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  1. I build tiny houses in south carolina.
    8034669774 text anytime

  2. Zuma, feel free to contact us. We are located in Lake Wylie, SC. 980-272-7890. We look forward to talking with you about your Tiny House Journey.

  3. Hiya. I’m looking to either rent or buy a THOW by the middle of this year, however renting seems more likely, or rent to buy, as financing the home seems to be proving difficult. If anyone can either point me in the direction of any thow listing that is for the SC region, or a builder that is affordable, I would be eternally grateful.

    1. Hello, my name is Tom Kerr and I am the owner of Carolina Sustainable Structures (www.carolinasustainablestructures.com) based out of Anderson, SC. We offer a wide variety of affordable Tiny Homes including THOWs. Please feel free to contact us at anytime and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for. I hope to speak with you soon and good luck on your transition to Tiny.

      1. My husband and I are college students and are interested in renting a tiny home in the upstate of South Carolina. Does anyone have contact information for tiny home rentals?

      2. I am wondering if ya’ll still build or sell tiny homes?

  4. Wondering if there is a company that does rent to own on tiny houses? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

    1. Call me tomorrow after 9 am lets get you into a tiny home

  5. I am looking to rent a tiny home or build one if I can get what I’m looking for.
    Thank you

    1. Joe, we live here in Liberty SC where are you located in Anderson so we could stop by & look around please? Thank you Kay Tillotson

  6. I build tiny house near upstate South Carolina. Text me anytime 864-473-7395

  7. I live in Lexington SC and I have a Tiny House on wheels Looking for other Tiny Housers. Thanks, Faith 302-344-6587

  8. I’m looking at being a Tiny Home owner in the Charleston, SC area. Can’t anyone give me some information. Not sure how financing works on this etc. lots of questions.



    1. Shari,
      Are you a member of the tiny house meetup group in Charleston? There is a brainstorming
      meetup on Sat March 12.


  9. Give us a call any time or check out our website: Charlestontinyhouses.com.
    We build one off custom tiny houses, full bathroom, full kitchen, king bed in the loft.

  10. Is there a Tiny House community in Columbia, SC?

  11. i am a college student and me and my boyfriend were also looking for a tiny house in columbia sc

    1. Hello Briana!

      A company I am working with is looking into putting a Tiny House Community in the Columbia, SC area. How soon are you looking to purchase/rent? In the meantime, please check out our website linked below.


  12. Hey guys I’m interested in buying/building a tiny house. Would also need land too for the home if I were to build. Anyone have any ideas? Would love to go and take a look at some homes to get an idea of what I’m getting in to.


    1. Also have a pretty tight budget so that’s a factor. And I mean tight! Ems doesn’t pay well haha

  13. Hey guys I’m interested in buying/building a tiny house. Would also need land too for the home if I were to build. Anyone have any ideas? Would love to go and take a look at some homes to get an idea of what I’m getting in to. I’m in the Charleston area.
    Budget and cost is also pretty tight.


  14. Where can i find info on regulations in sc as to where tiny houses can be parked? I dont own land and not interested in buying.

  15. Hello, I am in 7th grade and I have a math project where I need to find how much a car, house, phone, and etc (with taxes included) would be with the job of a firefighter. I have found almost everything, except the house. And I have to have a interest rate for 30-year fixed Mortgage Loans. I have already found that out, but I just can’t find any house that would fit it. I need to know how many beds and baths there are, along with the location. If anybody could please help me find a website that can help me with these please contact me at [email protected] or at [email protected]. Thank you and I hope you have a good day. Ps. I’m sorry if this posted twice my internet crashed after I posted first time and I don’t see it

  16. Looking to rent or rent to own a tiny house. Would love more information.

  17. Iam in the Charleston area looking to rent or rent to own a tiny house can anyone give me any information. I can give more details once I talk to someone with more information.


  19. Hi. I am trying to find resources or tiny home builders that partner with SC domestic abuse survivors or those looking to leave abusive situations. I can’t afford any sort of home myself but was hoping for a rent to own or similar type thing. I don’t want anything for free. A hand up, not a hand out. Any help please reply….I’d be eternally grateful.

  20. I want a tiny house but they are really a high price and I like something the my cat and her four kittens will like. Is there anything I can do to go one it is just going to only me and them. I get only $489.61 once a month if any please help me.

  21. Have Land would love to find a way to put a tiny house on it. Also use my land to make income.

  22. Chereile,

    I am looking to move to SC and live tiny. I have looked into stick built homes and Park Model RVs. Finally settled on one of each that would be perfect, but my sister and I are looking for a place to put two of them (maybe 3). I have a friend that practices environmental and land use law in Charleston. He would be willing to talk to us about the zoning issues regarding tiny homes, if you have the land. Let me say that this is all depending on what school district you are in, because I have 2 kids. I can be reached at [email protected]

  23. I am looking for advice on selling my tiny house soon. I live in Upstate SC but due to some health problems of my own and also with my parents am thinking I am going to move home to KY.
    I am not sure how to go about advertising my little house when the time comes in the next month or so. It does not come with any land just the house which is a 12×28 including the large porch area. IT IS NOT ON WHEELS but they could easily be added. TO move it you would just need a flatbed tow truck or the trucks they use to deliver buildings.
    It is fully insulated and wired for electric. There is a little kitchen area built out and even a small lavatory area with a shower but no toilet. (I have used a potty chair) There are stairs to the back loft and a ladder to the front loft.
    I am not even sure what to ask for it! I was thinking maybe about $19k? Does that sound reasonable? With including a window a/c and a small refrigerator.
    So does anyone know the best places to list it? How should I list it? I see no reason not to say tiny house. Is the price in line? Any advice greatly appreciated!

    [email protected]

  24. Cherieli,

    I work for a company that builds Tiny Modular Houses in Walterboro SC. Please check out our website Jenshau.com.

  25. I need a tiny house built out of an 18 X 21 carport in wagener sc. Need a builder who would do this. Please contact. (803) 657-8774

  26. Looking at having a tiny house built to our floor plan and specifications that we have designed, sometime this year after we sell our home. We would like to know how much our plan will be and who can do it for the best price and quality. We are located around Anderson SC. You can email me or my husband at [email protected] or [email protected]. Thank you.

  27. Looking for a tiny house builder in South Carolina. I live in Heath springs and would want to know any information regarding nearby builders. Looking to get a project started ASAP. 11-13k is my price range.

  28. I am interested in building a tiny house and hopefully getting a tiny house community together in the Greenville area. I would love to get a THOW builder to be able to rough it in for me. I’m looking at a THOW 8.5×24 with about 2 feet of that being a tiny porch. I want a New Orleans shotgun style house with 2 lofts. Can anyone give me an general estimate on roughing one in for me or talk to me more about getting this started? Looking to build one by September and stay under $30k in total. Please email me at [email protected].

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