The Florida-based company “Tiny Home Builders” offers a neat little tiny house on wheels that can be built for you, or that you can build yourself called “Tiny Retirement.” Because the door is located on the long side of the house, the layout allows for a full-sized bed to be downstairs instead of climbing a loft to go to bed.

Measuring 20′ long the Tiny Retirement has enough room to live comfortably and still lightweight enough to be towed.

The Tiny Retirement features a side door which allows a full-sized bed to be located one side of the house and the bathroom on the other.

The kitchen and living area is located in the center of the home.

The plans for the Tiny Retirement included detailed drawings and instructions on how to build it from start to finish.

A completed materials list is included with the plans with estimated costs and everything needed for the build. It also includes their Tiny House Construction Manual that walks you through what’s needed to build a tiny house. You can purchase the plans for the Tiny Retirement here.

If you feel you aren’t quite ready to tackle building a tiny house then you can read their tiny house construction guide which gives a very thorough breakdown of what it takes to build a tiny house. I recently read a copy of it myself and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to build a tiny house but not sure where to start. You can pick up a copy of it here.


  1. Can you get someone to build this for you? And how much would it cost to get it built? We are very limited on cash and we are retired on want to buy a tiny home.

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