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  1. Annie H

    Looking for tiny home in the upper Woodbridge, Manassas, Manassas Park, va areas.

  2. Elmer Petersheim

    I’ve been a builder for over 16 years and moved into the area about a year and a half ago. I’m currently a project manager for a local remodeling company, but I’m leaving at the end of the month and am planning on building tiny homes.
    I grew up in a family owned Amish construction business which built both new homes as well as additions and remodeling. I became s partner in the business right out of high school and have been involved in carpentry and construction since then.
    I would be delighted to help you with the design and build of your tiny house dream.

    1. Randy Peeler


      Where in Virginia are you located?

      I am seeking to build a small, but not tiny house of about 800 square feet, but with all of the ingenious and efficient utilization of storage and space just as though it were going to be a tiny house.

      I would be interested in discussing options, plans and budget.

      Thank you,
      – Randy

      1. Elmer Petersheim

        I’m located just west of Harrisonburg, but I’d be willing to travel if it’s not too far. My apologies I haven’t visited this thread for a while. You could email me directly at:

    2. nova_gjones

      Have to start building small home in Midland yet? Thanks

    3. Peggy

      Elmer , Have you made any progress? Amish craftsmanship would be a great selling point for small open floor plan craftsman style homes. Maybe an older builder, semi-retired , would be willing to help get a project community started. You could start a meet up on meetup.Com to collect interested people. We would like a community with homes about $150,000 or less.

      1. Elmer Petersheim

        Yes I’m happy to report progress is being made; however, building a community would be a stretch for my business at this point and it’s not really the direction that I am foreseeing. I could supply homes for such a community, but really don’t want to get tied down with the community development and investment of a project like that at this point.
        I do offer a tiny house (max dimensions 8.5′ wide by 40′ long) that is not on wheels, but would be delivered to your sight. The roof is installed on sight in order to gain some useable height. This allows you to capture the energy efficiency of a traditional built home, along with the design ingenuity and space saving technology of a tiny house.
        I’m working on getting a website set up, and will also be attending the Tiny House Conference this weekend at Ashville NC.

    4. sarah leyva

      Hey I am interested in building a tiny home on my parent’s property. I just need my own space for me and my 2 boys. as a single mom I’m trying to see if it’s financially feasible. I would want it customized to fit our needs and wants. interested in knowing what financing is available. oh we are located west of Richmond

      Thank you!!!

      1. Jason Insley

        I just finished building a tiny cabin on land I bought in New Kent County just east of Richmond, the cabin is on a permanent foundation. The obtained permits. I can answer your questions.

        1. Jody

          Hello Jason,
          Just started looking into tiny homes and saw on this website your message. I live in Wm, close to New Kent and would love to see your tiny cabin that you built. Would that be possible?


  3. Connie

    I’m currently looking to build a tiny house in the Virginia Beach/ Chesapeake area. I’m at the very beginning stages of researching everything there is to know about tiny houses. If there is anyone that can help me with advice on land rental/sale, building plans, trailers I would be very appreciative. I would love to start a Habitat for Humanity for Tiny Houses…anybody with me!:)

    1. Nathan B

      Hey Connie! My name is Nathan and I am also starting the process of moving to a tiny home in the Chesapeake area. What do you think about trading email to share info as we go along? ..Two heads etc.

      1. Kirsten

        Hi, I live in Norfolk and we are starting to look at tiny home possibilities in vb or Chesapeake.

        1. Marie

          I’m in Virginia Beach, too, and am looking for a tiny house! Are you all keeping in touch?



        2. Nancy Wilkinson

          I too am I interested in a tiny house in the Va Beach ,Chesapeake area. And would be most interested in a tiny house community

    2. Sylvia

      Love the idea of going tiny. The BIG issue with tiny homes is city regulations. Where are they allowed? I’m in Chesapeake, VA area, too.

      1. BEATRICE

        I’m looking to build a tiny home also in the Hampton roads area. Have you found out anything yet in regards to the rules & regulations?

    3. Lindsey C.

      Hi guys. I’m in VB and starting to look into the possibility of having a tiny home here. I’d love to get to know you all and see if we could help each other figure it out.

