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  1. Susan Belland

    I’m in the research process of buying and living tiny. I’m hoping to buy a lot in the Long Beach Washington area. Do you know of any laws or regulations for living tiny in that area. This will be my retirement home.
    Thank you for your assistance and information.

    1. Jim Nygard

      Susan.. I am not sure about on site built tiny home but I do know that there is an ordinance against living in a Park Model or RV full time… I was looking in to a piece of property in Ocean Park with a new Park Model on it and the realtor told me at the last minute about the ordinance… I was surprised that they considered a Park Model and RV… but she said anything with wheels is considered an RV in Pacific County… so maybe a on site build would work… Good Luck

      1. sara

        Funny too because Ocean Park is FULL of ratty trailers that the town would love to see gone. A home like this or any tiny home would be a vast improvement, Last I read Long Beach had an 800 sq. ft . min and you were required to hook into water and dig a two (minimum) bedroom septic.

      2. Kerry Alexander

        Park Model RVs.
        I would like to share some information with you to consider please.

        1. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) excludes Park Model RVs (PMRVs) from being considered as a manufactured home (mobile home) because they are a type of recreational vehicle (Title 24 3282.8(g)).

        2. PMRVs are no longer under the Dept of Manufactured Housing because they are not considered manufactured homes but are Recreational Vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Commission.

        3. In 2012, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association created a new membership category for manufactures of Park Model RVs (PMRVs). This is their position:

        Although the distinctive appearance of park model RVs may sometimes lead people to think they look like small manufactured homes, appearances can be deceiving. PMRVs are actually titled and registered just like any other RV. Due to their design, small size and use as recreation, vacation and seasonal units, PMRVs are explicitly excluded from being considered or used as a manufactured home under the codes and regulations of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) specifically because they are a type of recreation vehicle (Title 24 § 3282.8(g)).
        Park model RVs are built in accordance with the national safety standards set forth under a nationally recognized standard, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A119.5 Standard, not the HUD requirements that manufactured homes are mandated to comply with.
        ◦ The key distinction is that manufactured homes are single-family dwellings that are designed and built for permanent residency under standards set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
        ◦ Park models RVs, as noted, are designed and built to be used by families as a recreational, camping, or seasonal accommodation.

        Like RV motor homes, travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers, park model RVs are built to ensure safety but are not required to meet the building codes or installation codes that stick-built or manufactured homes are required to meet. Although they are sometimes stabilized and/or skirted, they are designed to remain on their axles and wheels, ready for movement and are not connected to the ground by footers, foundations, or columns.

        PMRVs are not housing. There is no practical difference in the use of PMRVs than travel trailers or fifth-wheel trailers. They are not ‘improvements’ to campgrounds any more than a travel trailer placed and used in a campground is. They are simply one choice among many in the RV camping environment.

        4. Also, in 2005, the American Association of Motor Vehicles took the following policy position:
        A ‘recreational park trailer’ is a recreational vehicle primarily designed and intended to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or seasonal use. It is built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels with a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet in the setup mode. Each recreational park trailer is certified by its manufacturer as complying with the ANSI A119.5 standard for recreational park trailers

        If the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the American National Standard Institute, the State of Washington, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, and the American Association of Motor Vehicles consider Park Model RVs to be Recreational Vehicles, just like travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers, then should Your County also?

        1. joe schmoe

          @Kerry Alexander:

          “If the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the American National Standard Institute, the State of Washington, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, and the American Association of Motor Vehicles consider Park Model RVs to be Recreational Vehicles, just like travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers, then should Your County also?”

          You are one negative old crotchety mother trucker Kerry. You sound like an old worn out radio. The codes can be updated — these are more than seasonal dwellings for many — there’s some red tape and bureaucracy involved and you can’t admit it.

  2. Shoneek'a Cross

    Hello I am looking for land in Seattle, WA to possibly put 3-6 Tiny Houses on that land. Do you or can you please tell me how to start this process please.

    Thanks in advance

    1. .info

      yea right – Seattle? good luck getting that approved my zoning and planning

  3. Tinamarie

    Looking for a Tiny House in Spokane Wahington, in the Valley. Planning to retire in Spokane, Washinghton .

