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We regularly have tiny house listings for sale in Tennessee and throughout the United states. Since oftentimes tiny houses can be moved and delivered, location isn’t always a factor when buying a tiny house.

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  1. Joni werthan

    I want one for a quest house

  2. Johnna lockmiller

    Would like pics and price on a tiny home with left bedroom 12×24 or larger. Thank u

  3. Juanita

    Want to buy tiny house in East Tennessee.

    1. Trudy Hancock

      Did u ever find a tiny house? I’m also interested in purchasing a tiny house, but don’t know where I am allowed to place one in the Nashville TN areas.

  4. Kimi ring

    Would like t buy a used tiny house close or in nashville, tn area

  5. linda

    Looking for Tiny House kit for Northeastern Tennessee

  6. Kathy

    Interested in a tiny home to be moved to an area outside Nashville TN. Maybe on wheels and might want someone that can design something that has all my desires.

    1. Bart

      Kathy, I have designed an energy efficient log home system with a U.S. patent….We prefer to build under 750 square feet which would include a loft in that square footage….This design is readily scaled for the tiny home size. If you want to talk further, our e-mail is timberwrights@att.net

  7. Laney Walton

    I am looking for a tiny home (max 2,000 sq ft) in Franklin, Tennessee and surrounding areas.
    Thank you

  8. Mike sturgeon

    Contact me about your tiny house dreams. If you can dream it, I can build it. See my FB page. Sturgeon construction llc

    1. Sarah

      There were several sturgeon constructions none of which mentioned tiny house building, can u leave a direct link to your tiny homes website please?

  9. p. reid

    am interested in tiny homes, seeing different style, in tn. also different price ranges too.

  10. Paula

    I am looking for a tiny home (max 2,000 sq ft) in the Nashville or close surrounding areas. I would also love for it to be mobile.
    Thank you

  11. aaron

    looking information on tiny house for sale and either tiny house community or land

    1. JR

      craig list. 37814
      also know realtor selling tiny home lots 1-3 acrea in Rogersville Tn

  12. heidi bunch

    Iam looking TO buy tiny house in or around Nashville or east Tennessee Smokey mountain’s

  13. Angela

    I’m interested in the tiny house movement, but have some mobility issues to consider. A loft bedroom isn’t an option for me due to knee & ankle issues from previous injuries. Also, minimal front steps, can handle a few, just not a full staircase. Are there any options 500 – 700 sq ft? A custom build might have to be the way to go, but not sure if there are any available around the Nashville, TN area.

    1. Bret


      I have a design that might suit your needs. 500-700 square feet is a bit large for a tiny home on wheel, but you have to keep in mind that there are no stair wells or hall ways. In a normal house, that would make 350 sq feet live like 500.

      If you are interested in a custom design and build, I can assist you further by means of a consultation. Feel free to e-mail me at bretmax@outlook.com to discuss the details a little further.


  14. Johnna Lockmiller

    Locking for a small home. Would like a barn style. But would look at others need to move to my property. Thank you johnna

  15. Kenneth mack

    If anyone needs a place in the country for a tiny home Have such a place in mid east tennessee , Perfer to be moving off the power grid and going solar . In order to reach us


  16. Liz

    Looking for multiple tiny houses under 700sq ft for properties in Marion County and surrounding areas, TN. Must have solar power for off grid properties. Interested in container homes and log cabins.

  17. heidi bunch

    Looking for tiny house TO buy OR rent long term in east tn**** near or in smokeys

    1. JR

      New Tiny Blue 8.5′ x 20′ with Murphy bed ONE LEVEL LIVING check Tiny House listing zip 37814
      Also washer/dryer hookup. If you see it you will appreciate well built, lots storage unit with RV water and sewer hookup.

  18. Mary

    Looking for tiny/small house under 700 sqft for TN Valley. Also looking for unrestricted land to buy that has water/sewer hookup or at street.
    Disabled woman and US Army veteran with low incomes trying to find a cheap way to live comfortably with our 4 little dogs. We can’t afford an apartment, and they won’t allow 4 small dogs. I work in animal rescue and my dream is to have a piece of unrestricted land with one house under 700 sqft, and a few tiny homes for friends/relatives who live out of state. Also a barn for rescue animals as we need an animal rescue here desperately. If you can help us, or can volunteer to help build after land is bought, please let me know. We are going to end up homeless. toza37@netzero.com

  19. jaime v

    I’m looking for a tiny home for my mother. She basically needs a bedroom with a toilet in a small structure connected to our sewer and electricity set up in my backyard. it does not have to be attached to a hitch or be mobile or anything, she has alzheimer’s and just needs to be closer. I would need help with financing as I am poor.

  20. Marcie M.

    Very interested in buying or renting a tiny house in Tennessee. Please let me know.

  21. Jessica Shaw

    Extremely interested in getting a tiny home!! Please get back to me as soon as possible!

    1. JR

      Tiny house listing morristown Tn. Flip up full size bed and flip up table.
      blue in color

  22. Becky

    I want one that can be moved peroidology . From 1 child’s home to another child’s
    Warm Travel like in the winter , more northward. In sweat of summer

  23. susan

    Looking for two lifts with cat walk with hammock between the two lifts must have full washer and dryer or smaller but not all in one.appt size appliances.room for full antique metal bed downstairs with storage built under bed. dishwasher drawer or appt size drop down storage between rafters in kitchen.

  24. Linda

    I have a tiny home for sale 200 sq. Ft I have lived in since November 2016 due to desperation. I insulated, and bead board with a floating floor, RV potty, half bed, fireplace heat. It’s just like camping out and yes electric run to it. I just finished the door with stained glass. Email me for pics gypsyknight@hotmail.com

  25. Chloe Dumas

    La tecnología LED consiguen una mejor calidad de luz que comporta una reproducción de los colores más fidedigna y un mejor confort visual.

  26. Reba Gray

    I need a tiny house with loft with bed room area and bed and small area below. Need bathroom and small kitchen. Maybe a

    1. JR

      Have a full width living BLUE Tiny House with Full size Murphy bed on main level and loft
      Built just like a HOME in Morristown TN. 37814 on Tiny house listings. Mike’s Tiny House Home.

  27. Steve Fillweber

    Tiny/small house 500-1000 square feet in Sevierville Tennessee area . New to 10 years old.

  28. Donna Parks

    If Tiny home still available, please send pics and info.

    1. JR

      New Chesapeake blue Tiny with Murphy bed is still available in Morristown TN 37814
      email us to get pictures or check TH Listings for area

  29. Amanda Martin

    Hello my name is Amanda Martin and I am looking for a tiny home possibly and I want like a cottage style with wraparound porch or at least mostly wrapped with no carpet!!!! and very up-to-date but not retro More elegant. I need a two bedroom and a loft I can pay 1600 to 1850 for the right location and features.

  30. David Myers

    I’m looking to buy some land in the hills of Tennessee and I’m looking for prices to have a little one bedroom and a loft for a bedroom a bathroom living room and kitchen and a little room to do laundry built on this land. If you could would you please get back with me on some information on this project. Thank you for your time.

    1. Judy

      New Blue Cedar sided Tiny house with laundry in bath for stack washer dryer available .
      Contact to view Asking $36,900 Or Best Offer in Morristown TN