    4. Ms. Z

      Wow! nothing like a group of people helping ea. other meet an objective. I was in search of a bungalow in the VB area when I came upon this ad. I’m a former agent and wish to see if there is something I could bring to the table in exchange for support in meeting my objective. Less than 1000 sqft. works for me as well. I simply want specific amenities.

    5. Lorena

      Connie, have you made any waves yet? We’re currently in Virginia beach and really wanting to go tiny! I saw a habitat community like your talking about in San Diego with a community garden and yoga studio! Loved it! Would love to see what sort of movement we can get here in the Hampton roads area.

  4. Joyce

    I am currently receiving a regular email with advice on building a tiny house,,.lhe will take and answer your questions, and has been sharing mistakes he made . You can contact him here and subscribe if you choose, ethan@thetinyhouse.net. Good luck…I am looking into tiny houses too! Joyce

  5. Peggy

    We are a senior couple, looking to move to a new tiny cottage community in the fredericksburg, Virginia area. It seems no builder does this. It seems so practicable. Our first home was a modular home community of ramblers 950 Sq to 1200 sq.. this would be perfect to move back to. However, the coominity had no hoa, and so has declined horribly. So, I firmly believe that strict hoa is important to preserve a beautiful communuty. A 10 acre flat piece of land would be ideal for 30 cottage homes. I think rambles are wonderful because they offer privacy that is lost in-house 2 and 3 story home communuties. This really requires a devolve who desires to create a simple special community.

    1. Donna Valdrighi

      Hi peggy I’m I king william va I don’t know if this qualifies as a tiny home but It was a small home very pretty and cute built recently by kellum bulders almost on the corner of rt 360 and river rd maybe he can help you .

  6. Greg Wiley

    Is there any interest in Tiny Home Communities in Southside Virginia? Country living with a central center for gatherings, family visitation, etc. 15-20 minute to Hospital, shopping, amentities, etc. 4 hours to VA Beach, 1.5 hour to Blue Ridge Parkway, 2 hours to Wintergreen Ski Resort, 30 minutes to lake or river fishing, !.5 hour to Raleigh/Durham Internation Airport.

    1. Amber

      I’m very interested in a tiny home community in the central / southside VA area! I love the appeal of community living with the simplicity and affordability of a tiny home

    2. judy davenport

      we are very interested in buying a tiny home in virginia. preferably not on wheels. small lot is fine. ideally, i would love to live in a tiny house community

  7. Cathy M. Young

    Yes….Yes…..please bring a ” Tiny House Community” to SouthRiding Virginia! I am a mid age lady by myself and I cannot afford apartments or condo’s! I work in this area and it world be so perfect!

    FYI…. I really think this could be awesome for so many small family , single adults that does not have a have a big salary.

    1. Sara

      Hi everyone
      I too….am looking for a tiny home. I contacted a builder who will build my Tiny Home. I have done a lot of research. I found (I’m in Northern VA, Sterling area) Home owners, is the toughest nut to crack. A lot of HOA. The places ,I have seen non HOA SOME are really bad. The best route I have found is to find someone that owns the property, non HOA. That is where every place I have researched is where Tiny can survive. I’m going out to Winchester this weekend and look at RV Camp sites.

      I’m single and it is horrible what we pay for rent in this area. Its really bad homeless people with children here. I would love to build a tiny community. I’m not well off so I would be glad to do the leg work if someone can do the investment part. Mr Elmer. I’m a smart girl young at heart! willing to do what it would take and I follow directions very well., have computer knowledge……

      1. Mauricio

        Sara, I am interested in saving money on rent and have my own tiny house. I currently live in Sterling, but anything close to Reston/Herndon would work fine (that’s where I work).
        Could we maybe get in touch so you can tell me about your experience and perhaps give some advice?
        Thank you,


  8. Cathy M. Young

    Hi Greg,

    Yes, I am very interested in a ” Tiny Home Commuity” in South Riding! I work here and I am by myself. I watch the Tiny House show all the time and it would be so perfect for me! Please contact me for more ideas that I may have to share.

    Cathy Y.

