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We regularly have tiny house listings for sale in Nebraska and throughout the United states. Since oftentimes tiny houses can be moved and delivered, location isn’t always a factor when buying a tiny house.

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  1. Nicole Moore

    we have a 1971 RV that we would like to turn into a tiny house, is this possible for under $25,000??

  2. curtis

    Hi my name is Curtis I was want ing to see if I can get pictures of your tiny house and see what eather idea on what’s out there.thank you.

  3. Shalisha Thomas

    I’am shopping for a tiny real home for the first time.

  4. Linda Williams

    I am looking for a tiny house to buy or rent for 3 weeks in scittsdale nebraska.

  5. Loretta Eddmeiri

    Need a lot on southeast side of Lincoln,Neb to build tiny house on. Looking for small or lots previously may have been unbuildable due to size that is buildable. . Prefer under$ 20,000 For price. Thanks l.E.

    1. Heather McCord

      Did you ever find any landoland or lots to build a tiny house on? I am in the same position.

  6. Cindy Abel

    I want a tiny house in Omaha as I am weary of apartment living. I don’t mind the stringent building codes as I don’t plan on traveling. But despite having trailer courts in Omaha, plus lots of vacant buildings and pieces of land, the city government has zilch interest in the tiny house movement. Their interest is putting up high priced huge multi-unit apartment units more and more people cannot afford. Sure a well-built tiny home(I want 350-400 sq feet is not cheap, but upkeep for a single or couple is a lot easier. Both young people that cannot afford a “conventional” home, or later baby boomers that don’t want or can’t afford a retirement home can have something they own, empty lots or businesses can be rezoned for tiny communities or a single tiny home. But Omaha government wants a fancy street car system that will benefit the well to do and wealthy. I don’t want to leave this state, but Colorado is more tiny house friendly, plus there is the medical marijuana industry, should I ever need that. Any builders in Omaha yet for tiny homes?

  7. rwalkup

    yes there is a tiny house builder in Omaha. Rick Walkup. 402-679-7955