Last year in South Carolina there were some very serious (record-breaking in fact) flooding that resulted from very heavy rains and then an off-shore hurricane that proceeded the heavy rains.

This led to a good amount of people losing everything they have, namely their homes.

During that same time, Ben Kennedy and partners were considering the possibility of starting a new tiny house building company:

We have a newly-formed tiny home company here in Bluffton, South Carolina, near Hilton Head Island. The concept of Driftwood Homes USA began several months ago when the intrigue and popularity of the tiny home movement caught our attention and the discussion of building tiny homes began.

In the process of getting ready to build our first tiny home, the tragedy of the floods in South Carolina hit the areas to the north of us. In the words of our owner, Ben Kennedy, “I knew we had to step in and help, and I trust others would do the same if we were in this situation. We were fortunate that our area was not affected and are able to safely tuck our children in at night. That’s when I had the inspiration to build and donate two Tiny Homes to those who need it most.”

Ben sat about gathering materials from local suppliers willing to donate in order to help members of their local community.

Here are a few photos of the tiny house they built (video tour below!):




It’s pretty awesome to see members of a community rallying together to help those in need instead of looking for funds elsewhere far away that doesn’t understand the communities needs. Not to mention, the home is pretty darn beautiful.

Ben did a quick video tour of his 1st tiny house build for us to enjoy. Here goes!

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You can read the entire story and see more high-resolution images (as well as a link to donate if you’re interested) of Ben’s tiny house here.

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  1. Kathryn Eastman

    I have been interested in tiny houses for many years. I bought my storage building with that in mind. But I don’t want or need luxury just something well insulated and sufficient for myself and my cats. I want to keep it simple.

  2. Zackem

    Ya know what I love about a house like this, is when they list a house for sale, and then keep you in the dark about it’s price, like a used car…! To bad, not a bad house….

  3. Karen Rogers

    Beautiful and a wonderful way to help those in need!!

  4. Shannon Cathey

    Beautiful house and such a wonderful thing you are doing for folks in need! Do you sell these as well? Do you have a website?

  5. Elizabeth "Vann" Womble Dennis

    Hi Steven,

    You’re a good writer, just check the spelling for crisis in your headline – should be crises (plural for crisis)

    Thanks for the article – can’t help wondering if the Tiny Home Nation could/would band together and create disaster relief teams to provide temporary shelters for immediate needs as additional support for local relief efforts – could also be used to provide more solid structures in refugee camps where conditions are abysmal.

    Anything like this under consideration or underway?

    Appreciate your being a good contributor to Tiny House Nation!

  6. Eric Wendorf

    I found this post to be one of the best yet because it has to do with the human spirit of disaster, solution, and community. I have been following many wonderful posts on TH Listings but had to respond to this one because it goes beyond making a wheel “better”. It’s taking that wheel and “driving” some of the unfortunate out of a bad situation. Not only is that wheel true but it’s also a very beautiful ride. The video is well made. The home is simple, practical, as it should be for a tiny home, and from the looks of it, well thought out and constructed especially in cohesion with the location. I found the montage at the end of the video enlightening because, though sped up, shows the enormous time it takes to make a TH. And, to put Ben’s credit on the line, he did this for all the world to see. If you go commercial, Ben, because of the need for servitude with these homes, I would love to learn how to join your team. Peace.

  7. shawn L Romarine

    you folks are amazing !! I am wondering however more about stairs being put in , instead of a ladder. Getting older is hard and stairs are a bit easier. using those stairs they could have drawers for storage in them plus maybe one wall cut out for books and nick nacs. Just a thought.. your work is excellent. Best I have seen in a long while. I live in washington state . poor and disabled .. a tiny house would work for me only if I could have property to lease and work off their grid lines /utilities. So finding a person with land and that capability is hard here. that I know of.
    anyway, just some thoughts ..
    thank you

  8. Valerie

    Love the colors but wished it was stairs instead of ladder. Very nice indeed.

  9. melba

    i love this little home I want it can you tell me the price down and out in Calif. Melba 707869-8095 call me or e-mail with the prices and how to I get it?

  10. Brenda Pate

    cant get up stairs – any options for older buyers

  11. Amalie Lopez (Amy)

    I’m in love with these type of tiny houses. I actually live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house and as soon as I can, I will be selling my house and get into a Tiny House without a doubt. Don’t need such a big house any longer and this sounds like a smart and practical option. No mortgage, less cleaning, more free time, and can afford to be away more often saving money.

