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  1. Do you have small homes (tiny houses) for sale with property in the NV mountains.

  2. Looking for a tiny house for two sisters, our needs would be a full functioning kitchen, indoor washer and dryer and with any luck a bath tub!

  3. We are looking for a small home approx 400 sf. Two bed, full functioning kitchen, bath tub, somewhat modern in design

  4. im looking for one,so i can be alot closer to my sister whos very ill,can stay with her cauase i have a dog ,i dont want to put him to sleep…starting a new life all over again.im only 51 of age….

  5. I’m looking for a tiny house in Nevada with a full functioning kitchen and washer and dryer.

  6. I’mI’m looking for any Realtors in Las Vegas that specializes in Tiny Homes

  7. I am looking for a tiny house here in Las Vegas that I could park at r park, or on a lot. I am maybe trying to purchace one through HUS or FHA. They will also finance a lot . I can’t get an apartment or be on the list by Oct.so I am just looking at me options. I want a tiny house or container house.

  8. 2 Acres of rural vacant land, can do what you want with it, perfect for a Tiny House! Only a half mile walk to the Humboldt River. Beautiful unobstructed views in all directions. No time limit to build or any other restrictions. Great investment at this price as well. Pay now price of $2,475, or financing for $100 down and $100/month for 32 months. http://landparker.com/listings/026-042-001/

  9. Im looking for a small house and lot un nevada

  10. I’m looking for a tinny house to buy and land to park it around Red Rock or around Lake Las Vegas, Any ideas?

  11. I need one to own so I will live

  12. I am looking to purchase a Tiny house to live in Searchlight, Nevada. Looking for a contact do I can make my dream come true.!!

  13. We are looking for a container house to rent and move it to our property, can you help? We live in Reno, Nevada

  14. Looking for a tiny house to buy for a single person

  15. Looking for a tiny house at least 400-600 sqf in Las Vegas, Or southern California

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