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  1. cameron moore

    looking for year round tiny house

  2. Corey

    Hi Cameron,

    I have a tiny house for sale in Rhode Island for 52k. It is an 8×20 ft trailer with two lofts, a sun roof, incinerating toilet, and upgraded insulation. It is suitable for year round living. I have only owned it for 2 weeks and just got a job in Boston and would be moving to the city, so I cannot live in the house. If you are interested in it, please reach out to me.

  3. catherine

    Is this house still available?

  4. Anne Marie

    Looking for a tiny house on wheels to rent for August during a televised event in Cranston. There should be daily foot traffic of 250 people per day which may help in selling the tiny house or promoting the builder if that is wanted.

  5. Jenifer wilson

    I am interested in getting a tiny house in Rhode Island, not sure where to start! Any info is appreciated

    1. Andy

      Hello, I am itching to build a tiny house. Look me up on google or FB at Cass Finish Carpentry if you are interested in building and designing.

  6. Celia Mary Hennessey

    Interested in knowing if there are any constructed tiny houses in RI around Coventry area. Prefer it on wheels. Please contact me with any info on tiny houses in the area. Thank you

  7. Carol Larkin

    I have a tiny house/studio for sale in Barrington, RI. It was built 12 years ago and resembles our craftsman style home. The 2 story building is 16 x 11 x 18 feet high. The exterior of the building is finished in natural cedar shingles . It has both a front and side door. The first floor has 8 windows to let in plenty of light. The floor is hardwood with mahogany inlays. This tiny space has pull down stairs that allow access to a peaked attic space. 44 small pane (approximately 4 x 6) windows provide lots of natural lighting on the second floor.

    I thought I would use this space as my studio/office but have since chaomment
    nged my mind. Please feel free to contact me at clarkin56@yahoo.com for viewing. Asking $42,000 and you have it moved.

  8. Karen

    Hello –
    I am looking to see if there are any tiny houses available in RI to rent?

  9. Diane Anastasi

    I am looking for tiny house pod
    In no. RI area . Preferably Lincoln/
    Cumberland area. Stationary&
    Bathroom hook up, tiny
    Cottage would work also. pricing