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We regularly have tiny house listings for sale in Massachusetts and throughout the United states. Since oftentimes tiny houses can be moved and delivered, location isn’t always a factor when buying a tiny house.

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  1. Gemmah Stone

    I am very interested in buying a tiny house situated on a tiny piece of land. I’m not sure the best way of going about doing this. Can you help?

    1. Dee Fitzgerald

      I was very interested in your question. Did you ever find a home in Ma and where ?

      I would like in in Norfolk County/York County Maine. I would have no idea how to start to find such a home.

      Thank you,


  2. L. J. Rice

    I am very interested in buying a tiny home on wheels for $10,000.00 or less in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area….

  3. Jeff damon

    I currently have a pet fence business for the past ten years . Joining forces with a contractor to build tiny houses on wheels here in maine . We can deliver anywhere. Our focus will be making them off the grid. But we can do whatever you like. We have plans but welcome yours .

    1. Melissa Duggan

      How do we get in touch with you Jeff Damon?

    2. Dee Fitzgerald


      Can you help to build a 2 bedroom, first floor Tiny House in Southern Maine, or in Norfolk County ?

      Do you have the land in these area’s, or do I find the land ? Would love a Tiny Home, but have no idea where to start.

      Thank you,


  4. Sharon Breslin

    Hi Jeff I’m interested in a tiny house. If you could email me with any information I would appreciate thank you Sharon

  5. LJ Boston

    Me too! Me too!
    Please email me!

  6. William fontans

    Where does one look for a tiny house?? I want one!

  7. Natasha

    My friends are buying traditional massive 4bd, 2 bath … But I’m childless, man less, and would love a tiny house as well to match my tiny budget & tiny fiat. Please help. Thank you

  8. Christine McManus

    I’m a single mom on a budget…I’m also interested in a tiny home

  9. J. Moe

    I am very interested in a tiny house or slightly bigger than tiny, I want something that has a full BR, ability to cook and sleeping space that is pet accessible. I would like to find out more about pricing and/or getting one custom built.

  10. Sandra Pimentel

    I am interested in buying a tiny house on the south of Boston. What should I do?

  11. Susan leach

    I am interested in a tiny house south of Boston. I am underemployed for 4 years and will be homeless soon.

  12. Dawn

    I am in SE Mass Rehoboth, Dighton area very interested in 300 sq ft or house just for me not on wheels preferably

  13. Lori karas

    I’m interested in purchasing a tiny house. How do I find one

  14. Kevin P McHale

    Hi my name is Kevin McHale and I’m interested in the Little House concept all I need is a nice place for myself a friend or two times any place to really enjoy the greater room with the outdoors interested in the whole New England area I don’t know if their communities purchase land and then subdivided up into little houses would want to learn how to build their houses all aspects of the little house movement thanks Kevin McHale

  15. Cheryl Carpenetti

    Also interested in purchasing a tiny house in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Appreciate any guidance you could give me.

  16. lila kate smith

    Hi, I am looking for a tiny house, Just for me. need enough room for all my photo albums (i have lots… treasured memories) where do i look?

  17. lila kate smith

    I have same concern as Cheryl… I am very interested in tiny house living but need much guidance as to what this entails… places to put them, zoning and any thing else i need to know

  18. Sharon

    I see many people here interested in tiny houses. And needing information. Though I haven’t yet seen any responses to anyone. Nor have I reserved an e mail. Still interested thank you

  19. Austin Kenney

    hello everyone I am located in central Mass I own a construction company in the greater Boston area. For the past year I have noticed a large demand for Tiny homes. This movement has inspired me to offer a variety of tiny homes&design to incorporate into all your personal needs. If you are looking for information on tiny homes and how to go forward with design and building process please email me at.

    1. Terry

      My husband and I are very interested in a tiny house. Please let us know if you could help us with this.

    2. Dee Fitzgerald

      Contact me please on building/land by your company for a Tiny House.

      Thank you,


      Walpole, Ma.

      1. Carole Keleher

        Hi I live south of Boston…but need some land first

  20. pat

    does anybody answer this blog? I am not interested I want a tiny home and wonder if you build them or if I need go elsewhere.

  21. lila kate

    I am interested in tiny house living. How do I get started? and is there tiny house communities in massachusetts? i realize they can be efficient and not hooked up to water/sewer, or are they? and electrical? I am a beginner to this. So, I need to know basics. LIke do i need to find land, tiny house, what does all entail? Once I found my tiny home? what would generally come next? Thank you
    Lila Kate

  22. Brett

    I am a contractor in the Massachusetts area that can build tiny houses.

  23. Joseph Caporelli

    Brett My name is Joe I am interested in a tiny home I need details and I need to talk to you. Thankyou