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  1. Warren Dunn

    looking for second home to buy.

  2. Kristen Spears

    Hi Warren,

    This movement is new enough in Michigan that not too many are available for resale. At this point you need to find and buy the land or lot you want and then pursue a manufacturer. I am a Realtor with RE/MAX Resort Properties in Northwestern Mi. I recommend you go to Mitinyhomesmichigan.com to find a guy who builds them.

  3. Kyle Krage

    Warren Dunn,
    I’m a builder in NE MI & interested in building tiny houses on wheels.
    If U’r interested, please contact me at : kjkrage1982@gmail.com

    Thank you,

  4. Lisa

    KJKrage – What would you charge to build a tiny home?

  5. Lana Hedge

    I just have a question, I live in Roseville, Michigan 48066. Can a tiny house go in my back yard? I would like to build a small mother’s suite or buy a used one for my yard. Is this possible? That way I would be close to my mother and she can still be independent and have the privacy she needs.. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  6. Nick Darga

    Lana ,
    You could actually do just that , however you need to look at local codes , some cities and municipalities restrict things like if it needs to be plated and registered , fixed or non-fixed , and the square footage issue can arise if neighbors are nosey and cause drama about it being lived in by an elderly woman. Some people are just ignorant. So do some research. You can contact me if you can’t find used what you need. I am almost ready to begin building in northern Michigan and would love to see what we can work out for you. Thanks.

    1. Carla Emerson

      Hi, You said you are building Tiny houses in Northern MI. Are you doing this? If so, I’d like to come and take a look at what you have! I presently live in Caseville, Mi. You can email me your address & reply at
      I’ve been interested in owning (or renting) a Tiny house, since the movement began a few years ago!
      Thanks for your time and I look forward to your reply!!! Carla 😀

  7. Joanne Morrison

    We are thinking of returning to Michigan – near family. We would like to build a small energy efficient 1000 sq. foot home with a basement and 2 stall garage in the Fruitport area. (49444)
    It would not be until next spring as we will need to sell our home here in NC. We are retired and only require a one bedroom/1bath home but as my husband is a woodworker – need a big garage. He also is a model railroader so needs a basement for his trains. 😉 any ideas of someone in the area…Joanne


    I live in northern michigan and really would like to invest into a used or park model small home of 600- 1,000 ft .
    I do have property to put it on agriculture land and will have a pole barn put up for my horses.
    Can you give me Anuradha ideas of who I may contact that builds small homes here in northern michigan under 30.000 or used under 30.000.
    Thank you for your time

  9. Karen Ray

    I will be moving to Lansing/Haslett area in the next year to 18 months. I’m interested if there are any tiny homes there and if so are they ever build on a basement foundation? I do love the idea of a tiny home although I do a lot of crafts which take up a lot of room which would require a basement.

    Thank you.

    1. robert.w.austin

      Hi, I live in Lansing and just put my new tiny house up for sale. I hadn’t planned on selling it when I started the build, what I wanted to do was get some land and build a cement-block “root cellar”, then park the tiny house over it. For all practical purposes it would be a basement, though technically (for code-compliance) it wouldn’t be. In practice, you’d have to see what the building inspectors in the specific locale where you decide to park the TH have to say.

  10. Alan M.

    We have two tiny houses in Northwest Michigan that we would like to sell to be moved. I can provide pictures.

  11. Erin

    Looking to build in Southeast MI or potentially buy. We have no idea where to start or if it is possible to do so. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!

  12. Allison Wong

    Where do I find code regulations or the rules about where i have a tiny house or what kind of requirements there are for the house? I live in Lansing and would like to have a tiny house built but need to know where I can keep it. Would my backyard work? Would I need land specifically for the tiny house? Etc… allisonwong17free@gmail.com

  13. Denise Burghardt

    I am in Lincoln park mich i am looking at being evicted because i cant afford my rent i am 52 years old waiting on and answer from the judge on my ssi but i have a 7 days notice i have 250 dollars looking to see if you have a tiny hoise i could rent i dont want me and my little dog he is 16 years old and i dont want us on the streets could you please help me

  14. Sr. Mary B Tendorf

    I would be interested in a Tiny house possibly in Saline or Ann Arbor Mi…already on a piece of land that i could do my own gardening and have some type of hook up to water/sewer etc,

  15. Steve C.

    I am starting a tiny home business in Coldwater, Mi. My 1st unit will be done by Thanksgiving at a price of around $24,00 for a 160 sq. ft.