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  1. I wanna buy a tiny house!

  2. Looking to rent in southern NH. for around March of 2017. We now live in Derry NH. in a 800 sq. ft. apt. 2 bed and a ting dog. We had become interested when we had watched to show and my wife and I had been giving it some thought, but location is a must do to my job being in southern NH.

    1. I never knew you inquired about this. Let’s keep trying. Love!

      1. Did you ever find a Tiny home in your area ? I am trying to fine one too, Southern N.H. or Southern Maine.

        I need a builder, as I haven’t the knowledge of how to go about buying one.

        I wish you good luck,


        Walpole, Ma.

        1. Hi my name is Charlie Saari. I am a general contractor and I own from Noreast Builders. I would be glad to talk to you about building a custom tiny home for you. My company is located in southern New Hampshire. If you are interested you can contact me at north east builders 603-554-7927

  3. Want to live in a tiny house would like to move it to Ashland on some land that’s available it has to be inexpensive but I’m up for anything that might work

  4. Looking for a 400 sq.ft. or smaller tiny home on wheels to put at a campground.

    1. Hi Ben,
      I know I’m late in commenting but have you thought of a converted school bus? My bus is currently for sale in NH. It’s very mobile and around 200 SQ feet. Perfect size for a campground!

      1. Hey Stephanie can you send me the info on your bus?!

  5. Looking for tiny homes in NH near Dover

  6. Looking for tiny house in white mountain or lakes region

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