Since purchasing a tiny house is mostly about saving money, and for most folks, being more friendly to the environment, I recently I posted this question to members of the Tiny House Listings Facebook Page:

Have you and/or your family made any drastic changes recently to save money or be more environmentally friendly?

These responses from this question were really impressive! They range from small, every day changes that make a big difference over time, to completely life-changing decisions that are a complete 180 from what the average person’s life looks like today. Here is what they had to say.

My family and I recently went from having two cars (including a big SUV) to having one small subcompact car. We already can see the difference at the pump and other related expenses!

~ Steven

Seeing my possessions as rocks on my burial cairn. instead of things that define me… still working on it. want to down size enough to fit in a tiny self built home : )
~ Nina

We bought all enviro friendly personal products.
~ Sherri

Went from a 2650 sqft 5 bedrm, 2 Lvrm, 3 bathrm house to a smaller one still 5 bedrm, 2 Lvrm, and 2 1/2 bath.. then downsized again to our current home of 950 sqft.. 3 bedrm, 1 Lvrm, 1 bathrm… still on a big lot… I love this house… WAYYYY smaller rent AND wayyyyy smaller utility bills… not to mention the easier upkeep… love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!!… when we moved here there were 5 of us.. with my middle son recently going into the military it’s now 4 of us… it’s very, very comfortable.. one more bathroom, or even a 1/2 bath would be nice.. but not necessary … not to mention one less to clean…
~ Lesa

Our family got an old diesel school bus to convert to run on veggie old and live in. We can be mobile and seek out to places that have clean air and water. We can spend our time close to nature and stop worrying about how to pay the rent!
~ Ava

Still living in my 600 square foot home. Still re-arranging stuff to make it work for me given ever-shifting interests. Recently decided I did not need seating for guests and I did need floor space for yoga. Jettisoned the couch, brought in a recliner, and brought in some tall cabinets to house the clutter. Going vertical has helped clear floor space taken up by wider and squattier cabinets and bookshelves. Still need to get rid of more stuff. And I want a scooter or a smartcar to run around in. My Subaru Outback is a gas hog!!!!!!
~ Babette

We added a pergola to the back of the house…where the sun beats in during summer…and added ceiling fan to the room facing the backyard…so we can use less air conditioning.
~ Kat

Started a garden, a compost pile and moved my mother in…trying to save up to buy our own tiny house!
~ Charlene

Bought cheap off-grid land and a cheap converted 1968 schoolbus to live in while building an earthbag house.
~ Susan

Myself and my husband went Vegan!
~ Stephanie

York Line drying the laundry!
~ Kerri

We rent a small house that is less than two miles from my husband’s office and never more than 10 miles from both of my jobs. We own one small hatchback that gets 26-30 mpg. We also compost, have a small garden (kale, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers) and recycle enough to ensure we take out one bag of trash every 2-3 weeks. We buy all of our other food from a local farmers co-op, in order to ensure we are getting good quality meat, dairy, and produce while supporting our local agricultural economy, helping to minimize the effects of industrial agriculture in our neck of the woods, and minimizing the distance our food has to travel. Looking forward to the next year or two when we will buy land and build strawbale!
~ Abigail

Yes…my daughter & I are moving into a 700 sq ft house & in a couple of years I hope to have my own tiny house!
~ Linda

Yes, we are voting for the more conservative candidate come november…ok, maybe this isn’t a change per se, but we are hoping for change.
~ Robert

And oh yes. We only have basic cable and netflix now. 🙂
~ Robert

I quit my job to work closer to home. I plan on biking to work.
~ Ann

Still living on the ten acres homestead and manufactured home we bought back in the mid-90’s when I saw the sh^^ was going to hit the fan before long. Retired but have businesses here that help us strech our small SS. (no pensions) Planted more fruit trees this spring, still have a big garden, don’t go to town but once a month for groceries and or supplies. We live frugally and happily here owing no one.
~ Debbi

We pretty much solely heat with wood….which makes leaving the house for a long time in the winter a new challenge….drained all the pipes for a trip to FL in February, for example…
~ Deek

Moved into a bus to save on rent money and utility money and to always have a roof over my head that no one can take away from me! 🙂
~ Donna

I own a 6500 sq ft school house. I’m downsizing to live in only 1 of the classrooms, 650 sq ft. and heating it with only wood next winter.
~ Johnny

Have you or your family done anything recently to save money (perhaps to save money for purchasing a tiny house?) or to make a difference towards helping the environment?

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