hi my names Tiffany, I’m looking for 2 tiny houses one for my brother & one for myself. We’re looking to put it into my families property. The size were interested in is 400-600 sq ft. We’re located in the Los Angeles area. If there’s anyone who knows where or who can show me where I can look or talk to please contact me.

    1. Alex

      Tiffany, please shoot me an email if you’re still in LA & interested. Thanks, Alex Evans (evanst14@mail.wlu.edu)

    2. Alaina Meyer

      Hey. Shoot me a text me boyfriend and I are in la frequently and not cal. We both do customized fabrication. But, he is a tiny home mastermind and fantastic builder. We would love to get in contact. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Natalie

        Alaina Meyer I have a small family and we are interested in building a small/tiny house on my parents property. Please email me

  21. W

    Are these good investments? I’m located in Los Angeles. I have great credit and some cash….Please email me if you know how to make money on the tiny houses. Njersey55@yahoo.com

  22. Gilbert

    We have a 5 acre parcel with well and septic, fruit trees and garden area. There is a graded house pad
    along with two RV areas that could potentially fit one or possibly two mini homes with water and septic connections. This 5 acre parcel could be a potentially awesome mini home community. The well is run by solar power and the rest of the home area is set up for future off grid solar. The home is located in Northern California in Dobbins CA 45 minutes North of Sacramento. 100K Please email for pics and more info.

    1. Martin

      I’m interested. Pls email photos and other particulars!

      1. Corine Jones

        Is this property still available

    2. Margaret

      Hello Gilbert: I am in the Sacramento area and would be interested in seeing this property if it is still available.


  23. karly

    Hi there, my name is Karly and my husband and I are currently looking into purchasing a tiny house and land. We live in the Inland Empire. We are new to the area and it is our temporary home so we would like something portable or semi but we wre also thinking something between 500-700sq feet. We need to find a builder, get detials and start looking for land. If you can be of any help i would so appreciate it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ my email is ktremlin@outlook.com

  24. Karol Kohner

    HI, my name is Karol, I am retired and am interested in buying a small house and finding somewhere in Ojai to put it. I will pay cash for the house if I can either rent a piece of land that would work or find a few people who I can go in with and buying a larger lot. I am interested in getting any information on land around Ojai, it is my ultimate dream place to live, and finding someone who can help me find a small house, not micro but under 800 sq ft, around $50,000?
    Also if anyone else is interested in the same and maybe going in with 3/4 people and buying some land in Ojai we can park house and grow veggies?

    1. Diane Jacoby

      Hi Karol – Did you ever find anything? I’m also retired – well, semi-retired – and have been visiting Ojai for decades. It’s my dream place also. I’m exploring options.



    2. Nancy

      Hi Carol and Diane,

      I’m also semi-retired and interested. I’m just beginning to explore options. Could either of you shoot me an e-mail and let me know where things stand with this?

  25. Geri

    Interested in possibly renting a ‘tiny house’ in the Sacramento region. Needs to be enough space for two people (husband/wife). Availability woud be mid to latter part of September, 2016.

    Please email if you have know of such.
    Thank you

  26. Tiffany

    I’ve been researching where to buy a tiny house, I think if anyone builds them in california that would be amazing!
    I’m thinking I don’t want to spend more than $37000?
    Let me know

    1. Kathy McIntre

      we currently have a tiny house on wheel ready to live in- turn key priced at $29,500, free delivery in calif.
      220 sq ft

      1. Amber

        Hi Kathy,
        Could you email me pictures of the tiny home that you are selling?
        Thank you!

      2. Kim

        I’d love to see pics of your tiny home for sale as well! Please send them to faithnluv61@gmail.com. I’m in the Sacramento, CA area! Thanks, Kim…Do you know where I can find a tiny house rental in CA as well?

      3. Denise ashe

        Hi Kathy, I would love for you to send pictures, also I’m looking to put it near the beach around Oceanside, Ca.

  27. susan owen

    With financing would these be considered mobile or homes?

  28. Chaz S

    Hey guys… We are in Orange County, CA and want to build our own home. We love the smallest Stillwater Dewellings home, but 400 a sq foot…is too much with the cost of land here in OC. Can anyone reccomend a builder who will build about a 750-900 sq foot home, modest and modern? Most builders only want to buy luxury homes. Hey, just cause we are in South County doesn’t mean we are rich. Just the opposite. Any info would be great! Blessings

  29. Cheryl Skolnick

    I own a Real Estate Office and an Escrow Company in Rancho Cucamonga. I was thinking of creating an event in our parking lot for display of tiny homes for the realtors and the public to view. Perhaps, each builder can donate $ 200.00 each to Loma Linda Children’s hospital Vision 2020 for the building of their new state of the art hospital. Is anyone interested?

