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  1. Are you a builder in NM that Builds Tiny Houses?

    1. Hi Erika
      I am building a tiny house community in NM if interested. I will have a tiny home builder on site in Feb/Mar 2017
      Email me for more info. Thanks.

      1. I would like more info on your tiny house community in New Mexico. My husband Richard and I are retired and living in Santa Fe. We are renting and would like to someday own our own home.

        Thanks for any info you can provide.

      2. Hi, I’d love more info too. I too live in Santa Fe and would love to find a viable place to park a tiny house.

      3. Hi Erika,

        Could you please send me more information about your tiny house community and the builder you will have on site? I am wondering what the estimated cost is of building one of the houses. Thank you! Therese

      4. I would like information about the homes and the community.

      5. Jill, how do I reach you? Or the builder? I am in Santa Fe but can come to Taos anytime. Naima

        1. I’m interested in knowing more about these homes. I have a vineyard and would like to have a home this size next to my vineyard. Please send me info I will leave my email.

      6. My boyfriend and our two sons are looking to like in a tiny home no smaller than 280sq ft and no bigger than 400sq ft. We were curious about where your tiny home community will be located (we currently reside in Farmington) and if we can get info about pricing for a house with our desired dimensions. Thanks in advance!

      7. I’d like info on thrb tiny community! Ty!

  2. I am have built since the 80’s most resent. 750sf Belen N.M. extreme energy efficiency, have pics if interested. On concrete foundation., Gary

  3. How much would something like that cost? Could you build it like a treehouse among cottonwoods?

  4. I weed like to see a house if possible

  5. I keep trying to find a small two person one bedroon portable tiny home with wheels to buy but all sites wont let me find one…

  6. Gary I would love to see the pictures.

  7. I am intetested. I would like to see pictures if possible.

  8. Gary,

    My wife and I are interested in building a small home 550-700 sq ft in cedar crest. Wondering if you have info on the home you built in Belen and what cost per sq ft would be roughly with mid grade finishes and on a slab.

    We live in Albuquerque give me a call if you can or shoot me an email. Tstege83@gmail.com

  9. I want to remain in nm im looking for a small/tiny home with no loft. I can do low loft with or without wheels on set property. My husband and I cannot continue the expenses in our larfer home with ssi I need something we can afford. Samantha and Terry Albuquerque nm

  10. I’m interested in having a few tiny houses for guests when they come to visit from out of town. #SanitySaver

  11. When will your builder be “on site” and where is “on site” located? I will want someone to build a tiny home on my northern New Mexico property in 2018.

  12. I have ten acres in northern New Mexico. I am trying to find the cheapest, fastest and best option for tiny living. I have been given a 1960’s 500 sq. ft. trailer. It needs to be gutted and requires all appliances, bath, water and electric. I am now considering other options, before committing to the trailer. My maximum budget is $15,000.00. I have to find a solution soon. I appreciate all and any ideas or suggestions.

  13. I have land in northern New Mexico. I have to quickly put a structure up that I can love in. I have been given a 500 sq. ft., 1960’s trailer. It needs to be gutted and then rebuilt. Before I move in this direction. I need to install electric and a water and sewage option, no matter what structure I choose to love in. I have $15,000.00’s and I need to do soon.I would very much appreciate any ideas or suggestions or alternative directions I can go in.

    Jan West

  14. Please contact me regarding your tiny house community and/or homes in New Mexico. I am looking to down size from a home in the suburbs of Albueqeruqe.

  15. I wish to find a place to put a tiny home (on wheels) in or near Albuquerque. I need to be connected to services (not off-grid). Can you help? Where is your community?

  16. I am relocating from Boston permanently to SanteFe. I’d love a timy house. Is there coommunity already? is there a common builder? How are people making this happen?

  17. Hi l am interested in purchasing a tiny home in a tiny house community anywhere in NM.

  18. I am interested in a tiny home in the Santa Fe area. If there is a new community forming, I’d be very interested and would consider going in on purchasing land.

  19. I will be in Santa Fe in early May and would be happy to talk to, or meet you Erika, to get more info.

    Ps. I hope this post is in the right place. I am not familiar with this format.

  20. My wife and I have about 25 acres out near Pie Town, how would we go about making a tiny house community? I don’t know if there would be many that would want to live out that far but only 5 or 6 houses would all we would probably want.

  21. Hi,would be most interested in hearing more about your Tiny Home Community in Santa Fe. I am ready to go on this, and so look forward to connecting, and finding out what you are doing and how I can join in. Thanks !

  22. Sign me up on information of Tiny Homes. I live in Las Cruces.

  23. Has the state accepted the international code allowing a tiny house to be a “permenant dwelling”. This was available for adoption Jan 2017. Its required to make it legal in most jurisdictions. Do you know the status?

  24. I’m very interested in your THC. I’m needing a place to live asap! I have just purchased land in Northern Arizona, but Mohave county will not let me live in a Thow although they would an RV… Ridiculous… Anyway, I’m on a fixed income, and I am at a loss… Hope you can help me remedy this…

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