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  1. I would love to live in a tiny house I think it. Would be so cozey and a cheaper way of living and a hole lot less junk.

  2. I could so live tiny. I’m hoping to find something in Indy.

  3. I could so live for getaway and hobby into the tiny home. I am hoping to enough for roomy able for my beginning artist and garden on small land.

  4. Are there any Tiny House on Wheels Builders Near La Porte, Indiana?

  5. Does anyone know where you can put a tiny house around zionsville, IN or around Hamilton county? Honestly anywhere just north of Indy would be great

  6. We had an all aluminum mobile shop built that could also sleep 3 ppl & offers a full bath incl shower, commode, & large custom aluminum sink. It has a refrig & microwave, 3 very large windows and heating & cooling. It will operate on solar power, generator, and 110 or 220. There are many more unique features. We used it less than 1 year & my husband wanted to retire, so we are selling it. It is perfect for a tiny house, requiring only a few modifications. Where would I list it for sale to reach the largest interested market? The most amazing thing is it’s all packed in less than 160 sq ft. Adding upstairs could be an option. Thanks, Teri email: [email protected] for add’l info.

    1. Teri Payne what are you all asking for it? My wife and I are in the market for a tiny home and something like this that we can modify and put are own style on would be great! if you would please email oe text me pics and info. [email protected] com or 812-704-6477.
      Thank you and have a great day!
      – Eric Trump

  7. is there any tiny houses for sale in valparasio indiana?

  8. My husband and I live in Griffith and want to move to Austin to live tiny. Thinking of staying local due to my salon. Anyone know of tiny homes in #NWI #INDIANA ?

  9. Hi!
    My husband and I have been living “Tiny” for 2 years now. We custom built our 240 sqft tiny home on wheels and have been loving it. We have made the decision to go even smaller in order to do some traveling. So we will be selling our tiny home and leaving IN to camp/hike the national parks in all the lower 48 states. Our tiny home was just remodeled this spring. It’s built on a goose neck trailer so the sleeping area is above the goose neck and the rest is open space with living area, kitchen, and full bath room. When we up dated we changed the interior walls to all knotty pine to give it the truly traditional tiny house look. We have loved living tiny and
    really fell in love with our house with the
    details and updates we added. We are
    located in NWIN and are hoping to find someone to love our tiny house the way we have. Please let me know if you would be
    interested in more details and pictures.

    Feel free to email me at
    [email protected]

  10. Have you sold your tiny house yet?

  11. Where could I find a tiny house for sale close to Indiana, I would love to have a tiny home

  12. I am curios on where you put a tiny home? Do you have to have property? I currently live in southwest Indiana and would really like to live in a tiny house.

  13. Hi my name is Don me and my wife have been separated for about 3 years now sence then me and my son have been struggling to rebuild the home i grue up in to call a place home again. Today lol its 3:12 am i have been searching for alternatives for me and my sone to stay and i come across this web site or your componey lol im not good with computers but i would realy appreciate it if you would do me a big favor and help me with my situation and pleas let me know about something that i could do. I have a mortgage with this house and property of 5 akers but its going to take a complete rebuild of the home for it to be liveable again . And we are in desperate need for a place to live to acomplish this task. If you could pleas let me know if you have something like a tiny house that is being thrown out or you feel to recycle that i can rebuild into a place for me and my son that i can buy at a good price please call me at 574-309-4853

  14. I hope my letter went through like i said im not good with computer stuff


  16. I wood love to Live in one day in Indiana

  17. I hope for Tiny homes on wheeling in Fort Wayne. I never have own a big house. I’m not impress with pay high mortgages or rent Apartment. My husband hate to do mow the grass and shoveling snow. I love to watch Tiny House Hunters on HGTV! It made me consider to buy Tiny home for travelling with my husband and son. Please bring Tiny houses show at Memorial Colliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My hope for Tiny House have wifi network access Install the solar satellite. My husband is a computer engineer. He can’t live without internet.

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