Back when I started my tiny house journey in 2009 there was one name in Tiny Houses: Tumbleweed. I’m not saying other people weren’t building small homes, but other people weren’t on Oprah talking about the movement and how it would change the fabric of society.

Fast forward to 2014 and it is refreshing to see so many companies take up the mantle of tiny or small home building. One such company is Wind River Custom Homes. Builder Travis Pyke and his wife Brittany not only build tiny homes for others, but they also live in their own 200 square foot house. The Pykes themselves live debt free and tread lightly on the environment with their own tiny house so they built a business around helping others. Pyke took his love for building and his experience with carpentry to a new level by bringing his love for the tiny life to others looking to make big changes by going small.

On the website they address some of the most common questions surrounding tiny homes. Questions like “why not just live in an RV?” or “what about toilets?” They also address heating and cooling, towing the tiny house, and what kind of power to use.

The Wind River Bungalow, the company’s river tiny house build.

Since each Wind River home is custom built to the client’s specifications, pricing will vary widely from design to design. You can contact the Pykes to learn more and talk with them about your vision. They strive to build affordable homes for their clients using good materials and creating a space that is welcoming and homey.

Travis and Britanny Pyke, owners of Wind River Custom Homes and tiny house dwellers.

I personally love that the Pykes live in their own tiny house. They aren’t some commercial builder riding the coattails of a hip new trend. They are real people who really understand what it is like to build and live in a tiny space. Check out their website where you can see photos of their own beautifully constructed tiny home as well as learn more about building your own dream tiny house.

Laura is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings and she walks the walk. She lives in a 120 square foot cabin in Asheville, NC that she and her partner Matt built themselves. You can learn more about Laura and Matt at their website

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