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  1. I would like to schedule this month coming up to view tiny little houses close to Cincinnati Ohio that have wheels. Please call 5136027004 and leave your company name address, email and phone number so I can call you back. Thank you. I would like to view smallest to largest please.

  2. I also would like to view tiny houses on wheels somewhere in Ohio. We own our own home on a farm and are interested in placing one there. Please contact us with information.

  3. I want one I just don’t know how to get one . Please contact me during the day or evening thank you

  4. Look at Titan Tiny Homes, in Indiana, Stronger build yet much liter weight. They have a new 28 footer.
    You can talk to the owners and go through where they make the homes and see everything that goes into them and you can customize their plans. Ask for Nick (an owner) Great homes at great prices & no I don’t work for them, I’m a 67 year widow who will buy one next year.

    1. Can you provide more information? I just tried Googling them, but what came up was for a company in Chicago, Illinois…

  5. My son just built Tiny Home on our property in West Milton Ohio and has had so much interest he will custom build more and sell. Open House Sunday, May 15, 2016 from 2-4.

    1. I would like to come see your son’s build, but you did not give us an address… Please email me your address at comfiec[at]yahoo[dot]com

    2. It was an amazing home! We saw it today and was blown away by the details and care that went into it. I can’t wait to purchase ours!

    3. I live in Dayton and would very much like to see tiny home in west Milton. Can that be arranged? Thanks

    4. Carol
      I am in Dayton, OH. Is there any way some friends and I can see what your son has done? Would he be able to email me some pictures or let me come see one currently in progress?
      Thank you

  6. could i please see pics, price ………..thanks

  7. I live in Columbus, Ohio and I would love to chat w/ someone local about doing a customized build.

    Titan tiny home is in Illinois either in Chicago or near. I too talked w/ nick who was very helpful. My husband and I hope to visit nick at Titan early next month.

    Im looking for someone to customize a 500 square foot tiny home into a tiny skin care boutique for business. I also need direction with zoning, rules and regulation. Does anyone know if a a builder will help w/ that?

    I already have an existing skincare business and I’d love to expand from renting a room in a busy salon to owning a tiny home business. I’d love any feedback good and bad on this business idea.

  8. I I am interested in getting a tiny house and selling my big house.
    But I don’t know how to get started.
    If you could contact me please.

  9. I am looking for a tiny house for sale or someone to build one (maybe just the shell)

  10. I am looking for a Tiny House around 500 square ft need full kitchen, queen on 161st floor 2 lofts near Columbus, Ohio. Looking for Tiny zoned land so we can have sewer, electric, water or upcoming Tiny community near Columbus, Ohio.

  11. I am looking to have a tiny home built in Cincinnati. I am looking to design it myself, not from a floor plan. I am not sure where the nearest builder is. If you can supply, please contact me.

  12. Live in a suburb outside of Cleveland Ohio. Would love a tiny home! Any builders interested in a tiny home community? They would sell like crazy! Just rented one in Orlando Florida and loved it!

  13. I would like more information about where I can buy or rent a tiny home in Akron, or the Akron area, Ohio

  14. I would like to know if there is a tiny home builder in Columbus Ohio

    1. Darrin Bordeau – yes there IS a TH builder in Columbus, Ohio.

  15. I have been lost home two years ago, I live with Pastor’s house for two years. My all things are in rent storage $300 a month. My husband and I still have been struggle. I really want buy tiny house with wheels and my husband scare because of he is from Nigeria and we married three years ago and we lost home two years ago. We are crazy. I work Ohiohealth for 26 years and my husband work Costco for part time. I need find the land in Columbus Ohio. I need help!!!!!

  16. I am looking at developing a Tiny Home community near IN/OH line (midway between Cincinnati/Dayton/Indianapolis. This property is located adjacent/overlooking a lake, with mature trees, and with city utilities!! This is a beautiful property and it would be a perfect place to put your Tiny Home! If you are interested please email me at [email protected].

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