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  1. Are you a builder in NM that Builds Tiny Houses?

    1. Hi Erika
      I am building a tiny house community in NM if interested. I will have a tiny home builder on site in Feb/Mar 2017
      Email me for more info. Thanks.

      1. I would like more info on your tiny house community in New Mexico. My husband Richard and I are retired and living in Santa Fe. We are renting and would like to someday own our own home.

        Thanks for any info you can provide.

  2. I am have built since the 80’s most resent. 750sf Belen N.M. extreme energy efficiency, have pics if interested. On concrete foundation., Gary

  3. How much would something like that cost? Could you build it like a treehouse among cottonwoods?

  4. I weed like to see a house if possible

  5. I keep trying to find a small two person one bedroon portable tiny home with wheels to buy but all sites wont let me find one…

  6. Gary I would love to see the pictures.

  7. I am intetested. I would like to see pictures if possible.

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