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  1. Looking for tiny home to fit one mother and 4 daughters. Who’s up for the challenge?

    1. Hi Angela,

      I’m curious to hear about your needs. I might be able to help you out. Contact me by reply or call me at: 541.727.2948

    2. College student working 2 jobs and still having issues saving money due to medical/prescription costs.

      Need a tiny home that could comfortably fit 2 people or 1 person and a lot of storage!!!

      On very very tight budget!!!

    3. Hello ! Moving want to live a more quite life
      Looking for Any thing and all possibilities. Thank you


  2. Looking for tiny home to fit one mother and 4 daughters. Who’s up for the challenge? I know we are!

    1. Building Tiny Homes 3 bedroom model custom in Vancouver, WA, call me if interested to talk, about different models and options, we also finance.

  3. Moving to Oregon soon looking for a tiny house for rent by myself or share

    1. Building Tiny Homes 3 bedroom model custom in Vancouver, WA, call me if interested to talk, about different models and options, we also finance.

      1. Hello my name is Connie, I’m looking for a tiny house to rent. For my daughter and myself. I can’t afford what people are asking for rent. Even renting a motel room is to expensive. I have a steady job.

      2. interested in purchasing a tiny home.

        1. Hi Lenetta–
          I’m in Portland OR, and am looking to sell a mobile tiny-home; not sure if it would meet your needs/interests. Feel free to contact me.

          1. Hi Lenetta
            How much are you selling it for and do u take payment plan?

          2. Amanda, did you sale your home?

  4. Hi,
    Hi my name is Sarah. My husband and I own Verity Construction in Medford and we build custom tiny houses. Feel free to check out our website and email us or give us a call! 541-326-7252

    1. Hey this is TIm with Verity Construction in Medford Oregon. My wife Sarah got my number wrong it is 541-326-7242. If anyone is interested we are actively building tiny homes in southern Oregon and would love to here from you. We can also haul the homes for you wherever you would like them to live. The one we just finished now lives in LA.

    2. Hi Sarah, im looking for a tiny home with some land in Oregon. Land size is negotiable, I’m an avid subsistence farmer with a need for some elbow room. I have a steady check, reasonable requests and I’m a low maintainence Granny.

      Does this sound like anything you can help with?

  5. Sarah,
    I emailed you for more information. Thanks!

  6. I am looking for a tiny home, my daughter lives in Portland and I am not sure if there is anything that I might be able to rent 1st before I actually buy? Can you help ?

    1. Hi Catherine–I realize this is somewhat of an older post, but please contact me if you are still interested in renting a tiny house to try it on for size!

  7. Hello I am a single woman, will be 50 next month, who is looking for a tiny house in the Grants pass or Cave Junction area. Please contact me. I was thinking of about 7000sq ft?
    I was working on my PhD as a psychologist and found out my degree may be invalid. So currently in a legal battle over school loans. I have a full time job now and hope to advance to at a Masters level job entry.
    In stating all of this, I am trying to get back on my feet and be self sufficient too. I really believe a tiny house is a huge solution to a small problem of financial debt. Currently, I have land where my Anut and Uncle are buying to own and it would be a great opportunity in the near future to get set up as a care-giver but have my own separate living quarters!
    Thank you for your time and appreciate your
    knowledge too.

    1. Building Tiny Homes 3 bedroom model custom in Vancouver, WA, call me if interested to talk, about different models and options, we also finance.

      1. Hi Evelyn,

        Could you please tell me more?

      2. Hello Evelyn,
        my husband and I and our two small children are looking for a tiny home to fit our needs. Could you please give me some more information.

  8. Hi , my wife and I are looking for a small home with some land in the Pacific NW … we are a retired couple …

  9. I am looking for a used tiny home on wheels for about 20,000 in Oregon area.

    1. I have a super cute cottage on wheels that is in Eugene that might work for you. Valerie 760 368 7777

    2. Building Tiny Homes 3 bedroom model custom in Vancouver, WA, call me if interested to talk, about different models and options, we also finance.

  10. Hello, I’m Jamey Weston with Keller Williams Realty of Vancouver, WA. I have a client interested in buying or building a tiny home. If anyone has any recommendations, her and I, as well as future clients would greatly appreciate it. You may also email me if anyone needs help with buying or selling a home or land or has questions in that regard. My email is [email protected]. Thank you in advance and good luck everyone! Make it a great day

    1. Building Tiny Homes 3 bedroom model custom in Vancouver, WA, call me if interested to talk, about different models and options, we also finance.

      1. How do we get a hold of your company and do you have any already built to look at,

  11. Looking to retire in or around a year and a half from now. I thought I would start exploring now. Also, my daughter lives in Portland and I want to move closer to her. Can you provide me information and prices from either already made to a built choice for myself.