  9. Carmen

    We are seeking a tiny home community as well in va beach/Chesapeake area. Has anyone started a Facebook community page to bring our info together? Please keep me posted! My email is bena23451@gmail.com


  10. Drena

    I am very interested in a tiny house community in North Chesterfield. Need something by June 2016. Am renting now and lease if up in June. Would like to buy Tiny because I live alone. Please contact me at my e-mail. Thx

  11. NANCY


  12. sharon chachere

    i too am wanting to built a tiny house in chesapeake va.

  13. Connie

    Hi Nathan/others
    This is Connie from a comment I wrote about 2 months ago involving a tiny house move/build in the Virginia Beach area/Hampton Bays area…How awesome would it be to start a “tiny house” community in the Hampton areas; Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, etc…ideas?thoughts?suggestions? Email me at: lilmsreiki@gmail.com
    Let’s get the party started!! I’m so SICK and TIRED of struggling to pay astronomical rents. Not to mention no one wants to rent to anyone that has a pet. I have a 7 pound Doxie and I’m having a hard time finding a rental.
    Let’s do this::::)))))

  14. Heather

    Hi there! I am in love with tiny houses as well! Also, worked in Real Estate for a while so have connections with lenders, builders, etc…. I was thinking of starting a FB page for everyone… Maybe a Hampton Roads Tiny Homes or Southside tiny homes or even a Virginia one (if one hasn’t already been created??? Would you all be interested?

  15. Carol

    I’m very interested in building a tiny home, either one on a plot of land or a tiny home on wheels. Please include me in any information generated about this.

  16. Harriet West

    Hi, I’m exploring tiny homes as an option. Anyone from Loudoun County? If so, what kind of problems have you encountered with zoning regulations. There was a man who owned a large farm in Neersville who had plans to build a tiny home community a couple of years ago, but that seems to have gone by the wayside. I watch the Tiny Homes show all the time and see many of the owners parking on friend’s property. Anyone know what they are doing for water, sewer (composting toilet?), electric, and heat???

    1. Sara

      Hi Ms. Harriet
      I live in Sterling. Loudoun County HOA are not allowing any dwelling on Home owners property. I have researched some what, I found if you can find a home owner non HOA you can pay them a little rent to compensate for the water, sewer and electric. The tiny homes are all wired its just a matter of finding a dwelling to hook up. I know the RV camps have all the utilities. Some of them are closed some of the months. I designed my tiny home just waiting and researching to find a place to put it!
      I would love to start a community but, I think it takes investment. Elmer ? see his posting. If its a matter of finding a slot of land it would be awesome!

    2. Hannah

      I’m interested as well. As a 50+ Poet/writer, I just can’t afford to keep renting in the Mid-Atlantic area. Found a place in Hagerstown for now, just to survive, but it’s just not safe in the area I can afford. So I would LOVE to be part of creating a tiny house community in VA!

  17. Chelsey

    I live and work in Manassas Va and have been interested in tiny homes for a while. Would love to see some pop up in the area. I cant afford a regular home on my income

  18. Deborah

    I live in Chesapeake and would definitely be interested in a Tiny House Community. How can we get it started? I worked in Real Estate and Insurance years ago, so I have some knowledge. Have been looking to buy a house but not liking what I see. I’m tired to paying enormous amounts of rent to someone else.

  19. Deborah

    Maybe all the people in the Hampton Roads area need to get together and have a meeting to discuss development of a Tiny Houses Community. Email: ddbpharmtk@yahoo.com

  20. Elmer Petersheim

    Would there be any interest in a small community in the Hinton Va area? Land is reasonable priced and I believe the county would be workable. The model I have in mind is to buy a wooded plot close to or bordering National Forest, located about 10 minutes from Harrisonburg. The land would be subdivided into approximately 1/2 acre plots and have a shared well and septic system. A community garden and pavilion would also be a strong possibility. There would not be an extravagant community center or anything like that. One of the main goals would be to provide affordable housing in a peaceful and natural setting.
    Email: savvinomad@gmail.com

  21. Annette

    Good morning, all. It appears there is a lot of interest in tiny house communities in the Tidewater area, but I am hoping to see some activity soon in the Chesterfield, Petersburg, Tri-Cities area or even South Richmond.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ms. Z

      I’m open to Richmond, which is my home.

