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  1. rowe stayton

    We are looking to purchase a tiny home while our house is rebuilt. We live near Prescott, AR, 71857

  2. edward cronic

    I can build you one in 4 weeks

    1. Jagadeesh Mulaveesala

      Hi, I am interested in tiny house. pl let me know how we can proceed further. I want some where in Bentonville Ar, 72712. My contact # is 408 550 5100

      1. david deyo

        We build custom container home in the state of Arkansas for pricing and info feel free to contact me at (501) 270 1816

        Rough cost are estimated at $39.00/Sq ft
        Which includes building fee’s

  3. Molly Nelson

    We are wanting to purchase a tiny home near Huntsville, AR 72740, for a starter home that we can add on to. Tired of pay rent, and not being able to save!

  4. Moua Farm

    We are located in Waldron, Arkansas and interested in developing our farm land to add several tiny homes. Please send us an email inquiry if you are interested in building your own tiny home.

    1. Lori

      Moua Farm, please contact me about developing your farm into a tiny home; I’m interested!

      1. Jagadeesh Mulaveesala

        Hi, I am interested in tiny house. pl let me know how we can proceed further. I want some where in Bentonville Ar, 72712.

  5. Phyllis Jeffs

    Are there any tiny homes near or around Rogers, Arkansas area. Preferably Beaver Lake.

    1. Kathleen

      Hi Phyllis, if you are still looking for a Tiny Home, I represent a Custom Builder in your area. These are affordable and top quality, designed to your goals and needs. Custom does not have to be expensive! Size can be from studio to 2-3 bedrooms, fully finished with appliances as to your needs. Please give me a call for more details at 870-706-9573. Kathleen

    2. Ian

      Hi we have land near beaver lake at lowell but not sure if tiny houses are allowed. If any one could help I would be interested in selling the land to a group of tiny house dwellers…providing sewer and water can be hooked up the land should be able to divided into 4 lots…again not sure if its permitted

      1. David

        Please give me a call Ian. David -479 7151702

  6. Marsha


    1. Kathleen

      Hi Marsha, the Custom Builder I represent would be happy to do this for you. Please call me at 870-706-9573. This is Custom yet very affordable, built to you needs and finished with the appliances you wish. He is in your area! Thanks. Kathleen

  7. Alex Munson

    HI Marsha,

    I am a licensed builder in Fayetteville, Ar with a background in Tiny Homes. I am in the process of building a webpage to launch my tiny house business! Would love to chat about your plans.

    1. Jagadeesh Mulaveesala

      Hi Alex,

      I am interested in tiny house. pl let me know how we can proceed further. I want some where in Bentonville Ar, 72712.

    2. Charity Beauchamp

      hello. i am interested in a tiny house as well. please email so we can start the process.

      1. Kathleen

        Charity, please give me a no-obligation call, I represent a Custom Builder and can fill you in on the details. I also have my own cabin. They are affordable, built to your needs and goals. I especially like the ones with all appliances and totally finished! My email should show here also, please feel free to call me. Kathleen 870-706-9573

    3. Nancy Mahan

      Hi Alex Munson
      I am interested in your building services. I understand that you have a background in TH. I have a picture of how I want it on the outside, I guess it’s called the elevation. I have a budget, and I would love to help build it. If interested you can message me or voicemail. I usually don’t answer my phone unless a real name appears. Way to many solicitors! Thank You for your time.

  8. Lisa Nocita

    I am interested in having one built for a property near Dora, Missouri. Would love to hear when your site is up and operational!

  9. Geneva Jungman

    Would love to have a tiny house on some land in northwest Arkansas. How do I find a builder?

    1. Alex Munson

      Hi Geneva, You can reach me at munsonconstruction@yahoo.com. Would love to hear your ideas and help in anyway I can. Thanks, Alex Munson Licensed Builder with a background in Tiny Homes

    2. Debbie Culwell

      I’m interested in a tiny house with a bedroom on main floor (Murphy bed or stow/away bed) on property just 15 min south of Fayetteville. What are possibilities and price ranges

  10. Patricia

    I love on Fayetteville AR and would like to find more info on tiny homes. I own 2 acres inside the city limits, the home on the property needs to be torn .

  11. Bobby Browning

    My wife and I are interested in looking to build or buy a tiny home near Rogers, AR. Would love to speak to someone regarding building/land/etc.

    1. Kathleen

      Hi Bobby,

      I represent a Custom Tiny Home builder in the NW Arkansas area, very close to you. We are also going to Central Arkansas and various areas in AR. These are built to your needs and sizing requirements, anywhere from a Studio to 2-3 bedrooms. They can be fully finished with appliances. These are affordable and top quality.

      Please give me a call or email and I would be happy to fill you in on the details. I have my own cabin and love it! I hope to move mine or have another one up by the Bull Shoal Lake and/or Norfolk Lake. My builder is in the NW, Fayetteville area, so would be very close for many of you to visit. Please call Kathleen 870-706-9573 for more information. Thanks! Join the Tiny Home Trend to Ownership.

  12. Dan

    I might also be interested in a tiny home in NW AR, preferably Fayetteville or Rogers. Alex, I hope you post your webpage link here when it is developed. Patricia, any chance you might subdivide a small lot on your property for a 2nd tiny home to be built?

