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  1. I am looking for a tiny house in NYC. But there’s none listed. Do you built tiny homesin NYC? Is there a tiny community in NYC somewhere around?

  2. Hi, Im not sure if there is a tiny house community in NYC, but i have been learning about the movement and im interested. I work at an architecture firm in NYC and if you have any questions or are interested ill leave my e-mail.

    1. Hi Brian,

      I’m looking for an architect to turn my tiny house plans into a workable blueprint. If interested, kindly email. thanks, Marty

    2. Just echoing all the other NYC’ers who are interested in Tiny Houses, yet frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution. For me, I need to be able to live near NYC as my career is in the city. So I guess the best option is to look for New Jersey? Or Long Island? I wish there were some place in Queens. Anyone know of someone making a tiny house work near NYC?

      1. Hi James – did you ever find anything? Like you I’m after tiny home but need to be able to commute into Manhattan perhaps 2 days a week. I’m from the uk and have my own home in London but having a tiny home in NY or NJ would be perfect given I don’t have much stuff over here’s!


      2. Im also looking for a place to put a tiny house ,l live in Westchester county which is about 40ms away from NYC , hoping to find some land I can rent and maybe put it there. My biggest concern is the zooning rules of the town I want live in.

        1. Also in westchester, find any useful information on zoning?

        2. Hi,
          I am from Westchester as well. We’re you able to find out any info as to rules, etc. in Westchester?

      3. I am selling a very small tiny-like house in NJ, 5 miles from NYC. I just found this site so I am going to post it here, or on the small house listings. You can also search zillow or njmls under town of Englewood.
        Email me with any questions.

    3. Hi Brian,

      I’m very interested in working with you in developing a tiny house community in NYC. Do you mind leaving your email so we can connect that way? I look forward to hearing from you

      1. Anybody know of a place to put a tiny house that is not a mobile home park or RV anywhere near Brooklyn? I currently live in a tiny house and may move to that area.

        1. Jack have you had any luck finding a lot?
          I’m looking to move to the Brooklyn area and I would like I build one in my home town and take it with me.

  3. Hello I a looking for a tiny house but it seams impossible to find in New York with rent as high as it is and not being able to buy a regular size house where can I find a tiny house in the New York Queens area

    1. still looking? would you be interested in a floating home on Long Island?
      check Craigs List we r listed

  4. i’m looking for a tiny house in Buffalo NY – we have some of the cheapest real estate in the state and I can;t believe tiny houses aren’t a thing here!

    1. We are from Buffalo (Hamburg) as well, and are looking into building our own tiny home. Would you be interested in perhaps trying to coordinate or compare notes?

      1. I am considering relocating back to the area and would love to be able to do so in a tiny house. I’d love to hear anything you know about zoning in the area etc. I am looking at the Angola area. Thanks

      2. I am also in the area, in chauatauqua, and am wanting to start building one with my fiance in the next couple years. Have some plans, would like to bounce ideas with people.

        1. We would love to help answer questions and work with others on their projects. Our wood shop is right on the Erie Canal between Buffalo and Rochester and while we are just getting busy on a 50’s Vegabond complete makeover, the next tiny house will be coming up soon! The Tiny 12

    2. Im from Buffalo and am looking at tiny houses too! Any ideas about local builders who are willing to try building one? Even sales… im finding nothing here…

      1. Hi, I’m in Rochester and have a “Tiny House” model home almost complete. You can view it on Facebook at Tiny houses by Northeastern Contracting. It is my intention to start building safe well constructed to local code Tiny Houses.

        1. I am half way between Rochester and Buffalo with a commercial wood shop right on the Erie Canal. My wife and I look to go tiny in the future and I just purchased a 22′ trailer to build one. My background as a cabinet maker and superintendent for a builder of 75 houses a year made us think I should make a few for buyers as we get ready for our own (we have kid timelines for now). If at all possible, I’d love to build this one as a contract home vs, a spec house for someone interested in the process.

