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  1. Very interested in a Tiny House, would like to take a walk through, perhaps have one design for me.
    I look forward to hearding from you soon.

    Happy Holidays


    1. Cathy,

      We have a tiny house to sell…we are located in Baltimore County,Md…let me know if you are interested.

      much Thanks,


      1. Andy,

        Is your place still for sale? What part of Baltimore County are you located.


    1. Mariam,

      We ahve a tiny house for sale located in Baltimore County. It is alredy built (roughed in) and can be transported to your location within a reasonable distance..let me know if you are interested.

        1. Do you still have the the tiny house for sale? If so, how much and do you have any pictures? You can email them to me at c.lindsey0821 @gmail.com

  2. Interested in seeing pictures or walking through the tiny house .

  3. How can I fine a good contractor to help me build my business of building tiny houses ? We started out really well in advertising, the best type (word of mouth). After lining everything up, signing contracts getting to a place where we were about to break ground. Only to find out that it takes specials permits to build from the ground up. For the tiny house that I designed it was a financial nightmare. Can anyone help me find, a good, hunger contractor that willing to take part in a growing business, that is taking America by storm.. This is one of the newest concept out there that can turn a amazing profit, while helping families save money. Maybe I’m too nice. If you know of any people that is looking to help people to down size. Please have them to reach out to me. Hopefully, they can help me help others. Especially contractors.

  4. Andy,

    I’m interested in the tiny house you have for sale. Please let me know the best e-mail address to reach you out so that we can discuss further details. Thank you!

  5. I am interested in building or buying a tiny house in Baltimore County area of Maryland.

  6. I’m interested in buying a tiny house in Baltimore Co Md ~ please let me know if there are any around ~ thank you

  7. I am interested in building or buying a tiny house in Anne Arundle county. Please contact me , thank you

  8. Hi Andy,

    I live right outside of baltimore. If you still have your tiny house for sale let me know


  9. I would also be interested in this home, looking to get out of Baltimore City. Thank you in advance.

  10. Am interested in the tiny house in MD.

  11. Am interested in the tiny house in Berlin Md.

  12. I live in Baltimore County, MD and am interested in buying an off grid tiny house.

  13. I am interested in the the tiny house in Baltimore County.

  14. I am looking for a tiny house in Baltimore County preferred to be located on Essex dundalk Nottingham, Parkville those sreas

  15. I am looking for a tiny house maybe 60k used or new. Depending what work needs done. I am a handy man and can fix anything as well worker as a real estate agent 5 years go. I have epilepsy and need small place to put it be near fsmily. I would rent or rent to own as well.
    [email protected]
    Looking in the Baltimore or county if poss. Very interested asap need to move due to my landlord not paying her mortgage.

  16. How about we all buy some property and start a small/tiny house community!
    I live in Baltimore County. For the past few months I’ve been doing research on tiny houses. Maybe we can start a FB page etc… So we can interact, share ideas, experiences, help each other. Anyway I am either interested in buying or building my own. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Thanks, Jon

  17. I would love the idea of a tiny house community where all have invested in the community. I presently live in No Virginia where it appears to be a problem with hoa’s and the almighty dollar. I would love to be back in Maryland let’s keep updated and not give up. With the properly zoned land as well as a good resource of tiny house builders we could make this happen. I’ve also looked at some of the shipping container conversions.

  18. join the fb page Tiny house Maryland

  19. I’m interested in buying a tiny house in Maryland. Are there any for sale?

  20. For those on this post, we already have a Facebook group for Maryland as stated above.

    There are no builders in Maryland currently that will be able to help. I am attempting to get a Master Carpenter in Baltimore to help with building.

    You must be extremely careful about building these.

    Also, you can put them on farm property. There is no official tiny house community yet; if anyone is interested, check out the Maryland group.

  21. I am a contractor in Baltimore and have also built custom yachts for over 20 years. If anyone is interested in having a tiny house built in the Baltimore area, please contact me. I am located in Baltimore County and have plenty of references.
    Thank you,
    Joe Kidwell
    Big Art Design and Fabrication, LLC

  22. I’m looking to have a tiny house built in the Annapolis area. I need a builder and am presently looking for property. If you know of a builder, I’m wondering the restrictions before building in this area. Anyone?

  23. Where can I look at and possibly buy at tiny house?

  24. Where can I look at a tiny house?

  25. Question being what codes or standards change from being built in Maryland and moved to Marietta, Ohio?

  26. I am working with a contractor in Pasadena MD, he has never built a tiny house but is willing to try. I also know a master electrician I will be hiring, my question is trying to find land. Does anyone have an idea of how to find a plot of land to rent, or even a farm that would be willing to share/rent space to park the house upon completion? I know as of current they are only legal in Washington, Garret and Frederick counties in MD, all other counties they violate zoning laws… Anyone have any research on this?

    Many Thanks

  27. @Lateral Russ… I am still working on financing, I am attending the Tumbleweed workshop in DC in April. If I find out more info I’ll contact you and I’ll keep your info for my contractor if after mine he still has hair and is willing:)

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