  30. Karen Rodriguez

    New at this.. i really want a tiny house so i can move out of San Bernardino.. im want to build or maybe buy a tiny house.. can anyone relate and give me some info on how to start

    1. Chas

      Hi Karen…I’m with you on that! I live in Fontana and am looking. I’m doing it alone which is overwhelming and discouraging. Maybe we can look together or in the future attend some workshops together or something. I want my own place with a small piece of land.

  31. Rick Donunguez

    Hello ,
    I am a contractor who builds Redwood tiny homes. Redwood is lighter and resist termites. Anyone interested in getting there it dream tiny home built, I can customize it to suit your needs of any kind. I have been building for over 20 years. Licensed and bonded . Operating out of the Bay Area .

    1. damian

      What’s your website or contact info?

  32. Brooke


    I retired about 4 years ago and don’t need my 2000 sf home. I live in Clayton, CA (East Bay SF) and would like to know if there is a tiny home community in the SF Bay area. I’m not interested in a tiny home on wheels, but a home that is stationary and resembles a regular size home in a community of similar homes.


  33. Danielle Woods

    I just got a job offer in Laguna Niguel, CA and have been thinking about buying/building a tiny home for some time now. I would be moving from MI and have no idea where I could park a tiny home. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

    1. Denise Ashe

      Hi, I was just reading your info. Looking for a tiny house or to build close in by Laguna Niguel, did you ever find a place, or you still interested?

  34. jaymes

    I, like many others are looking for a place to build and park a tiny house on wheel in the los angeles area.
    If anyone knows of land, please email.

  35. syl

    i wish someone on here would talk about cost. not just give a phone number. what is the cost to build a tiny house about 400 sq ft on a trailer? off the grid. don’t give me a phone number. some one , please , just post a price!

    1. Corine Jones

      I recently took a class at Laney Community College I. OakLand. We built a tiny home approx 250 Sq ft for a SMUD net zero competition that was held on 10/16/16. We had some materials donated and labor was done by students. It cistern about $32,000 to build and I think it will be sold for about 60k

      1. Denise ashe

        Where is the property and tiny home you have for sale?

  36. Kristina

    Me and my fiancรฉe are looking in to building a tiny home were located in temecula and would like to get some more info on where to start and get some help with materials. Any information is great and feel free to contact me .

  37. Janet

    Hello all fellow tiny home dreamers/owners….Im getting ready to start my tiny home build and needing a builder somewhere close to So Cal. Im designing my own but need a builder. Also can anyone recommend an RV park between LA and Palm Springs….south to Orange County or north to Simi Valley?
    Thank you…Janet

      1. Denise ashe

        Please do send me pictures,I am very interested, also where is it now?

      2. Ross

        Jim, please send photos of vardos.

  38. Dallen Coulter


    I am looking to build a tiny house on wheels. 8×32 preferably and on wheel. I live in Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. I am looking to have the build completed by May 2017. I have the layout done already.

    You can contact me at coulterdp@gmail.com if you are a builder that can help me.


  39. RW

    I live in Sacramento CA and I would like to know if there is someone willing to do a
    rent to own tiny home including the land. Tired of renting a condo. Can someone
    get back to me? Email RW at: suvluvtodrive@aol.com

    1. Kim

      I also live in the Sacramento area and am looking for rent to own or possibly owner financing for a tiny home and a small patch of land…less than 1/4 acre. Tired of renting apartments! Please email me at faithnluv61@gmail.com.

  40. Loreen

    I would like a cottage style TH on wheels 150-200 ft. I live in Los Angeles. Can someone contact me and show me pictures. Thanks

  41. Michelle Blanchard

    I live in San Jose and have never actually seen these in person. I am really interested in purchasing one if there is some kind of payment plan option. I’ve seen some on Craigslist and even eBay but again I would have to have a payment plan Option to be a 2nd owner. If anyone from the Bay Area has information to where they build and sell TH please let me know. Thanks! macgyver408@gmail.com

  42. laura

    I am looking for a tiny house to buy in Morgan hill ca. Maybe Gilroy. I take care of my elderly mother and so I can’t be to far away from her. 620sq Ft is what I would like. Please email me if you have one.

  43. John

    My wife and I will have an empty nest soon and we are looking to buy property with a small house/cottage that is already on the property (it can be 600 square feet). We are also interested in adding a tiny house so our kids and friends can use it when they visit (or rent it on Airbnb). We want to be in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, or Santa Cruz counties. We want to be close to a town and neighbors (not rural). We don’t need a big property, just big enough for the cottage and tiny house. We are willing to spend $200,000 for the cottage (without the tiny house). Are there properties like this that exist? We aren’t handy, so we don’t want a fixer upper. Something that is move-in ready without big issues. A simple, open floor plan is what we prefer.