  13. Randy

    i need insurance for my 14 x 40 cabin from bald eagle barns that is in batesville,AR $35000 in coverage ?

  14. Kayse


    I am in Hot Springs, AR and have a 14 X 24 Tiny house for sale that is ready to live in.
    It has only been lived in for 1 year.
    It cost our family $20,000 to build and we would like $15,000

    It is on land and would need to be moved to your location. It has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, Kitchen, 2 lofts, refrigerator, stove and a Small Porch.

    Contact: Kayse 501-767-8642

  15. Laura

    I am looking for a tiny home in the Rogers, Springdale, AR area.

  16. veronica

    Try Davis portable Storage in hot springs are. Look them up on the internet. They’ll even customize it for u

  17. Ericka

    Looking for a tiny house I live in Fayetteville ar

  18. Kyle

    Hello, everyone we see there is a lot of interesting things going on in AR now with tiny homes.
    we Elite Custom Trailers out of Jonesboro, Arkansas are build and have been building tiny homes and would live to hear and help anyone with questions or build you dream tiny house.
    Check out our fb Elite Custom Trailers
    Call 870-373-2393

    We will be having a tiny home for showing comeing soon!!!

  19. kristi hulett

    Me my husband and three kids would to have tiny house for us all to live in but we neef help with getting one we have no money and we want one fot here in lonoke ar. Please help

    1. Gigi

      Kristy why don’t you two or one of you get a job? I’m not trying to be hateful, but geezzz. So many people asking for free handouts all over. Don’t people know how to take care of themselves anymore. Turn to family, family helping family. Not posting . I know this sounds heartless, but I think I speak for more than myself and the people around me. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. I Have worked since I was 11 now an old woman working thru pain of an old over worked body, my husband also. Oh and He has agent Orange cancer from Korea, but we try each and every day. We too want a tiny home, and will work, save and do what we must. But if we can’t then it wasn’t meant to be. I’m NOT going to beg.

  20. Shelly Thomas

    I would like to have a tiny house built. I live in Lonoke, Arkansas. I already have what I want I just need someone to build it. Help please….

    1. Robert Perryman

      Hi I’ Bob here in Cabot and I run a lot for premier portable building, we have a building that can be turned into a tiny house. No money down easy payments, no credit check..501-425-1864

  21. Kyle king

    Shelly Thomas ,
    Give us a call at Elite Custom Trailers we build custom built trailers for tiny homes and can build a home on our trailer to fit your needs.
    Look us up on fb Elite Custom Trailers.
    Kyle King

  22. Constance and Clinton black

    I to built one in Marvel, Arkansas need to have two bedrooms and two bathrooms how much will it cost.

    1. Robert Perryman

      I build tiny houses in Cabot .give me a call at 501-425-1864

  23. teaunna clark

    I am will to purchase a cheap tiny house I am located in Fayetteville arkansas

    1. Robert Perryman

      What are you looking for l might have what your look for.501-425-1864

  24. Angela Stone

    Im interested in a two bedroom would be located in mayflower ar .

  25. Donna

    I’m interested in a tiny house. Doesn’t have to completed on inside. Prefer on wheels. Or one for sale that needs to be moved. It will be in the Warren, Area.

  26. Amy

    We are looking to build a small home … Only about 650sq.ft. we have drawen our own plans though .. Just kinda wondering what the cost would be estimated. We are planning to build the kitchen (cabinets ext.) our selves more or less we would just need the basics like walls and electrical and water set up … Is this something your company would be able to help with ?

  27. Phyllis Tilley

    I would love to down size to a tiny house. I would want to set it to stay in one place. My husband and I are on Fixed income. My husband is 6 5 so it would need to be open and tall. We also would like the main bed down stairs not in the loft. He is 75 and I am 60 stairs are not good. Can you tell me about something like that would cost or send me to a Tiny Home Builder close to me in Jonesboro, AR Thank you

  28. Kathleen Rohm

    I would like to hear what all of you are looking for in a Tiny Home and see if I can help you in your search. We have the fully finished custom homes with size options, and add-on options. They can be very affordable and done to meet your individual needs. Please call me at 870-706-9573, Thank you.

  29. Bonnie Weaver

    I am looking for a development in Arkansas that are mini homes. Rent to own if you will. Or just rent would be fine. Or maybe someone that has alot of extra land that they wouldn’t mind setting up one for me to do this. Would want to be their farm land/indoor /outdoor help or live close to town where I could get a job…..Am a middle-aged lady outdoorsman …Looking to live simply!!!

  30. Chris

    Are tiny houses allowed in Hot Springs Village?

  31. Linda Daniels

    Chris: I doubt it. Square footage requirements are determined for every neighborhood area in the Village, and requirements vary according to location. I, too, would love to build a 600 square-foot home on my lot in Hot Springs Village. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? BUT — it doesn’t look like its possible.

    1. Virginia

      I would also like to build tiny in Village, have large home here now. There should be a way to buy a group of lots in remote area restricted to tiny homes only. I would invest in this idea.

  32. Donna C.

    I am interested in a TH with a bedroom on the main floor, bath, full kitchen, rustic feel -lots of storage in lower Arkansas. Anyone know of anything or anyone that can build?