One of the things we enjoy most here at Tiny House Listings is creating, editing, and ultimately sharing, tiny house videos. Our videos are primarily tours of various tiny houses across the nation. Some are submitted to us while we actually film others. When not scouting locations though we spend a good deal of time at the off-grid homestead in eastern North Carolina learning more about solar energy, free water, the various uses of a drone, how to cook with the sun, and more! October was a great month for THL. We posted on average, 3 videos a week and got to share some really incredible designs including the 5 below:

Home Sweet Tiny Home, For Sale in Texas

A walk-thru tour of an attractive 20′ Tumbleweed Cyprus tiny house for sale in Texas, this video is a companion to its real estate/for sale listing. The tour is narrated and even features a young Vanna White, if you will. The house itself is brand new and has never been lived in. It has durable flooring, brand new appliances, ample storage, and an oversized loft.

Easy To Assemble Steel Tiny House Frame Kit

Narrated by Mike Bedsole of Tiny House Chattanooga, the steel frame tiny house kit is an incredibly new product to the tiny house market. Offered in several sizes, the kit comes complete, we are told, with a trailer, a Volstrukt steel frame, sheathing, hardware and fasteners, and instructions. As Mike points out, the kit can be selected online, ordered, and then drop shipped for easy building.

Tiny House For A Family of Three

This tiny house is a 24′ long tiny house on wheels build in tandem with Tumbleweed Tiny Houses in 2014-2015. The house tour is narrated by the owners who explain the interior in an excellent way going into great detail regarding the storage, the cooking system, the power system, the kids back bedroom, and more! The electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems were designed by Tiny House Systems in Austin, TX, but was installed by the homeowners. The tiny house was also insulated with closed cell spray-in so as to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Check out 3:37 for a very cool flip up bad/play area.

20′ Container House Built For Full-Time Living

Nick, Carly, and AJ start off this tiny house tour about how their “crazy parents” decided to make a home out of a shipping container! Built in Arizona by Chris and Christine, founders and owners of a2u Container Living. Shot in a beautiful panning motion from front to back of the house, this tour is narrated in detail by Chris himself. Starting at $36,500 the house in the video comes equipped with:

  • Mini-Split AC/Heater
  • Interior Shiplap walls
  • Full Bathroom (Corrugated Steel Shower, Toilet, Vanity, and Mirror)
  • Kitchen Unit (Cabinets, Granite Top, Sink, and Faucet)
  • Barn Door
  • One Large Glass Front Door
  • Standard electrical and sewage hook up (similar to permanent home)
  • Collapsible Bar Top

Tour This Stunning Custom Tiny House For Sale

Featured on Tiny House Nation, Sarah currently has her 288 sq.ft. tiny house for sale at less than $60,000. It is a beauty too featuring two (amongst others) amazing features: a custom African wood bathtub, and a generous, extended, sleeping loft complete with dormers. The house really is just beautiful and really a deal at its current listing price.

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