    1. Kathy McIntre

      we have a tiny on wheels turn key- ready to live in $29,500 located in Coarsegold, Ca 220 sq ft- free delivery in Calif. if this is of interest. see ad here in tiny house listings

  44. Celina Andrade

    I live in Oakland california. I am looking to purchase a simple 400-500 square foot tiny home to put on my property. We would like an option for two sleeping areas, kitchen and bathroom. What are my options? zoning? We are not wealthy but we need the space. Please let us know. Please email me at celinaandninja@gmail.com

  45. Jon Tran


    I have a hillside lot in El Sereno, CA and would like to build a tiny home on it. Can anyone refer me to a builder or contractor that can help me.

  46. Vicktoria

    I would love to buy an 8×40 2 bdrm home on wheels. I live in Cali but I am free to travel for the right deal. Please contact me with leads.
    Thank you

  47. Veronica

    Hello. i am a single lady, also retired. I am interested in buying a tiny home with plumbing, electricity etc. but one that is stationary, on land in northern calif sf or above, napa ,sonoma, santa rosa etc. Prefer rural but close enough to sf, one to two hours in car or public transport. Anyone who has a tiny on your land that would like to sell to a stable, quiet nature and animal loving lady who can also dog and house sit in your big house please write!

    1. Kim

      I have all the same requests and offers, except I live in the Sacramento area of CA. Looking for a TH 200+ sq ft.

  48. Lorraine.Forsyth

    Hi my name is lorraine looking to buy a small piece of property that will permit in LA County or San Brenardino County ,closest to Glendora California as possible ,II want to buy a tiny house or mobile home that will sit on the property if you know anyone that does this kind of real estate please contact me Lforsyth1221@yahoo.com thank you

  49. Kathy McIntyre

    I have a tiny house for sale. Google ” metal shell tiny house on wheels for sale” in Coarsegold, Ca. we will deliver for free in Calif. this home is ready to live in. New build $29,900.

  50. Olivia

    My name is Olivia, I live in Sonoma County and Im looking to purchase a tiny home with two lofts thats “turn key” ready. ( 300+ sq ft with a full kitchen). Ideally the home I purchase would have the ability to be transported if not on wheels already. Also Im looking to buy a small piece of property in this area. Please feel free to send pictures and pricing!

  51. Cynthia STEWART

    I am relocating to Southern California. I am fine living in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, North San Diego or San Bernardino (towards and into the mountains but below the pass) Counties. To say the least “I was “tiny house” when “tiny house” wasn’t cool! (Lol). I am way flexible in terms of on wheels or foundation. I’m good with around 250 SQ feet give or take. I’m willing to work hard and pitch in with any kind of build and have friends and family who would help as well. I am on a fixed income. I could have a down payment of a few thousand dollars and pay monthly however I would probably need owner financing based on my situation. I realize it’s a costly place to try to buy land and build even a tiny home but I need to get this done for around $40,000 max. Crestline area seems viable.? Anyone with any ideas, advice or help, don’t hesitate to comment!


    My wife and I are honest, disabled vetrans and in need to find a tiny home asap. We have 4 months before planning for homeless. We could could afford to pay a low payment once we moved in. We have multiple things for recycling, beds, butcher block,2 tall chineses drawers chest possibly privacy wall. WE would plan for solar panels,washer/dryer and dish washer drawer..
    Dreams come true…..

    Please imagine, dream for our safe future…
    As we wish every breath for our circle of friends and family to be surrounded by love, light and joy….

  53. Mike Gosciniak

    Hello. I live in Stockton ,CA but would like to purchase a lot in Valley Springs,CA and have a TH built on a foundation, with running water and electricity/solar. Would like to use my VA loan if that is even possible. If anybody can help, please e-mail me at mgos209@yahoo.com. Thank you!!!!

  54. Linda Alvarez

    I am looking to buy a tiny home and put it in San Diego, CA. What are my options in San diego for tiny home ownership?

  55. Tim

    I’m looking for a tiny house to put on my property in Prather, California, probably in December of 2017 or the early party of 2018. Does anyone have a good used one for sale? If so, what is the price and can you deliver? Thanks.

  56. Jung Dodds

    Greetings from Florida! I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your blog on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the info you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how quick your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, excellent blog!

  57. Arshak. Khachatryan

    Hi my name is Arshak Khachatryan looking to buy a small piece of property that will permit in LA County or San Brenardino County ,closest to Glendora California as possible ,II want to buy a tiny house or mobile home that will sit on the property if you know anyone that does this kind of real estate please contact me . Call my cell# (626)823-2089