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We regularly have tiny house listings for sale in Oklahoma and throughout the United states. Since oftentimes tiny houses can be moved and delivered, location isn’t always a factor when buying a tiny house.

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  1. Thank you. I am also interested in the Eufala or Broken Arrow area.

    1. I have a tiny house for sale in Tennessee. I live in Oklahoma though. It is a great house–totally remodeled that I am selling for a lot less than I have in it. $12,500. It can be moved to Ok for about $6000-10000.

      1. I would like to see some photos of your tiny house.

  2. Mary.
    What’s the square footage of this house.And do you have any pictures?

  3. Mary,

    Where in Tennessee is your tiny house located?
    What is the square footage?

  4. Hi Mary,
    Do you still have your tiny house or did you sell it? We are interested but have questiions.
    1. Sq Footage?
    2. On trailer?
    3. Any pics?

  5. Does any body know of a tiny house for rent?!

    1. Depending on your location, you can call me at 580 641 2836 to discuss.

  6. Hello my name is James looking to add a mini home to the back of my house to make a room for my mother n law wanting to know how it works if it is payments or all paid out

    1. We have several tiny houses coming in during the next 2 weeks, we have special financing for them. Please. Call us to discuss. 580 641 2836. Thanks
      Our web site is in process of updating with the tiny houses.

  7. just trying to spread out a bit. currently in NC but looking to move to new home bound area. Are their any tiny homes for rent? if so at what cost and were in OKC

    1. Hello, we are adding tiny houses to our rvpark, new arrivals in a couple of weeks. You buy and rent the lot it’s is parked on, park has a country setting with shopping near by.

  8. Wondering if some One can email or Facebook me I am interested in a tiny home James j brennan

  9. I came here to research interests in tiny houses. I’m a retired carpenter, cabinet maker and thought this might make a fun business- building tiny houses. My concept would be fairly straight forward; build the house without a trailer, in such a way to be bolted down the the buyers trailer.

  10. Please provide your location and what area you work in.
    We are a new dealer in Marlow,ok for tiny houses and may have interest.

  11. I am newly disabled and have been told to simplify my life. I have been interested in a tiny house for about 3 years and now that I’m in Oklahoma City. I have decided now is the time.

    I need help with the first steps.

  12. I am interested in renting or purchasing a tiny home. Any info would be great!

  13. Is it legal… Or acceptable to place a tiny home on my owned lot in the city of Westville Oklahoma… My structure was destroyed by a falling tree and i want to remove the existing structure and put a 16×40 ft tiny home on the lot… Help!!?

  14. I want a 16×40 tiny house built in McCloud, Okla.

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