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  1. Looking for something small, reasonably priced. Im up for renting or buying, if the price is right.

    1. I have a tiny home I am looking to rent out. Potentially lease to buy. It is presently located in Burlington VT and has a compost toilet, shower, sink, propane stove, and mini fridge with a freezer. It also has a loft and skylight. I love it but am looking to leave the country in the next two years so I am starting to look for a good fit now.

      1. Gwen!
        Are you still selling/leasing the tiny home? I am up in Montreal but am a US citizen.

      2. I would like to see pictures of your tiny house. Is it moble?

      3. Is the tiny home still available? I’d be looking to rent it for now (but in a few months)…just trying to plan ahead and my dream is to live in a tiny home!!

      4. Hi Gwen , my daughter is livening and working in Burlington, is your building still available?
        If so can you give me some more information, and location
        Thanks james

      5. Hello Gwen, you have a lot of interest in this unit. I will be hunting for housing in Spring/Summer 2017 in the area. If you have not found a good fit, I would be interested in either renting or leasing to own if it’s a good mutual match. All Best, Cynthia

    2. Hi,

      I would like to see it. Please contact me to schedule a time.


  2. Looing for tiny house kit that can be put on a piece of property….for son and grandson. …..how much is cost?…how can i get one in apopka Florida. …..would like some advice
    [email protected] net…..thank you Maggie Wright

  3. Thank you…love the tiny house idea …wonderful for single parents. ….with small budgets. ….and that cannot afford much….thank you great idea. ..great for senior living too….wow…amazing!!!!!

  4. I’m homeless in Rutland Vermont and I have ssi income I tried getting help from the homeless Pervention Center but its going to be a while before I get help if I can find a small home on wheels that I can rent to own it would be great I don’t know who to ask about these things but I have seen many advertisment but I need one big enough for two dogs and my fiance and my self I can be reached by email at beckyandej@gmail.com if you can help me with my questions thank you

  5. Looking to buy tiny or rent with option!!! In Vermont around Jamaica area or within 30-40 miles!!!

    1. Hi Janine –
      I wasn’t sure if you are still looking for a tiny house. But my company, Tiny House Crafters, is located in Londonderry. We currently have one spec house for sale and a build spot open in the fall if you’re looking for something custom. Send me an e-mail if you have any questions!


  6. Hello all, I am moving to Burlington Vermont at the end of August. I wasn’t happy with city life in Boston. Besides being stressed out and never having much money, I want to live a simpler life. I love Vermont and want to find a tiny house that I can rent or purchase. Please help me fulfill this dream.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Did you find a tiny house to fill your dreams? If not can you give me a call so we can talk more about what you are looking for 802-793-8061

  7. Want to build ASAP on heated concrete slab, lots of glass super insulated l main sleeping area on ground floor loft for storage

    1. Hi Donna,

      What you are outlining sounds very interesting. I’d like to talk to you to get more details of what you are looking to have done. Please give me a call when you have a moment 802-793-8061

  8. Looking for a tiny house that is insulated for VT winters. Have land to put it on, so it can either be built there to order, or transported there. Solar powered would be great!

    1. Hi Ildiko,

      Would you be interested in having a tiny house built for you? Please give me a call so we can talk more 802-793-8061

  9. I’m looking for a tiny house in Pittsfield VT , that will make 2 people and a big dog happy and comfortable.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Please give me a call to discuss some options for your tiny house. 802-793-8061

  10. Looking for tiny house rental options in the Cambridge/Underhill area for fall 2017. Please no responses regarding building – that is not an option. Must be dog friendly rental. Thank you

  11. Thinking of selling my tiny house in North Troy Vt will consider owner finance. Vera 802-272-3308

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