    1. James

      How much are you looking to spend

      1. Shellie Vandergrift

        We are looking to move and live in a one level tiny home in Spokane Washington. We are wondering if it will be legal, how much it will cost as well.

        1. Dani

          Shellie or others looking to do this in Spokane, did you? Or at least have you started the process or research?

  4. Smith

    Looking to rent a tiny house for month of August

  5. Bud Hunter

    intrested in buying property and a little house ..coast or mountain location

  6. Amber Mercer

    Skagit valley area. Rent to own home looking for. Have existing property but would like our own. This is in wa state. Anything available? Info? Please 360 399 0245

  7. Regan

    What are the rules of tiny homes on your property, full RV hook-ups to rent to tiny homes.

    1. Kerry Alexander

      Tiny houses that are mounted on “utility trailers” are not RVs by legal definition. The legal definition of a RV is … An RV is a vehicle intended for recreational purposes and is manufactured by a member of the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association or RVIA. The manufacturer installs a label certification that the vehicle is not intended to be used as a dwelling for more than six months.
      It’s true that RVs are not allowed to be a dwelling on residential zoned property, as per zoning ordinances. However, there are no rules, ordinances, regulations or laws prohibiting “utility trailers”. A tiny house on wheels is not a legal term. Tiny house on wheels is a phrase. A utility trailer with a cargo load of art that looks like a house is not a legal term it is also just a phrase. In order to be under the jurisdictional authority of the local building agencies it must be a house that is defined by the adopted codes and regulations. The definition of a house is a structure that meets the codes and regulations that have been adopted. The codes describe how the structure must be attached or connected to the land. If it’s not connected to the land it is considered personal property and not real property. The utility trailer is considered personal property and is under the jurisdiction of the State department of transportation or department of motor vehicles. Unless the personal property is connected to the land it is not under the jurisdiction of the building agencies. A tiny house on wheels is not a “house” by the legal definition of “house”. The rules for utility trailers would be the only rules that apply. Since the cargo load has no rules other than height, length, width and weight.
      So I hope that answers your question about what are the rules for Tiny Houses on Wheels.

  8. Ali Doglio

    I’m looking for a piece of land to buy near Olympia wa to put 5 or 6 tiny houses on. Any ideas of someone I can contact?

  9. Dee

    Just curious if you’ve found any land and what you’re plans are for the tiny homes….ie rent or sell them. thank you

  10. Hutch

    Local and federal law all over the United States are making it tougher to live tiny or even off grid. I live in Washington State and would like to have a tiny home but in some counties even if you own your own land you can not build or put anything on it. So why are there so many start up tiny home builder businesses around the country when you know dam well that politics don’t like this tiny house movement stuff. If I buy from you guys you should have information and recommendations about the law and where we can put it. Should put more energy into starting a tiny living movement in Washington state first before selling tiny homes to customers because we will end up having nowhere to put it. I mean what is the refund policy?

    1. Steven Listing Owner

      More and more people are living in a tiny house on their land and others. Different places in the country have different rules. For example, I plan to build a tiny house community here in Eastern, North Carolina and have already had several meetings with the local zoning and planning department. They are “super excited” to be working with me on the project. Keep a healthy attitude and do some deep searching and you’ll most likely come out on top.

    2. kelly terri

      We are trying to start one in the Wenatchee area. We have the property for some and are starting to build and sell soon.

      1. Robert Kiser

        I would be interested in some information on a tiny home / community we live in Wenatchee right now.

        1. Joey

          please call joey nelson 888-222-2699 he is with park model homes and he is very knowledgeable. and could custom build you a Park model for you.

  11. Chris Jones

    Do you know of a tiny house contractor that would build a tiny house on a small lot in WA? I would like to have a tiny house to live in on a lot where I could connect to electricity and sewer, or septic. Where does someone start to inquire on this? Do you have to check with the city in which you intend to live? Thanks.

    1. Jeff

      Hi Chris. I may be able to assist you with your inquiry. Depending on where you are interested in building in WA, I may be available to be involved in person as well. If this is something you or anyone else is still interested in, please post some details and I will reply.