          1. Kevin, I would love to know more! I am in the Syracuse area.

          2. I’m in Canandaigua. I’d like to see your builds.

          3. Sorry for not responding to a few of you faster. Our trailer is now ready to be refinished and decked. This time of the year is always hectic here as I’ve made about 40 Adirondack chairs from reclaimed composite decking (shipping from Erie PA to Syracuse NY) and own a screen printing shop that my daughter runs.

            The current home we are starting is still largely open to adaptation (we will build as a spec home if no contract) to fit ones needs and look to keep this one in at about $15-$25k range to fit lower end budgets. Feel free to email directly if need be for contact info at anytime.

        2. Hi my name is Rebecca. I live in Syracuse , I will look at the fb page.

        3. Hi Robert,

          I live in Penfield, NY. Where is your tiny house located? I would like one (in a few years) approximately 500-600 sq. ft. What’s the approximate cost of building one of these? I’d purchase a plot of land in Fairport (all Fairport electric-cheap,cheap)! I plan on spending at least 4-5 months of winter in Arizona with my sis, so this would be the perfect, affordable option for me to have a home like this here. Thanks!

      2. I have an Amish Biulder Biulding tinyhouses call Paul @ 716-863-9750

    3. hi everyone, i build tiny homes on wheels, my email is entwademalia@ yahoo, just email and i will be happy to answer all questions, i am right near Rochester ,ny, thanks.

  5. Looking for a tiny home community in queens New York and I can’t find one. I’m ver interested in buying a tiny home

  6. Same here. It’s so irritating…it seems to me that the powers that be (realtors, developers, Albany, bureaucracy, red-tape, etc.) have all conspired to ensure that the little guy continues to be unable to have his/her own home, and for a REASONABLE price.

    I also suspect that part of the reason for the dearth in tiny home inventory is…. even IF the home itself is tiny, there’s still that LAND it’s on. And where is there an affordable piece of LAND in NYC? Every possible plot of land is snatched up by greedy developers and turned into soulless glass and steel apartment buildings for maximum profit.

    I DID find a small Tiny Homes NYC group on Meetup.com but at present it doesn’t seem very active. Nonetheless I did sign up for the group in hopes that an increase in members may spawn more activity of that group…

  7. i am due to retire in the next year or two. i am very much interested in a tiny house. approximately 500 Sq. Feet. with the land included. i do not have time to search for land as well. I would like if someone out there can advise me if they are available and the cost of the land with the Tiny house. IT must also have all the appliances and possibly a loft where you can also stand in and full working kitchen and closet with lots of storage and full working bathroom. No more than an hour or so from the Bronx, New York or Manhattan New York. It is a shame that there are none available that i could fine.

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  9. On Long Island and would really, really love to find land or even a tiny home with site. I would so love to see this happen in NY. Keep me posted guys. I am down for the Movement.

  10. Lots of interest in NY it seems, if anyone in the greater Albany area is interested please email me. I have been looking at land to place a Tiny house on and would also open it up to others in the area. Thanks!

    1. Would be interested in Albany – Saratoga area! Do you have land or know of places where tiny house could be built?

    2. Hi there,
      Have you found land in the Albany area yet? I would love to get a tiny house and put it in a tiny house community. It’s a shame there is nothing around here.

  11. Every Western New York. Town,village etc. Has square foot requirements for homes. Only pre existing tiny home would be allowed. If it’s on wheels it would have to be in a trailer park or tucked away on private land. Trailers do not acrue value with age. Lots of Buffalo houses are cheaper than these overpriced trailers and will go up in value.

  12. I have a commercial wood shop on the Erie Canal with an eye towards reclaimed materials and higher end details. As the previous Exec. Director for our County Chamber of Commerce, I am well versed in working through some red tape. For those looking to have “on the grid” or “off the grid” trailer-able homes built please feel free to contact me. Thanks, Kevin… Great days, greener tomorrows!!!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I live on Long Island and I have questions about where these tiny house can reside. Do you start with the zoning board in a town that you are interested to make sure that you won’t be towed away? Is there laws for these since they are so new? do you need to own the land? Any help would be appreciated.

