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We regularly have tiny house listings for sale in Idaho and throughout the United states. Since oftentimes tiny houses can be moved and delivered, location isn’t always a factor when buying a tiny house.

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  1. Stacy Belvin

    We are saving and wanting to sell our 3000 sq ft home in 12 months & purchase with cash a tiny home up to 600 sq ft that’s expandable and mobile so we can travel to all of our children and be debt free. HELP us. We currently live in Wisconsin.

  2. H. M. Lindberg

    Why Can’t I find iny tiny homes on nice parcel within this site! Horrible headache and found not one listing in five states I am interested in!

  3. Michael Sumner

    We are preparing to start a Tiny home time share program in our RV park. Looking to Judge the level of interest. Thanks Michael 208-300-7145

    1. TC

      Michael. Can you tell me where your rv park is? Boise area? Would you currently allow a tiny home to be part of your community? Thank you

  4. Marla

    What part of idaho and are any of them accessible.

  5. Lessismor

    Hey there! I have land and full RV hookups to share with anyone who wants to live in or build their tiny house. There are no zoning restrictions, but it is aways (20-40 miles) out of town. Gorgeous location! Will trade rent for help on small horse property. Temporary housing available.

    1. TC

      Hi less is mor. Is this still available? If so approx where are you located. Very interested. Thank you!!

  6. Shelley Bakken

    Hey lessismor…where are you located? My husband and I are very interested in building/living tiny.

  7. Shelley Bakken

    Michael Summer…we are VERY interested and have thought of something similar. Where are you thinking you might do this? Lot sizes? We had thought rather than making it similar to squished in mobile home parks that larger lots (1/4 -1/2 + acre) would be ideal and worth paying extra.