  12. E. Turco

    Disgusting isn’t it!! We live in a free country and if you own your own land you can’t even put a tiny house on it, you can only go HUGE! MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. I’m retired and would love to have a tiny house, whatever kind I WISH TO HAVE ! Whats wrong with a tiny house? You don’t have to live in it, I will. Boy, times have changed haven’t they? If you look around and do some research, you can still find some tiny houses that were built WAY BACK WHEN ! Some people buy them and make them such darling cottages. Perfect for me. Lighten up USA and let me build my tiny home.

  13. Chatman

    I wany a tiny house on 5 to 10 acres of property. Can someone help me find this land?

  14. shannon roberts

    Chatman…..My clients have land in Naselle WA across the river from Astoria on the Columbia river. There are 4 lots available none under 1-1/2 acres. Beautiful area bordered by the Naselle river and US Forest Service land. Are you interested?

  15. Skyler Schmidt


    I’m wondering if anybody might be able to help me out?

    My Fiancee and I are both teachers, and will be moving to the Yakima Valley come July. We both really want to go tiny, but I’m having some trouble navigating the legalities and whatnot. It is increasingly looking as if our dream will not become a reality. We were looking to buy a few acres of rural land. We would build a well, but we wanted to go full solar/composting toilet to negate those costs. Does anybody have experience with this? I’m so lost between regulations and whatnot, determining viability is beginning to become too overwhelming. Thanks in advance! If you have info, please contact me at — skyler.schmidt23@gmail.com

    Thanks again


    Looking for a tiny home in Snohomish county

  17. Victoria

    FYI From Cowlitz County::

    My husband and I just bought a tiny house in Cowlitz county. Luckily living tiny will work for us. We have property we will put our tiny house on. Per Cowlitz county building department we do not need a license to place this tiny house on the property because it is considered a recreational vehicle (travel trailer) and we cannot live in it full time. This may not work for many but will be great for us as our plan is to buy property in Big Island of Hawaii and put a tiny house and live off grid there 8 months out of the year. So, we will be here in Cowlitz county during the Spring/Summer months May/June to Aug./September. But the catch to this is we have to have another building on the lot, so we’re thinking a nice BIG shop!! Best of both worlds for me and hubby. We are only in our late 40’s and we are going to semi-retire. Life is too short!! Society has it that we all must work work and work until 65 -75 years then retire and do things you’ve always want or have fun and travel or live where you want to live. Why?? Why wait until then?? Life is too short and precious, enjoy it while you are young and able. The more money we make the more CRAP we buy so better to make less and enjoy life stress free of all the materialistic crap we all want!! Life should not begin when you retire!! Everyone and anyone that is smart and able SHOULD start soon. Any how, that’s my story and statement, ENJOY life while you are young, let go of all the unnecessary and be free and have FUN with you love one!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL and TAKE THE CHANCE we are!!! MAHALO for Reading, hope it helps!!

  18. E. Burger

    Hi, I’m looking for an experienced tiny house ” on wheels” builder in the Bellingham Wa. area. Been searching for any leads for weeks now and have had no luck. Please connect with me if you know of anyone or a local “tiny house movement”. Thanks

  19. Sam

    Apparently a THOW requires an inspection by the Washington State Patrol, mostly just to make sure it’s not stolen I understand, however they won’t approve it without approval from L&I . I talked to L&I about the requirements, they were neither helpful nor encouraging. They specifically said it would be difficult to get approval. They made vague references to mobil homes and Park Models. the most specific they got was that it would have to meey NEC codes for electrical as well as codes for gas lines. I would like to be legal for travel, i was a bit discouraged after my visit to L&I 🙁

    Has anyone reading this been through the L&I process and maybe share some info?

    My next stop is to the WSP to find out the ramifications of being pulled over pulling a Tiny House but having a registration that says Flat bed trailer.
    Im in Spokane Washington BTW.

  20. Jo

    Hello l am also interested in a tiny house. I am relocating to the Washington, DC area and was wondering where is the nearest place that I could put a tiny house. Anyone with info please respond. Thanks in advance.

  21. Susan Koefod

    Looking for tiny house, to rent in the north Spokane area. Help!