      1. Suzanne,

        There really are 2 ways we are seeing the zoning issue handled around the country. Unfortunately it really is hit a miss on codes and tolerance. Cities fall into some of the very same issues rural communities face. In many cases, codes have reduced the capability of just doing this anywhere. In an attempt to stop the amount of single wide trailers getting plopped on land they may housing sq ft requirements and clearly this applies to living in tiny homes.

        So while I’m not here to preach on right or wrong or the best approach, there are a few things everyone needs to look at when exploring a tiny home. Many are opting to put them on private land whether codes approve or not with two thoughts in mind. Maybe nobody comes to ask about it and they stay, someone does and they say they do not really “live” in it (similar to having your camper set up in your driveway) and what I personally think is key… Have a back up plan, a place that it can go, ie. a park setting or a way to put it on the market if issues do arise that cannot be solved.

        Codes are funny as they only apply when enforced and that has been as hit and miss as any part of this movement. Do some homework, know what is allowed, know what you are willing to tolerate or risk (moving farther away if needed or selling possibly) and make sure it fits your life. Obviously this is often about creating a less stress environment and getting into a bind over zoning/codes is probably the opposite of that for most.

        Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Kevin, I’m looking to start building my own tiny house in the spring of 2017 and I’m looking for a place to build in the Buffalo area – nights and weekends. Do you or someone you know have such a space available? I’m estimating build time will be 9 months to a year. The tiny house will be 8’6″Wx 26’L x 13’5″H. I would also be interested in hearing what you know about the politics of parking them in the area.

    3. Hi Kevin. I’m interested in a tiny home or small home in Ithaca, NY. Could you reach out with your email so we can begin a dialogue?

  13. I’m in the process of starting a 200 sq ft on wheels home half way between Rochester and Buffalo (right on the Erie Canal). If anyone is interested in stopping out, taking a look or has questions on the process please feel free to contact me. We hope to contract this one out at some point or move it along to one of our daughters before starting the process again 🙂

  14. I am looking to purchase a tiny house in Westchester NY, but not more than 45mins from White Plains. Any ideas?

  15. I forgot to mention that I am looking for 550 sf.

  16. Hi Robert or Kevin, we are from Syracuse and have a few days off and wanted to see if we could explore tiny houses around us. We would like to be to drive out and check out what you have started. Also shout out to the other Syracuse people out there. I think there is a meetup at Onondaga park on May 30.

  17. I have property in Columbia county and am looking to put up a tiny house.

  18. I want my own tiny house in new york too!!! Im sick of renting in new york !!! I can take tiny, I dont care how tiny it is. I am living a less than 400 sq space now anyway. Anyone knows where to start. I find the regulation about tiny house on RV in new york law. I wonder how to start. Never done it before. Anyone knows how to start

    1. Sherry,

      I wrote a bit longer piece above on things to look at when getting started. Codes very widely and enforcement seems to be just as hit and miss. Long story short, if willing to tolerate some risk, know the code… Build with intent of following it to the letter or have a back up plan if issues were to arise. IE… Have a park they it can be moved to, know that it could be sold etc…

  19. My husband and I are looking to buy land somewhere off the MetroNorth as a place where people to build their tiny homes. We’d like something city-accessible. We’re still working on the plans for this (just thought of it yesterday). But basically leasing lot space at an affordable rate – because sometimes the barrier to entry in the Tiny House movement is WHERE to build it. It’ll be for mobile Tiny Homes as a rest stop and more permanent homes as well. We’ll have a house there as well to start the community. So far I’m researching Dobbs Ferry- a 30 min commute to Grand Central.