    2. Jason Insley


      I live in Virginia Beach but just finished building a tiny cabin on foundation, on land I bought with permits. I have plenty of pictures and videos and would be willing to answer your questions. I am not a builder. I designed and built the cabin ground up. Want to help others.

  22. Burnttoast

    Know anyone in the fredericksburg, Charollettesville, Winchester, or areas surrounding these places with tiny house rentals?

  23. Burnttoast

    Would definitely be interested in Elmer’s idea, but I’m only an hourly worker.


    looking for a tiny house in virginia beach about 850 sq ft. love for us all to share information

  25. Mark

    I have some land in Stafford Va that perks for a tiny home. It is almost an acre and will sell for 25k. If interested email me at markphi@gmail.com. I have other lots in King George and Prince William and Culpeper, but those can support 3 to 4 bedrooms. If you are looking for a lot in any county and have a price you are willing to pay, I can help you out.

  26. markphi

    Also if you have questions people please post your email address so people can respond to you.

  27. Vanessa Byers

    I am interested in buying a tiny house. New or used. I want to go low cost ss possible but cute. Please let me know more. Vanessa

  28. Charlene Mosher

    I am interested in finding a site to build and live in my tiny house in Va. Does anyone know of such a location?

  29. Mark

    I have .8 almost an acre lot in Stafford/Fredericksburg area which percs for a 1 bedroom tiny home. I am asking 30K with some Owner Financing. The assesed value of this lot is 60k and I am the cheapest lot in the area. There is a builder in the area that also builds with rent to own financing and no credit check which I can help you out with. email me markphi@gmail.com

  30. Theresa

    Hi Everyone,
    This is a great thread about creating tiny home communities. I too am interested in purchasing a tiny house in a community setting. Is there anyway we can meet as an interest group to help make this interest a reality?
    Please email me Theresa at high77spirit@icloud.com
    Thank you

  31. MARK

    The problem with trying to create a tiny home community is zoning ordinances for your local municipality. The vacant land with that kind of zoning is worth alot of money because you can typically build apartments or other high density buildings which to the county will make them a lot more money as well as the proffers that gets kicked to the county.

    You can get individual lots and build your tiny home. Depending on what people in here consider a community of tiny homes and the size of the individual lots will tell me if this is do-able.

  32. Sher B.

    I have great property in King Williams County that I would like to develop a community of tiny houses.Please contact me with your input I welcome all ideas. I have discussed so much that I think I will burst if I don’t start. Every time I talk about it I am so enthusiastic the person (s) runs with my ideas. email me at swb4treasurer@aol.com. Thank you

  33. Mauricio

    I am new at the idea of living in a tiny house, but I’m very interested in reducing my living costs. I work in Reston, VA and have no idea if it is even feasible to find land suitable for a tiny home within a reasonable distance to commute daily to Reston. I would seriously look into purchasing land for this purpose in this area. Any thoughts or advice? If someone else is interested, perhaps we can join forces and work something out. If so, please contact me at mau_soma@yahoo.com

  34. Billie

    I am very interested in a tiny house community in Chesapeake/VB/Norfolk area. I want a tiny house terribly, but I don’t know where I could put it legally. f anyone has any information please email me at billiepearson34@hotmail.com. Thanks! Billie

  35. Charlesvincent

    I’m from NOVA, living in Amissville, va (45mins NW if Gainesville).

    I’ve been doing research on tiny homes and am also interested. I commute to Falls Church for work. Anyone interested in a tiny home community in the Rappahannock county area?


  36. Jeanie

    Just beginning to think about a tiny house. I’m in Norfolk. A community with access to water and electricity services would be good. Mutual support of a community appeals, as well! I didn’t realize that there were many of us.

  37. Lindsey

    I am interested in purchasing a tiny house and living in the Chesapeake or VB area. Please contact me if u have property or a community springs up Lindsey.patriani@gmail.com

  38. Jerome Love

    Hello, what tiny houses or tiny house communities do you have in Virginia?

