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    i am interested in a Tiny house here in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Can you please let me know how I would go about getting information on any thing here in Baton Rouge. thanks so much

  2. Cherie Hebert

    Hi Barbara,

    I happened upon your question. My name is Cherie Hebert. I own an advertising agency in Lafayette. My husband is a builder. He and I are about to enter the business of building Tiny Houses in Arnaudville, Louisiana. We have about 20 plans under development. Although we are just entering the business, we have over 20 years of construction and design experience. If you would like to reach out to me, please feel free to do so. My email is chebert@bbrcreative.com.

    1. Jesina O Martin

      I’m interested in building a tiny home or buying one. Can you please contact me with information as well?

  3. Diana

    Cherie Hebert, I am starting my search for a tiny home (and a place to put it but different story for the moment). How can i get some of your floor plans? or view your handy work? I need a lot of storage space and maximizing every little space with interesting uses while being extremely practical.

  4. John Avant

    Builders in North Louisiana
    Please send list

  5. Kimberly white

    Interested in tiny house in Louisiana…. PLS call me w details !

  6. Maxine Muller

    I’m also very, very interested in a tiny home. Either to rent and/or buy. I am presently living in Denham Springs, LA, and would like to see some plans etc. Who can I contact? I want to do this ASAP.

  7. Jewlia Thibodeaux

    Living in the New Orleans area and would also like to rent and/or buy a tiny home.

  8. Simon

    I was wondering where I could get information on land restrictions and information on the process of moving a tiny home to be placed on a family members land in Vermillion parish. I’m looking to find out about electricity connection,sewage and water to know what I can and cannot do. Not finding much information online. Any idea where I could find out this information?

  9. amanda guidry

    my name is amanda guidry and me and my boyfriend will be getting a tiny house on wheelsin the near future at less 300sq ft are more..and hook up like a camper….washer dryer combo a must and air/heat a must…..Also bedroom down stars..with a closet for clothers and then maybe a loft to make it all open closet and storage room…would love ato open up doors to bring outdoor living in..we love that open lookmust have a stove also and a reg size fridge….buget is no more than 22,000 are less if we can…no need to be fancy..just lots of storage and a place to eat like a 2 set island would be nice to have…cant wait to hear from you..no fancy material need ..

  10. Thera ayo

    I will be ready in 2 mo. To build a tiny home. Around 900 to 1000 sq. Ft. I am looking for a builder. Please let me know if you are interested. Thera Joan Ayo

    1. Coy sacco

      Hi Thera, I’m just seeing your comment here. I’m a builder in denham springs. What did you end up doing, if I may ask?

  11. Alex Warnken

    I live in Lake Charles, Louisiana and am interested in buying a tiny home near this area.

  12. Rose Garrett

    Would anyone be interesting in donating material and labor for someone who needs a accessible tiny home? I could not afford one. And my sister’s would not agree on this. But I am 61 years old with borderline challenge. And in special olympics.I need my space.

  13. Sharon Johnson

    I’m in Ascension Parish. How do I go about finding affordable land or someone renting partial property? I would be selling my home but need to stay in Dutchtown school district.

  14. Pamela Fields

    I live in Farmerville LA and would love to own a tiny house. I would like to have one built or buy on. I need brochure to look at but I know I want two bedroom and a bathtub in the bathroom

  15. Robyn R Griffin


    My name is Robyn. I am in Orleans Parish. I have a 30 by 50 lot. I would like to put/build a tiny house on the lot. I am so turned around about the ordinances and zoning laws concerning tiny houses in Orleans Parish. If anyone can offer assistance/information it would be greatly appreciated.

  16. PAM Watson

    I live in Grand Cotea and wanting formation and cost for my mom she wants a tiny house

    1. Karen

      Hi Pam, did you ever get any information?
      I have some if you still need!

  17. Courtney L.

    Greetings and slutations!!! My name is Courtney and I reside in Baton Rouge. I am a minimalist and really want to improve my quality of life by building a tiny home. I am noticing quite a few of you reside in the BR area and surrounding areas (Denham Springs, Gonzales, Prairieville, etc). I have a lot of questions that require definitive answers relative to insurance, proper weather materials, zoning, location, and so forth. I am thinking people who live in close proximity to each other can start a tiny home community! This community will allow for us to gather and meet to obtain pertinet information, find contractors, and connect with tiny home professionals. Anyone interested?

