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  1. Linda H. DeFrehn

    How much do these tiny houses go for? I’d like to consider a vacation home in the mountains but not sure my budget is big enough. Thank you.

    1. bb

      hahah, so dont get a house, go rent something wow…

  2. ME

    Well, now that they’re a fad, the price has skyrocketed. I just saw one builder offering a 18 x 18 starting at 40,000!! Ridiculous. I will build my own before I’ll put that kind of money in some greedy ass builder’s pocket. Charging that much for what is essentially a shed is akin to hiking the price of supplies when there is a weather emergency. Tiny homes began as a way for people to actually be able to afford a home of their own and now it’s just another fashionable accessory for the freaking rich.

    1. Jaci

      I totally agree with you. I think it is a crying shame for greedy people to take advantage that these homes have become a trophy for the rich.
      These were supposed to be an affordable alternative for people trying to find housing or downsizing to SAVE money, now they cost as much as a Motor home.
      Thanks for your comment.

      1. Kevin

        I hear ya! Let me know if you make any progress on finding an affordable way to do this. I’m doing the same thing. We can compare notes.

    2. Rock

      That’s true, when I first started looking about 8 yrs ago, someone could afford one, now they want as much as a real house

  3. Rosalie Terry

    You have to consider cost of labor, materials, amenities, and decor. You can very well buy the plans for $700-1000 from these same companies and build it yourself but you’ll only come out about 10 grand cheaper and to me the headache is worth that price.

  4. Jenny

    Im looking for an tiny home , around 7,000 no more 1 rm in an loft , in rockhill or nc . any one thats trying to sell one please call me . 720-315-8523 no im not in colo just moved here to nc thanks .

  5. Rob

    Tiny homes in this area are expensive because they are expensive to build. All the cheaper ones were built using reclaimed materials. Me and my wife are building a 34×8.5 tiny house on wheels for us and our three kids. We’re into the 16,000 range in materials plus the months of work. We’re planning to sell our before we finish it already had a few offers on it.

  6. Val

    I agree, the prices are nuts!!! If someone had the skill they could build one for a lot less then 60,000.00, plus!!!! The supplies can be bought cheaper or at least use some that aren’t top of the line. Wish I could build myself, I’d have one in a heartbeat!!

  7. Laurel

    Have to consider the cost of the land…. The price can be very different depending on the location!

  8. Janet

    You can build your own so much cheaper. You are paying for someone to build it for you and that is labor cost tacked on.

  9. Tom

    What are building codes for tiny homes
    Would like to retire in one what you think

  10. Mike Peach

    FOR SALE 12′ x 24′ tiny house log cabin. It includes a 24′ front porch, a metal roof and 2×4 half round exterior siding giving it a log cabin It has a kitchen, a bathroom at one end and a living area at the other end. It was built in 1990. Price = $9,500.00 Also have a 12’x28′ storage building for sale. It was built in 2005 with a metal door and shingles. Price = $3,600.00.

    1. Art

      Where can it be seen. Pictures please

    2. Cristina

      Wheres is it located? Can you sen pictures please

    3. Elizabeth C Parrish

      Where is this home located/

    4. crystal

      Is your tiny home still for sale and if so what state.

    5. Susan Eggert

      Where is your home located? I am in coastal NC. Will be separating from my husband and will need very inexpensive housing. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but does need to be in good shape because I am definitely un-handy and will be 64 years old on August 1st. A family friend is providing, for at least her lifetime, the rights to place a tiny home or mobile home on a very irregularly shaped lot adjacent to her mother’s house. It has water and electrical hookup already in place. Might be interested in the storage shed also. Depends on how much it would cost to relocate them. Appreciate hearing back from you.

  11. Michelle Wessolleck

    Where is it located?

  12. Belinda Carawan

    Looking in or near Asheville no to get land tiny hoise

    1. Feather Su

      Same here. It’s like another Vegan Mecca.

  13. Steven

    I have a large piece of property that I’m considering developing g for tiny Homes. As I begin the exploration stage I want input to what others might want to see in such a unique development. I plan to keep most trees. A narrow 2 lane road will be put in with sewer,water,and gas.
    Please share with me …. it would be the first in the Charlotte/Matthews area.

    1. Jon

      My partner and I are at the beginning stages of building/owning a tiny home in the Charlotte area. I would love to stay notified as you progress with this property!

    2. RP in NC

      Steve, I live in Matthews, NC. Retired this year and am looking to downsize to a tiny home. Would love to know more if you proceed on building a tiny home community. As a retiree, I’m looking for a downstairs bedroom, not a loft situation. A small front porch for sitting and reading would be nice as well a small area for my dogs and either a small area for a vegetable garden or maybe a community garden area. I’ve been a fan of the tiny home movement for years and have looked at hundreds of photos, everything from the super-elegant to basically a box. I do hope you can bring a tiny home community to Matthews.

