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  1. Esther connelly

    Hello,Im looking for a tiny house.Im moving to Golfstown in 5 months .Could I get more information of your tiny homes.Im looking for a one bedroom,with a compost toliet.Thankyou

    1. Dylan Bousquet- Smith

      Mrs. Connelly,
      Great to hear of your interest in the tiny home movement. I’m reaching out to help with your goal living in a tiny home. I am unsure where tiny house listing has move forward with this post although I would be happy to discuss details and specifics about tiny homes to help ease your process. Please reach out with any questions and I’d love to assist in the transition.


  2. Dakotah

    Hello, I am looking for a tiny house on wheels. I am willing to do some work to it. I have looked at some different options. Some of the prices I have been given were CRAZY. Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. Bill

    I have been in the building trade for 30 years and a co-worker and myself are in the process of starting a tiny house business. Our goal is to make tiny houses affordable, with an emphasis on quality. Each house will be one of a kind and built custom to your needs. If you are interested in first one please contact me.

    1. Patricia Ruge

      Hi Bill,

      I’m definitely interested in keeping in touch. I’ve moved my household to NC but I’m interested in spending extended summers in Maine. A tiny house in a lake area or Damariscotta would be heaven. Please keep me posted (maybe a website in your future) and, If you can, address the questions of zoning that Deb mentions. Would be interested in being part of a community or neighborhood, if that can happen.


    2. Jon

      my girlfriend and i are thru hiking the appalachian trail in march of this year and when we arrive back to Maine we are looking forward to buying a piece of land up north and having a tiny house on it. whether we build it ourselves or can get one built affordably, we are most definitely interested in any advice, assistance and expertise that you could provide us. thank you in advance – Jon and Katie

      1. Panneh1231

        I have a tiny house on skids in Maine if you would still need one.

  4. Harry Coldreck

    I’m a builder in Maine . Would to work with a Client that wants to build a tiny home , especially using a trailer as the foundation . I am eager to move towards more sustainable building practices. I think the possibilities are wide open right now and I welcome any correspondence .

    1. Sarah sallaz

      I am looking to build a tiny house on a trailer bed as well. Have looking into other companies across the country and prices are outrageous. I would love to discuss your history as a builder and references as well as the possibility of working together. Please contact me at s.sallaz87@gmail.com

  5. Joseph Barnett

    I have 400 acres on beautuful Williams Pond Bucksport next to Williams Pond lodge and interested in ideas for a low cist tiny house community there.

    1. Nate

      Looking to build a tiny house for someone. Not looking to get paid alot just the experience of it. Not a professional but I really think I could get it done to the quality someone would appreciate.

      1. Annie Higbee

        hi Nate, Please call or text me 207-542-8302

    2. Ross

      Hi Joseph I am a contractor from Ellsworth and have been thinking about what you are doing. I have 10 acres and I have thought about doing a similar project on it. I would definitely be interested in talking to you about your project and maybe bouncing some ideas around.

  6. Deb

    Hello, I am interested in a tiny house that is built on the ground and can get by the zoning laws that seem to preclude living in a tiny house in most areas.

  7. Alissa

    Hello there,

    My husband three children and I are all looking into a tiny home. I’d love to speak to someone affordable who thinks they can manage a tiny home for a family! My phone number is 2074121299

  8. Martha

    My husband and I built a beautiful flat log tiny home. It is 275 sq. ft. It has a full kitchen, bath and bedroom on one floor. We live in Florida and are looking to sell. The home is in Shapleigh, Maine. It is the size of a park model RV. Not meant to haul down the road. Email for pictures. Price for a custom tiny home? 35,000 or best offer. Mmickeriz@yahoo.com

  9. Arlene Matthews

    My husband and I are divorcing and I am considering looking into tiny homes…

    1. Travis Parker

      I am looking to build 3 tiny homes in the next couple months and would be interested in connecting with you. I am a high end craftsman. I went to school for design and woodworking plus 13 years in the trade. My number is 207.751.1894

  10. Annie Higbee

    hi there, I have a nice home for sale on Vinalhaven island. let me know if you’d be interested

  11. Laura Howell

    Hi Bill, I would love to connect with you. I would like a tiny home that isn’t on a trailer. I would like a 400 ft home. Let me know if that’s something you guys could do. I live in South Berwick Maine. Text, call or email me. Thank you for your time. 2072518278. d.breed@comcast.net

  12. Tanveer Arshad

    Good day,

    I am currently looking to buy a house in any nice neighborhood in America for me and my family.

    I will like to know if you have property to purchase with 3-4bedrooms, 3bathrooms and garage with the price ranges of $600,000-$900,000USD. Please if you have properties with similar description please contact me as soon as possible so that I can make arrangement for the payment and all paper work.

    Please give full price of each property including tax if applicable.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Tanveer Arshad

  13. lila kate smith

    HI, was wondering if someone could help me…
    I am looking for a tiny house and a place to put in mass, maine, or nh…. i work in worcester county massachusetts. but need a change of scenery. i would love to be on waterfront. I am on a limited budget, but have a small inheritance. my personal life took a drastic change in last few months. ANd now is my turn to stand on my own two feet. email me Richardsmth101@gmail.com or text 5084506560
    if anyone can help guide me to where i need to look and find info on zoning and whatever else goes with this tiny house living thank you

  14. pam collins

    looking for a log cabin type home a tiny house desighn

  15. Kim Wolfe

    Looking to purchase a tiny home in and around the Augusta Maine area. I would need it to be already set up and turn key ready. If affordable I would like to purchase it outright, just retiring and want to live some and comfortably.

  16. V.R. Fitzgerald

    Looking for a log cabin Tiny House. to buy. With 2 bedrooms, all on one floor with a garage .attatched.

    A bigger than usual ‘ Tiny House ‘ in Southern Maine, York County—year round living and not on wheels.

    Any seller or builder out there ?


  17. LW

    Looking for tiny home Bucksport, Penobscot, and general area – must be turn-key, stationary on own property, with room for small garden. Possible retirement home. Send pics & contact Info. Thank You,…..LW

  18. Darlene

    We are in the very early stages, however have already made the decision to persue a stationary tiny home (no more than 500 sq ft) around the Portland, South Portland area. If anyone can help guide me get me started, we would greatly appreciate it.

    1. kandrews5725

      Hi Darlene! Have you made much progress with your decision to purchase a tiny house? I have one I’ve recently finished in Freeport Maine that we are selling. It’s right around 400 sq ft and would make a perfect stationary home. I’ve posted the listing to this site, but it is currently not up. Let me know of you have any questions!

      Keith Andrews

  19. Ann Weaver

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