by Kelly Ross

We went straight from living in our childhood homes to paying rent in dorms, apartments and eventually a rental house. Owning a home didn’t cross our minds much in college, in fact we moved nearly every year to accommodate our changing time, space and pet’s requirements. Once we graduated, got married and I started my first full time job we realized the burden that giving away money every month for rent had on us. We were fortunate to be debt free up until this point but then Chris’ school debt started to climb rapidly. One income was barely enough to cover rent and utilities, let alone enough to go out with our friends or enjoy our passions for traveling and adventure.

We never fully settled into any of the places we lived. It seemed useless to paint walls that would just have to be repainted or spend time or money on projects that would be left behind when we moved. We lived in these places, but they never felt like home.

Building the “Just Right Bus” was an investment, but that is what set it apart from renting. After just 14 months we started saving money that would have otherwise been lost to renting a place that we would have to walk away from without any return. We now own our home and everything in it. We can do anything we want to it without repercussions from apartment managers or landlords. If we make a mistake, it’s ours to fix when we can or want to.

The interior of Kelly and Chris’s converted bus. You can see more photos of their home here.

We’re also financially free to do a lot more with friends and each other. Our monthly bills have been cut to about 1/5 of what they were, allowing us to take out less money for schooling and to start a savings account. Although it may seem like a strange alternative to a traditional stick house, we’re happy to say that the bus is the only place we’ve lived in as adults that truly feels like home and we’ve never been happier.

You can learn more about Kelly and Chris and follow their bus adventures on their website here.

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