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  1. I’m lookong for a tiny house close to new haven county not looking to spend more than $40,000 I want 2 stories willing to take one that needs to be restored stairs are a must 2 bedrooms/ lofts

    1. Have you found a builder yet for your project? Please call Josh Quinn 203 572 8397.

  2. Monica, I am also looking for same. have you had any luck?

    Ron email: noryor@aol.com
    ph: (860) 985-1070

  3. Do you want it finished or would you be willing to purchase a shell that can be customized?

  4. I AM LOOKING FOR THE SAME. Don’t mind customizing.

  5. any way there are any tiny houses in wolcott,CT

  6. Anyone have any luck finding tiny houses in new haven county?


  7. If you would like to build a tiny home on five acres of CT mountainside, with gorgeous sunrise views, deer as neighbors, and still be close to shopping, for under $180,000, send text or call me at (203) 217-9426

    The lot is in New Haven county, at the end of a cul de sac with well maintained homes. It is adjoined to many other undeveloped acres of the same mountainside. In other words, you won’t have neihbors surrounding you.
    I imagine a chicken coup, maybe a few goats..
    With the right attitude, anything is possible.
    I am the owner of the lot, which is currently on the market for $109,000 but I am willing to negotiate.

  8. Richtinycabin dot com. They have a factory in NC and there 65$k

  9. For Builders:

    Hello, Tiny House Enthus, greetings. This message is for Tiny House Builders out there. As Tiny Houses are more in demand, I have a piece of commercial use property right along Route 44 in Litchfield County where is very suitable for any Builders who can put a show house out there to attract Tiny House Enthus. (860) 379-1908. Thank you for reading and best wishes to all the Tiny House Enthus out there.

  10. I’ve been looking for a tiny house. I would love love love it I could live in. I live in East Hartfora ct i think I could Do a 300 sq feet. I AM 61 I’m on disability 6 feet tall bad feet and feet that why I need. 1 floor I’ve. So far i’ve save 5.000 I could make monthly payments till it’s paid off I get 181 a month on disability Social Security living in a tiny house to make a family so fed up with the idea for me so if you could help me or know of anyone that can’t I would appreciate it thank you and thank you for listening you have a beautiful day

  11. I know a builder who makes them! Not expensive and portable.

  12. I also would like a tiny house I am nurse on Susan I pity also. Does any one know if they are built in Conn. My zip code area is 06468. Monroe Thanks. Who knows the builder who makes them that are not expensive and are portable.

  13. Looking for land to rent for a Tiny House, any suggestions?

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