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  1. I am looking for a permanent 4 season home preferably in the lower 2/3 of Wisconsin. Large enough for 2 adults and 2 cats.

  2. How much are you willing to pay for the small house? Are you looking for a furnished ready move in house?

  3. I have a vacant lot in the city of Milwaukee. I am willing to rent it to a Tiny House owner.
    Please email if interested.

    1. i live in Milwaukee….the city won’t let a tiny house on the land….i checked it out already, unless the wheels are off and there is a permanent site..then there are more zoning rules..it sucks

  4. good day, i would be looking to rent a tiny home in the northwoods of wisconsin.on a river or lake. i want for 3 months each year.i maybe would buy the home. i hope builders look at this. i want kitchen,bathroom w/shower and toilet. bedroom or studio. please advise how to go about this. best regards. robert john gugelmeyer

  5. How much does it cost for one with out a lot of stuff

  6. i hope i would get a response

  7. I’m looking for a Timy house in Southern WI. Big enough for full size appliances and bathroom. Plus a bedroom big enough for a king mattress to fit in a loft area where it’s comfortable to sit up and stairs no ladder.

  8. These homes are cheaply made and poorly constructed. Better to buy a double wide mobile.

  9. Looking for land to park my tiny house in central wi area.

  10. Where abouts in central WIS are you looking, Lee? I might have a spot in west-central WIS.

  11. I am very interested in purchasing or building a tiny home within a year.

  12. I will build you the tiny house you’re looking for robert john gugelmeyer! Cedar design, including cabinets, and fully furnished. Can put bed upstairs or down, whatever you prefer.

    Email me at [email protected] to work up blueprint. I will beat other’s prices, and doing so with “the best” quality.

    Anyone seriously interested in a tiny house, please feel free to email me.

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