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We regularly have tiny house listings for sale in Hawaii and throughout the United states. Since oftentimes tiny houses can be moved and delivered, location isn’t always a factor when buying a tiny house.

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  1. Addy Lull

    hello! I am looking to buy a tiny house for my cats and I (LOLZ$) in the Ohahu area!!! ThAnK yOu BuNcHeS
    ~ love addy

  2. Nikki

    I need to rent a time tiny house for my son and I .we both are on disability .could you please help us .sincerely Nikki Paulson 🙂

  3. Mike Schwartz

    I lovvveeeee Hawaii and i loveee lovvve loveee Ohahu area! Great place! I bring my children to that place for winter break! All 10 of them loovvvvve!!! Cant wait for next year! Hoping to buy a house over in Ohahu nex year :))))

  4. Na Kilo

    Tiny Pacific Houses can deliver to any island! They are from Hawaii too!

    1. Dee Anne

      I’m interested in your tiny houses. I’m on the Big Island—Hawaii. Please send info.

  5. Kealoha

    I am soooo yearning to be in the islands!! I want either some land to rent to fit a tiny house or a tiny house contractor to build my house. HELP!

  6. Tiny Home Eco Kauai

    Tiny Home Eco Kauai builds Tiny homes on wheels on Kauai using only PV power and quality craftsmanship when we build you your custom Tiny Home. We ship to all islands and offer shells, lockouts, grid-tied, semi-grid-tied and off-the-grid Tiny Homes. We have a design for every sytle and a price for every budget. Come and join the Tiny House Movement in Hawaii. Start Living Large in your new Tiny Home today.

  7. Lorraine

    I would like to find a tiny house for under $50,000 with solar panels and an ocean view can you help me with that?

  8. Tiny HOme Eco Kauai

    We can provide you a TH thats is completly off-the-grid for $65K. The ocean view is up to you to provide. Aloha (www.tinyhomeecokauai.com)

  9. Luna

    Hello…inspired amd ready to make the big move to Hawaii. Am looking for tiny house turn key rental. Anyone have a great source to offer for finding these? Thank you, be blessed

  10. Diana

    I am going to purchase property that I will rent space out for THOW with compost toilet n solar n will need rain catchment. I will be renting for $250 month on big island. Anyone interested contact sasiangel1@gmail.com

  11. michael

    Looking for a tiny house to rent in Oahu
    Possibly to buy too

  12. Kailee soong

    Selling tiny house on big island with compost toilet, will need to purchase your own solar panels and solar systems 10K or best offer email me @ leelicahe@gmail.com Mahalo!

  13. Patrice McNeal

    Me and my 11 year old son would love to rent to buy a tiny house in Oahu live in Missouri looking to relocate by the summer of 2017. My email mcnealpatrice57@gmail.con. Please contact me. Thank you

  14. Bri

    Hi there,

    Looking for a tiny home (rent or buy) on Oahu. I am transferring with my job and will be there end of december, but willing to buy/rent as soon as November if need be. Email:bkuzmitch@gmail.com thank you!

  15. Na Kilo

    Make sure to check out


  16. emjayjay

    Aloha Na Kilo, looked at your houses, need to combine a couple, is that possible? Also turnkey means walk in and live? Options like solar, rain catchment? wheeee, here we go.

  17. Anita Meeks

    Do they have parks to park on and where? Who do you call to rent?

  18. Na Kilo

    Aloha emjayjay,

    It is possible to “combine” two tiny houses. There are a few episodes of various TV shows where they build some sort of covered walkway, porch or enclosed sunroom between the Tiny House while maintaining its ability to tow away.

  19. Raoul C Melgart

    Moving to Kauai in the next 12-14 months, looking for a small house maybe x2 and put together for a total of
    999 sq. footage maximum, can you give me more info, maybe plan selection and price range? how to go about zoning and getting land and permits to place the house.
    This information will be of much value to my wife and I, so to make plans and start the movement of things.
    Thank you so much for your time and info, looking forward to a very positive response.

    Raoul Melgart CCHT

  20. [email protected]

    Hi There,

    My name is Vickie. I moved to Hawaii from New York City 2 years ago with a job transfer with a security company. When I’m not at work or the gym, I’m at the beach! I am looking for a small piece of land to lease/rent to own or just rent for long term to build my own or purchase off the grid/on the grid tiny house on. Would love to stay in Oahu or Maui. I’m looking to build a 24-28 foot THOW. Of course I’m open to options. If anyone has any information that may help me please email me at vkingcyaclub1@hotmail.com I cant get the house if I don’t find the land! LOL



  21. Lynne Wilson

    Hi I’m looking to buy a tiny house (like HGTV tiny house show) on the dry side of Kauai 300 sqares foot or more. I would like it I a community of tiny houses. Need master on first floor(I’m handicapped) lofts can be for storage. If there is such a thing on Kauai’s dry side please respond thank you.

  22. Leslie

    Looking for a Tiny home on the Big Island. Anything out there? I look on Tiny House listings, but nothing recent for sale. Want to buy something by Nov. 2017. Please email me with pictures if you have something for sale now. 1958Worthington@gmail.com

  23. dino

    It would be perfect to have a tiny house on wheels on the big island so you can move it out of harms way (Lava) But do they sell it here in Hawaii.

  24. Paula Fernandes

    Hi I am looking to rent to buy or just rent long trem I would love to buy a tiny home or build one. I am a 56 year old women on Diss. and need a worm place to live I always wanted to live in Hawaii . please can some one help me I can not take the cold weather any more thank