    1. Courtney L.

      I’m so embarrassed! *Greetings and salutations!

      1. Karen

        I had my THOW shell built and I’m completing the interior myself. It’s such and amazing journey.
        I also am interested in developing a tiny house community.
        Let’s meet up and start putting some ideas and plans together.
        I’m so excited to see this happen in our area but I think two heads are better than one in this type of project.
        I would love to hear from you. .

        1. Courtney L

          Greetings Karen!!

          I’m SOOOOO excited to see your response!!! I’m even more excited to read of your progress because I to want a THOW!! Yes, let’s definitely meet up and put our heads together. Please send me an email and let’s go from there. clawson@restoreoutreachcenter.com

          Looking forward to hearing from you!

        2. Sheri Heiland

          Karen, could I ask who you had build your shell? Sometime in the future I’ll be spending my winters with my son and daughter-in-law and a tiny house is ideal! I’m looking into contractors now. Thanks

          1. Karen

            Hi Sheri,
            I had Mike at Tiny House Chatanooga built mine to my own design. He was very easy to work with and gave great guidance. (423) 653-2976 I highly recommend him! He’ll work with your budget and dreams
            You can reach me at kmccoy1959@gmail.com

  18. Rex Kellaway

    naturally like your web-site but you have to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to inform the truth nevertheless I’ll surely come back again.

  19. cherie Hebert

    HI My name is Cherie Hebert and my family is the owner of Louisiana’s First Tiny House Business — Tee Tiny Houses. Although we are still in the start up phase we will soon have plans available for review. If you are interested in buying a tiny house in Louisiana, please visit our website and provide your information in the “Contact Us” section and we will respond. http://www.teetinyhouses.com or email me at: cherie@teetinyhouses.com Live Easy!

  20. April

    Hi I am interested in building my own tiny home or buying one that has at least 2 loft bedrooms can u give me an estimate of how much it would cost for that?

  21. Karen

    Hi April,
    There are so many variables to buying and/or building a tiny house that it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint a price.
    Check out Cheri Hebert (listed above) and see what they have to offer.
    I wanted a high end tiny house but not the high end final cost so I had my builder (Tiny House Chatanooga) build the shell to my design and I’m creating and building the inside now. It’s keeping the cost down tremendously and I love the journey with my tiny house build.
    If you can, I’d recommend that you try to get to one of the tiny house events that focus on building and another one that displays various models. They are all so unique!

  22. Jeri

    I am in BR also and we are looking for a place for a tiny home! Any suggestions welcomed!

  23. Linda

    Wade Heyl in Houma la is building my 510 sq foot house.
    The name of his company is Wasted Time.
    My build is on his web site.
    Does beautiful work using mostly cypress old and new growth.

  24. Debra Fremin

    I live close to your office look forward to hearing from you. I just visited a tiny house com.unity in Austin Tx. It was awesome. A self contained, entrepreneur community. Look for hearing from you.

  25. M.Billeaudeaux

    I am interested in a vintage Airstream trailer, small. Something I can haul with my Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. Please list on this site if there are any for sale. I do not want anything I have to update or fix up. Thank you.

  26. James Miller

    Hello All, I am interested in having a 600 Square Foot home built, does anyone know of anyone who builds them in the St Tammany Parish area ? Thanks and God Bless ! James .

  27. Macauley White

    HI, I’m Macauley White and my husband and I want to live in a tiny home. Currently, we are in an apartment…but longing for land, chickens, a garden, and a place to start our family. It is a deep desire to own what we live in and on, and to work with our environment. Currently, with my husband’s income, this all seems impossible. Is there a tiny home community in Baton Rouge/a builder that would be willing to work with a budget…or even just some resources y’all know of that would be helpful to us? We can buy a kit for a few thousand, but its the plumbing/power, and buying or renting land that gets us.
    Thanks for your time