    I’d love to be in contact with you all about this. Email me at my “junk email” (because this is public) and we can start a dialogue. [email protected]

  20. I live in Florida and also want a tiny house on long island.If ever there was such a thing.I know there are trailer homes so why not tiny homes.I would want to buy it out right and rent the land like a mobile home park.I sub let sometimes on long island and its very expensive.300 sq.ft.to 500 would be good.If anyone knows anything I would like to know thank you.

  21. Hi all,
    I have looked into it in the past. I live on Long Island and work in Queens. From my understanding, most local codes require a dwelling that is a minimum of 1000 Sq.ft. In order to have a tiny house, you have to build on land that already has a dwelling that is 1000 sq.ft. Also, if it is a tiny house on wheels, it is considered an “RV” and can only be parked on land with a dwelling that is 1000+ sq.ft. it’s all about the taxes around here. Also, be aware that many off grid ideas are becoming illegal in many places. ie: you cannot collect rain water, you must be connected to electric, etc. I am now looking into moving to a state that is more environmentally friendly, such as Washington. I have heard that it is now illegal to collect rain water in both Florida and Colorado. I would think that in order for the idea to work here is to find someone who will “sell” you part of their land, under the table, or rent land from someone to park a tiny on wheels. Also, if everyone got together, bought a lot of land aND built a community center, the 1000+sq.ft. dwelling and everyone had a plot to build their tiny on. OUR GOVERNMENT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT….so most of us in NY are S.O.L. makes me want to move to Costa Rica….

  22. Hey all!

    Great thread and glad to see such an interest in NYC Tiny Homes!!

    My team and I are hoping to build a micro-community in Kingston, NY. Beautiful city with all the amenities you would find in Brooklyn, and about an hour or so away from NYC with access to a daily Trailways bus.

    Please let me know if you would be at all interested! We are hoping to gain interest and then build about 8-10 next summer. These would be 1 bedroom homes with a yard, solar power and rainwater capture included with all the expected furnishings as well. We are hoping to make a shared seating and barbecue spot in the center for the group to use as well.

    Would love to chat more about tiny homes in general! As an environmentalist and someone who can no longer reasonably afford NYC, we should all be talking about this as much as possible!

    Hope to hear from you guys 🙂

    Steve Kohn
    [email protected] (email for any and all questions/comments!)

  23. I’m looking for tiny home in Buffalo NY we need a community here. Can we start something and get things rolling? Any interest, any takers. Let’s go and let’s get a builder on board and fund an area we can get this started. My interest is a permanent home as I am not interested in moving it or having it permanent with the option to move it. I’m serious cane we get a group together!
    [email protected]

  24. I would love to buy a tiny house on Long Island. I live in FL now but don’t like it. I moved here because Long Island was so expensive. If I could find the right tiny house for me and my husband and Golden Retriever I would move back.

  25. I am looking for a tiny house within the NYC limits. Since none are available how about we all get together and buy a lot and start a tiny house park (trailer park esque?) Not sure if that’s legal but if enough people are interested we could start something together, like a co op?

  26. I currently live in a tiny home in NYC, and I move around the city (and campgrounds in NJ). I need to stay close to the city because of work. I’m tired of moving around and am looking for a place to park my home for a while. Would love to connect with others so we could figure out a solution since so many are interested in the tiny house movement in or near NYC.

  27. I’m interested in purchasing /building a tiny house in WNY. I’m looking for a permanent placement on land that I will purchase. Size approx. 700sq. ft. I’d love to connect with others to find out more info on how to go about this.

  28. Hey is there anywhere in Long Island ? You can actually have one of these and a place for it ? I’m interested in this .

  29. My husband and I are currently looking to go tiny. We currently live in Brooklyn, NY I would love to get together with individuals looking to go tiny in Brooklyn as well. As KMB suggested maybe we all could get together to get an area an bring the tiny home movement to NYC.

    Any ideas please contact me [email protected]

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