    3. Cynthia Tann

      Hello i am trying to find a vestment an home to retire when its time.

    4. Ginny

      I’m looking to retire in a tiny house in NC someday. I’m interested in your tiny house community if you pursue it.

    5. Janice Fox

      Steven I would be interested in your idea. I presently live in Concord. I’m hoping to get out of the city limits.

    6. Michael swann

      Steven , have you started developing the property for the tiny houses you was talking about have you started the beginning stages yet ? If so I may be interested in looking at some of the property Or one of your lots . Thanks Michael

    7. Michelle Moore

      Have lived in the Matthews area for many years, And, have followed the tiny house movement for approximately three years as it has spread from the Pacific northwest. I actually have several ideas for a local TH community, designed with different demographics in mind.

      Would love to discuss these ideas if you are serious about a possible development. You may contact me…. mooreindian@aol.com

      Best regards,

    8. Jackie Colon

      I’ve been interested in buying a tiny house I can’t afford a large home I am on disability if you are fixing something up for tiny houses how much would the cost be to park a tiny house

    9. TS

      I live I Charlotte and my family and I are very interested in moving into a tiny house communitcommunity. Please keep us posted on progress.

  14. Sonia

    i would love to get information on this tiny house development for the Charlotte/Matthews area.

  15. Vicki Campbell

    Interesting. Should probably check some RV parks for rates unless you wanted to sell individual lots. That might be your highest dollar for less work.

  16. Pammy95

    I’m also looking to build a tiny house myself. The cost of labor for some of these contractors is ridiculously high. I’m looking for liberation of bills, bills, & Williams (that’s big bills). I’ve been doing research and planning and trying to find out more on the zoning laws for my neighborhood. I wanted to do this in my backyard, but I don’t know about the zoning or rules. I have contacted the planning zone for my city but no return calls as of yet.

    I agree with ME, since this has become a hot trend the price has increased dramatically. I remember seeing one couple use reclaimed wood and bought used or refurbished items for their home and only spent $5,000 and now they live debt free. That’s when I was inspired to get rid of all these bills & williams’. God speed to all you who have the same dream.

    1. Gigi

      Hi Pammy – can you call me at 408.6100992. I am interested in knowing more about tiny houses.

  17. Norma

    Steven, my husband and I are retired and would seriously consider owning a tiny house in the Charlotte/Matthews area. Please let me stay notified of the progress of your development.

  18. Dottie Schnibben

    also want information would love a tiny house in the Matthews area near my kinds want to retire in a couple of years

  19. Judy Harrelson

    Steven, my husband and I are seriously considering owning a tiny house. He is retired and I would like to. Please keep me informed on the progress of your development. Also, keep in mind that tiny houses for retired people probably should not have a loft as the main sleeping area. This would just be for guests.

    1. Judy R

      Have built a Tiny House 8.5’x20′ with murphy bed on lower level. Also has almost everything one needs to
      retire in. Even washer/ dryer hookup in bathroom. Tiny listings under looking for = “New” zip = 37814. Check out this well built by retired builder NEW blue Tiny house. If interested in purchase let us know

  20. Laura Miller

    Steven, I’m not planning on moving to your area but if you succeed and decide to expand to other areas in NC let me know. I retire in 2 years and would love to see this in the research triangle.

  21. Sandra Gilbert Carrboro

    HI I live in the Triangle (Carrboro/ChapelHill) and would love to live in a tiny house community. Are you going to develop one in this area?

  22. Tracy

    Hi everyone. My name is Tracy and I work with a local family owned construction/renovation company in Clt. We are actually in the process of moving from a renovation company to full a time tiny home building company. While we have been very successful in our current business, we wanted to make a change to do something we believe in and something that can help others to live more sustainably. We have decided to make this change because we believe in the movement and what it stands for and are ourselves going to be living tiny. We agree that some builders have decided to take this on as a business because they can reap an enormous profit, but that is not our goal. Those looking for an extravagant tiny home, will not be our customer base. We will be talking with customers wanting to live tiny but cannot afford the $40,000 option. We will be working with our customers to determine their budget and will create a floor plan and material list that will be both visually appealing and conducive to their needs as well as safe and within their budget. Since we are still in the process of moving from our current business to solely building tiny homes, I will include my gmail account for those who may be interested.
    Steven, if you are looking to work with a tiny house builder in the area, please feel free to email me and I would love to set up a time for you to talk with the owner of our company.

  23. Nancy britt

    We recently lost everything in flood in nc looking for new home but need affordable budget if think could help please let us know we have three families looking again needs to be affordable?

