by Korie Mulholland

When my husband and I first started dating, he asked me where I saw myself in five years. I answered that I saw myself living a life that allowed me to have as much flexibility and freedom as I could- freedom to work, or not work; freedom to move, or stay; freedom to avoid many of the material things that waste time, or freedom to enjoy them as I saw fit. He considered my answer and said, “Have you ever heard of tiny houses?” And so begun this journey.

We bought our tiny house that was for sale on Tiny House Listings and shipped it halfway across the country to Northern Illinois. At first, we debated building our own, but we found this one for such an affordable price, and we were on a tight timeline. It’s 8×18 (144 square feet) with a 7 foot loft. In a tiny house, our priority was to have a spacious loft with a king mattress. With two of us living here, we wanted at least one part of our tiny house to feel big.

We live in it full time on a family member’s property. We’re connected to the grid for electricity (but have solar panels to install), we use holding tanks for water with an on demand hot water heater, we heat the house with our electric fireplace, and we have a composting toilet in the bathroom.

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