  12. Want to build my own tiny home and live closer to my daughter in Portland Oregon

  13. Central Oregon elder living off grid- 80 plus years old. No children or family but a great giver of the community. Her trailer floor just gave out. Wondering if there are any people out there that want to volunteer materials, supplies and expertise to build her a stable tiny home. Has to be built on a something that makes it moveable or county will step in with their building permit rules and such. She is an amazing lady that has some beautiful property and volunteers her entire life to people and giving to the community… She even host camps each summer for children. Her land is self contained with well water, gardens, out houses, she does have electricity though ect…. I would love to find some folks that want to surprise her and give her a safe place to continue to grow old. Maybe we can coordinate a weekend get together and build her something special while she is out —– Lets coordinate-lets talk. Please this will be a great surprise. She has a heart of gold, a huge heart for God and unfortunately there are those that come on false pretenses and because she is just a believer she also takes everyone under her wing. They bring trailers and set up there trying to homestead her property-I know they are just there in waiting to obtain her beautiful property when she dies- really they do nothing but use her. It’s sad these folks know she needs, but allow her to sleep in a large barn/kitchen area on a cot. I am moving back to Central Oregon to be near by– as my husband has known her all his life and my children look at her like a grandma- we are selves are in no position to finacially afford to do this, we will help anyone with the labour, I am telling you she is amazing. Anyone interested in giving her a gift? Maybe we can build off site and bring it in after it is all done?? This would be an incredible Incredible GIFT!!!

  14. My wife and I are looking for a small, quaint cottage in the Eugene area. We’re looking for something different and will build if we were to find the right person to do the job.

    1. Did you find anything yet? Lot being sold behind me 95 Alberta lane could be great spot for a tiny.

  15. Is there a tiny home community near or in Portland, Or? To buy or rent, relocating possibly if can find the right one

  16. Single parent looking for a tiny home for me and my teenage daughter right now staying at parents home sharing bedroom can park it at my parents. Would like one that is on wheels. I am up for the challenge to help build one.

  17. We have one on wheels for sale here in Eugene… Call Chris and Marjie at 541-912-5959

  18. Hello , my name is Connie. I am a single parent. I have a steady job. I am looking for a tiny house to rent. It will be for my daughter and myself and a dog. I can’t afford what people are asking for rent. Not even if I get a second job.

  19. Are there any communities that rent tiny homes, etc, my daughter lives in tilamook, no housing there. Retired have steady income, just me and Gus, 16 lb shitzu.

  20. There’s a lot behind my house perfect for tiny. Great sun for growing vegetables. 95 Alberta lane Eugene Oregon. Listed by hybrid realty.

  21. My name is Lila, I am 58 and looking for a tiny house all on one level – maybe 300. – 500 square feet, I’m in Hillsboro right outside of Portland. I’m looking for someone with an artistic flair!!

  22. Hello! My family and I (husband, 4 year old daughter and tiny Brussels Griffon–dog) are relocating from Germany to Portland in Early October 2016. We are American, but have never lived in Portland. We want to spend some time getting to know the city, and would love to be able to do so from a tiny home/house boat! The Airbnb rentals are too expensive for us, so I thought I’d reach out here to see if anyone has a rental available for a few weeks starting October 9th, 2016.

  23. Hi, I’m a single mom with two kids looking to build a custom tiny house on wheels with two lofts. We live in Canby, OR. I have in mind what I want. I’m not sure where to look for companies that are local. Also, what is the name of the Vancouver company that posted? 🙂 Thanks! -Jen

  24. I don’t know if anyone can help but… my hubs and I are moving back out to Oregon (to the coast) in 2 years. We have set forth on an adventure that we will be looking for community support on. We are going to open a Veteran’s Village. Tiny homes on a large property to house Homeless Veteran’s until they can get on their feet. This will be a not for profit so we will need to keep costs down. We would like to keep a rustic setting as we will be on wilderness property. If any builders could contact me and help me with some information on costs and moving expenses I would greatly appreciate it. I am tossing around the idea of maybe each home having a sponsor to cover not only the house repairs or upkeep but also the Vet that will reside in it.

  25. Hello – My life partner and I are going to be relocating to around the Eugene Oregon area. We thought instead of moving into an apartment complex that it would be much more smarter and beneficial to find a tiny house that is ours! We are interested in purchasing a tiny home that’s move-in ready & already set up on a little land. We want to be able to put some money down and make payments over time. Any help, info, or anything really would be a great help.
    Thanks – Steve

  26. My daughter son in law and son and other daughter and there three kids are in need ofa new home there landlord has hot greedy after 4 years of on time rent and readoning the whole yard for him for free bnow right be for the hoiladays he aski,g them to move before the 22 of dec. All the adults and both teens work. They need a house to call theres it a lot to ask but .is there anyway we can get them in to something so they dont have to be homeless they all have jobs in medford so moveing out of medfords not a option im disable im going blind and im deaf. But the stress of thinking my kids and grand kids being homeless makes me sick…is there any way u would or could help. Thesse hard. Working kids. Thanks kara

  27. I’m looking for a tiny home that has owner financing available. I can have a 20% down payment

  28. Me and my wife live in a tiny home in Missouri and are looking to move somewhere in Oregon where they allow tiny homes that we can live in all year round.
    Our cabin is 12x12x28 looking for something around that size.

  29. Hi im a 19 year old currently pregante and looking for a job me and my fiance are intrested in tiny houses i would love to know the cheapest one but enough room for 3 people im 5’2 and my fiance is 6’1

  30. I’m a daughter looking for a tiny home that mom and I can live in we can finance if workable .we are on fixed income ssi I’m the legs for mom and trying to get us both into a place nobody can say get out or something to that .if someone can help or guide us to help please I’m willing to listen

  31. I want a tiny house in Oregan that does not have to be moved. I am confused, I guess. I want to buy a tiny house but I do not know what to do with it after I buy it. I would like to be in a community with other tiny houses. Do you have any suggestions or answers to my confusion?
    Thank you.

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