Can you believe another month has already passed us by? Many states are already back to school and the rest will be in session starting next week. The summer is nearly over. The tiny house community has been busy in August. Here is some of the news from around the web.

  • Tiny House Conference in Charlotte, NC, April 2014. We’ve mentioned the conference here before when it was announced earlier this year but the website has recently been updated and ticket sales have started. Check out the speakers, including myself and Steven Harrell, and buy your membership today!
  • Announcing Social Tiny. Speaking of Steven Harrell, the owner of this very site as well as Tiny House Swoon, Tiny House Gear, Tiny House Vacations and now another tiny website. Social Tiny is a way to connect with the community and find news and photos all in one place.
  • Tiny r(E)volution e-Cours(E) is offered for a second time. Andrew Odom is conducting another online class for those interested in learning more about tiny houses and tiny living. Hot on the heels of the successful first course this class starts on Labor Day and runs through the end of September. Registration is open but won’t be for long!
  • Big school bus conversion. Probably the most talked about tiny house on the web right now is this amazing old school bus conversion. School busses have long been a challenge for builders when it comes to insulation and other practical considerations; Hank has addressed all of these in his construction. See photos of Hank’s bus on Tiny House Swoon.
  • You can help tiny news roundup this month. I heard a rumor that a GMC truck commercial used a Tiny House, perhaps one of Jay Shafer’s, in a commercial. However, my Google-fu is failing me. If anyone knows of this commercial please share it here. I think a mainstream commercial using a tiny house is way too important for the tiny house community to miss.

If you know of any other tiny house related news, please feel free to share it with us here at Tiny House Listings.

Laura is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings and she walks the walk. She lives in a 120 square foot cabin in Asheville, NC that she and her partner Matt built themselves. You can learn more about Laura and Matt at their website

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