    I recently started a new website to provide small and smart furniture for these Tiny Houses, including furniture with storage. Check it out when you have a chance. I am still working on it adding more ideas every day, but wouldn’t hurt if you take a look and give me some input also. I appreciate every innovating idea from you.
    Thank you kindly,
    PS: I saw a Tiny House that had a hidden bed underneath the kitchen floor that slides out, (the kitchen floor was one step higher), for those of you that can’t go up stairs or ladders. I personally would be looking to do something custom made like this and use the loft just for more storage. Check out my hiiden bed inside a credenza for another idea.

    1. Dwayne

      I build tiny homes in Nashville and Memphis Tennessee. I will check out your sight. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Amalie Lopez (Amy)

    oops, last sentence meant hiden beds, it was mis-spelt. Amy

  13. Amalie Lopez (Amy)

    hahah LOL, I mis-spelt it again. It should read “hidden”

  14. Alexandra

    HOW MUCH PLEASE ? would love to know the cost , will you deliver to Shelby N.C ?

  15. Shawn Romarine

    I could have sworn the numbers 20k to 30 k came up ?

  16. Sandra

    I adore this tiny home, of course I would make some changes but it is the first I’ve seen that takes into account taller clothing storage. The colours and finishes are gorgeous and in a tiny space you certainly want to enjoy what you see. If I were to live in a tiny home, a regular size fridge and stove is a blessing so you can save money and not eat out a lot of the time.
    Did I miss what the total size of this tiny home is, width and length or square footage?

  17. Lisa E.

    Love the colors and the decorations; so homey. Ladders are always a problem for older folks, especially at night. I once saw a young Japanese builder make a staircase in a square shaft of space in his tiny house. A spiral staircase or a staircase that goes three steps toward the wall, a tiny platform then three steps away from the wall and so forth until you get to the top. It may look a little odd, but it gets the job done in a very confined space. A staircase like this would take away about half of the big closet. The steps could have storage under the treads and this would compensate for the loss of one half of the big closet. This is a really beautiful THOW; you’ve done a great job here.

  18. Lisa E.

    Please get us some pictures of the sofa side of the living room, some pictures of the loft/bed area, the refrigerator, the kitchen counter with stove, and the entire bathroom, please. We don’t want to miss a thing. Thank you!

  19. Karen Williams

    Would absolutely be interested in this home. I would love to know the price on it. I have been looking for a tiny house for quite sometime. I love it the way it is . please let me know what the cost is on one of these.

  20. PennyinSC

    Hey Guys,
    Im in SC and I would love to come down and see this home. I really want to see how the space feels. I may be interested in hiring you guys to build a THOW for me if you think you are interested let me know.

  21. Laura

    Well this was nice to see. I wonder how much this model goes for. The link to the Tiny house swoon website doesn’t list the price either. The space is laid out nicely and was definitely staged to make people want it.
    To those who are thinking of buying a tiny house: Don’t buy one without a range hood and vent of some kind. In the tiny space you do not want vaporized cooking grease mixing with dust and sticking to all the surfaces. This is a cleaning nightmare, not to mention you will breath this particulate matter and it is not healthy for your lungs. This THOW desperately needs a bit of vapor management in the form of range hood.
    Condensation is another problem in the tiny spaces. Steam from cooking, showers, plants etc. are magnified in a small space.A de-humidifier could be used by the owner for the rest of their needs.
    I have a ladder in my THOW and don’t mind it, but stairs are the thing these days. If this TH costs under 40K then ladders are somewhat acceptable. However, I wouldn’t pay anything over that for a ladder/loft combo. Good luck with Driftwood Tiny Homes. It is beautiful and will be very worthwhile with a few necessary tweaks.

  22. rudolph adair

    Has anyone considered utilizing the stove as supplementary heating for interior? I see some folks touting small wood burning furnaces to be placed outside. I understand that stove can be switched on/off,whereas once as wood fire gets started; it needs to be fed continually.Excess heat vented from interior of home?

  23. Regina Breedlove

    I am contacting you in hopes of getting some help for some flood victims in West Virginia. I have been looking at tiny homes for a few years now and eventually I would like to have one but this is not about me. I work for the postal service and I work in different areas there is so many in need here right now of a place to live. They have lost everything. My home town is devistated they still have no water and up the road where I work no water or electricity. And we all have spotty cell service. I live at Elkview we got hit too but my home town and where I work I think has been worse and I figure rich wood where the water went over the damn is probably pretty bad too. I am asking if you could help since you have worked with crisis before even if it is temporary. I normal don’t do this but I thought I would ask. Bad thing is the flooding might not be over. We are on a flood watch tonight until 6:00pm. If nothing else could you please keep WEst Virginia in your prayers.