    Thank you.

  39. Christine Valentin

    My name is Christine and I am interested in living in the Chesapeake area and building a tiny house on wheels. At this moment I own a house in the mortgage is 1375 it’s a small house it’s way too big mortgage. Just last week my husband of one year decided he wanted to be alone and that he is going to live leave me as soon as I find a job. I have been fixing everything needed in this house so I can put it for sale. At the same time I have been looking for a job and going to interviews. I have always thought that a tiny house would be the perfect solution for a person like me I am great with tools and I love remodeling. The community idea is perfect. Please get in contact with me if something is already started or if you want to start and get the ball rolling.

  40. Kristine Wade

    I’m looking to retire in the Montgomery County VA area. Are there any tiny home communites there?

  41. Rai

    I’m interested in a tiny home as well and community living sounds very quaint. I’m going to send everyone emails if I can so we can try to get the ball rolling.


  42. roadsailor12

    I have a THOW for sale in Virginia Beach, please contact me at roadsailor12@gmail.com. It is also posted on CL (Hampton roads and Asheville, NC). Thanks.

  43. rod

    I’m too looking for a place to park my tiny house, question, if you have your own land in prince williams county va, can you place a tiny house on your property legally and apply for permits for utilities?

  44. Suzanne Mondesir

    I am not sure of permits and such, but please share when you find out. I will poke around in the interim as well. I live in Warren County Va and am super interested in a tiny house to put on some land. I am at the very early stages of everything, but I’d love to speak to someone about getting started on building my own tiny hone on wheels, I am including my email and would appreciate any information that can be provided. cmpforhire@aol.com

  45. Julie Mann

    Wow, so many people interested in tiny houses in the Chesapeake area and that’s where I live..eastern shore, Maryland. I am interested, too, but am trying to find zoning regulations and house in the southwest Virginia or southern part of West Virginia in order to be near my aging parents. I hope we all succeed in this endeavor, that is, if this is the direction the Lord wants us to go.

  46. Shelby

    Hello everyone! I’m also interested in a tiny house community in Hampton Roads preferriably in the Virginia Beach area. Has anyone formed a Facebook group to stay connected and talk about to get zoning information? If so can someone comment the link.

  47. Mervin

    I’m in the Hampton Roads as well and asking the same question as Shelby.

  48. Crystal Robens

    I currently own a large rural lot in Montpelier, VA (Hanover County Blue Ribbon School district). The adjacent lot is also for sale, which would add 18 acres to my current lot. We are considering buying it. As licensed Class A Contractors, we could apply for the necessary subdivision to create additional lots. In our county, the minimum lot size is approximately 2 acres, so 10 lots could be created that would cost around $25,000.
    I spent a LOT of time reading the dense zoning regulations in my area. Tiny homes under 320 s.f. would qualify as recreational vehicles. Tiny homes over 400 s.f. would qualify as “Manufactured homes” and would have an approximately snowball’s chance in hell of being approved. Additionally, any “accessory structures” built on a property would need a permit if over 256 s.f. Accessory structures are additional structures to the main residential home. The area where I am located is zoned A-1 Agricultural. Under this zoning, permitted uses are campgrounds, and private recreational areas. I *think*, given all of those things, if Tiny homes, under 256 s.f. were built on non-permanent foundations with non-permanent electrical hookups, they would be permitted under the existing zoning. They may even be permitted without me selling and subdividing the land, on my existing land.

    Feel free to check my work in the county codes.

  49. Tiffany

    Hello! My name is Tiffany and my husband and I are currently in Virginia Beach. We just bought some land in Gloucester, VA with my sister and her husband. We are building our own house(not sure if it can be categorized as tiny anymore. lol) and we would love to meet up with anyone who is around us. We are currently researching the residential codes for that area and currently know that there is no minimum sf for a primary dwelling BUT any habitable spaces (i’m assuming bedrooms) have to be a minimum of 120 sf and any uninhabitable space(I’m assuming living room & bathroom) have to be a minimum of 70 sf. I would love to talk to anyone who is either in the process of building or has built a house!