    1. Steven Listing Owner

      Hi Nancy. I’m so sorry! Checkout this website. They recently built tiny homes for flood victims in South Carolina. I think they may be able to point you in the right direction. Perhaps there are programs out there that they know about? http://blufftoncares.com

    2. Mataya

      Hello Nancy….. I’m so sorry you lost your home in the floods… I hope you are able to find a new community to live in. I am an artist and I would be willing to donate a small print for your new home. I am a professional so my work might be something you would enjoy. Visit http://www.yessy.com/Mataya13 to see if you might be interested. I’m helping my sister right now so not much to share, but if you list some things you need, I could put your plea on my NEXT DOOR account and perhaps people might donate. I’d need some proof that your situation is for real as I know people donating will ask. Give it some thought… I see nice things for sale at a reasonable price on there…perhaps these folks might consider donating ??? Take care…and blessed be. Mataya in Charlotte

  24. Wanda McGinnis

    I am an 87 year-old widow, looking to move to Charlotte to be near family, but not WITH family. A tiny house sounds like a perfect solution. Lofts are OK for grandkids to stay overnight, and for storage. As for me, I’ll stay on ground floor, thank you! I haven’t seen any tiny house news about connecting garages to them.

  25. Theresa

    Steven, I am very interested in helping to develop a tiny home community in Asheville NC close to the bus line. My specific interest is providing affordable housing for handicapped adults. Many or most can’t drive and live below the poverty line anyway. Being close to the bus line gives them better access to libraries, medical care, reduced-cost services, religious services, and – for those that can work part time in supported employment – it means transportation to a job. Success could mean other communities with a mix of retirees, starving students (I was one once), teachers, social workers, and people struggling to survive on limited incomes. If anyone gets wind of people or resources that would have an interest, I’d like to hear from them.

    1. Ryan

      Hi Theresa I’m in the planning stages of developing tiny home communities in Asheville. Feel free to email me: contact at wncwood.com

    2. Jackie Colon

      I’m currently living in Miami but the cost of living here is astronomic I can no longer afford to live here and I’m thinking about buying me a tiny home but I have nowhere to put it but I would have to find a place that was affordable I am on disability so it would have to be cost-effective thank you

  26. Crystal

    Following this regarding Tiny Homes Community in Matthews, NC.

  27. Kristine Johnson

    Am currently located in Winston-Salem, NC and would be very interested in the tiny house development in Charlotte area! I would like to buy a THOW today and move it to your property! But I imagine municipal regulations would be in the way. Please let us know how you are progressing! Local zoning is only thing standing in my way.

  28. Dave

    Hi everyone I have a tiny house for sale if you would like to look at it or more info please let me know I’m in Robbinsville in Western North Carolina and my son built this tiny house for his senior project with my help and he wants to sell it now. It is a 16 foot tiny house on a custom trailer and it is the shell only the interior is not finished. I also have a second trailer that I can build on which is 20 foot long or if you would want to custom design your own for a longer trailer I can do that too. I’ve been doing construction and remodeling for 25 years and be happy to help you with your project. You can call me at 828-735-5432

  29. Rene McCurry

    I am also interested in any tiny home community in the Charlotte/Matthews area. I have downsized and my house is on the market. Once it is gone, I will.be building. Finding a place to live in it will.be the hard part.

  30. Tim

    I am moving to AVL and building one. I am looking for someone who would like to rent a spot on their property or land. Looking at Brevard, and Black Mtn as well. Est build cost is landing around 30-35k 18×24 but think I can cut it withused and upcycled items. Going to talk to an investor about buying land and having a community. Who is REALLY interested in here?

    1. Janis

      I’m interested! Please keep me updated on progress, and what kind of price point you’re thinking of.

  31. Renee

    HI. So are there any tiny home communities in charlotte area?

  32. Steve

    Hello my name is Steve I’m 50yrs old and I am on disability and cannot afford to stay where I’ve been living for over 6yrs paying 650 per month as my disability Income is a little less than that, I don’t drink don’t smoke or do any illegal drugs I just need a place that I can afford and call my own, I would like to move as soon as possible and I would need a two bedroom and Pet friendly as my pet’s are my family and cannot abandon them, if there is anyone that can help me out I can guarantee you a monthly payment anywhere near Rockwell, Rowan, Kannapolis area if possible thank you God bless us all text me at anytime 815 326 5537

  33. PamG

    Steven, has anything been happening on the Matthews tiny home community deal? I would very much like to be contacted about this if you are going forward. I currently live in the area in a private home, but am seriously looking to relocate into a tiny house community. In the meantime, I am doing my research to be prepared for when I am ready to make the move.