Since I started the Tiny House Listings website I’ve come across alot of photos of tiny houses on wheels. Zillions of them. Early on I noticed alot of them were in black and white and of old cars and trucks modified to provide shelter from the elements while out on the road.

What does this mean? Our industrious grandpa’s and grandma’s had a sense of adventure! They didn’t have the luxury of having a super amazing website where they could just browse tiny homes already built, find one they like, make a phone call and go pick it up and then hit the road (ahem, that would be Tiny House Listings). So to honor our tiny house predecessors who paved (well, dirt road’ed) the way, I put together this roundup of old school tiny houses on wheels to make you swoon in black and white (you can swoon alot more here as well). Click each image to get a bigger view.

Motorhome built around a Ford Model TT in Ohio. Not much more is known about this build.

Motorhome built with spare parts by Willis Roy Willey, a man who traveled the country in DIY motorhomes from the 1920’s through 1940’s, collecting random animals along the way. This motorhome had a Ford Model T engine, a Chevrolet transmission and random parts from other vehicles.

W.A. Harris and his family from Texas with their Chevrolet motorhome.

Charles Kellogg’s “Travel Log”, a motorhome made from the trunk of a redwood tree that weighed 6,000 pounds and was attached to a truck frame. Read more about the Travel Log here.

Like these photos? Wish there were more? I’ll be posting more in the near future so please stay tuned.

Alot of folks would consider the way these guys traveled back then to be glamping (glamour camping). If that strikes a cord with you, why not do a little glamour camping yourself? Here is a nice wish list of places you can rent for vacation and still be close to nature. We’re talking geodesic domes, tipis, caranvas, tiny cabins and more. View glamping rentals here.

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