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  1. I would like to find a small home for me and my daughter .

    1. I currently have a tiny house on a double axle trailer for sale in phoenix

      1. Ryan, Is your home still for sale? If so, please email me information along with photos.

      2. Hi my mother is looking for a tiny house too. In Arizona if anyone can help please email me.

        1. Hi we buid tiny houses in phx we could gladly help you.

          1. Looking for Tiny House models to look at in AZ. Plan on getting 1 by June of 2017.

          2. Where are the sample tiny houses located in Az??

          3. Looking to move to Arizona. Like to buy 3 or 4 tiny homes. We are 3 adults wanting our own privacy. 1 kitchen, but set up so we’re living together,separately..lol

          4. How does one get in touch to talk about a tiny home. We want one for a casita in Cave Creek

          5. We would like for you to contact us. We are looking for a Tiny Home Community in Phoenix, Mesa, Gold Canyon AZ area.

      3. How much a month for my husband and I and our daughter. We looking for one soon

  2. Well Ashleigh, in regards to your comment this site is actually meant for recreational purposes, not your alleged purpose of living in it. Also your name isn’t spelled correctly…

    1. Also, Joe, your name is generic and sucks.
      Hope you like that since your handing out name criticism,

    2. Joe if you read the description of the site,it is actually meant for sale of tiny homes and home searching.

  3. There is a TV show about these Tiny HOuses and the prices are great. I just don’t know if you have to buy the lot or can rent land at an RV park. If you know someone who has some land, they could rent you a spot. I hope you find one, Ashleigh.

  4. Looking for Tiny House in Arizona to live in. Needs to be on south end of Arizona and on slab or foundation. All appliances including w/d. Water heat etc set up. Ready to go. Very small piece of land it sets on. I am disabled so I need low maintenance and as i stated ready for me to decorate and move in. Any ideas.

  5. I would like to find a tiny house about 500 sq ft in Phoenix, AZ

  6. Looking for a tiny house in Bizbee or Phoenix, Az

  7. Looking to get into a tiny house for me and my mom, both of us are older people and disabled so no lofts unless it has actual stairs, maybe about 500-600sq.ft. Can anybody help me?

  8. We own a tiny home community in Pinetop/Lakeside . We have a tiny home for sale now. Visit LuxTiny.com for details

  9. Im living in Yuma looking to get a tiny house soon to move into in mid 2018. Anyone make them or have any available now? LOOking to keep my budget low as Im a college student just looking for a small space to my own

  10. Need a tiny home purchase/build/rent for the Phoenix/Mesa area…2017

  11. Looking for a tiny home for reasonable rent 1 – 2 months in Jan to Feb (2018) near Yuma, Arizona, near water?

  12. I have a THOW in the area of Prescott, AZ, available for rent if anyone desires to experience TH living. It’s not for sale at this time but I might consider “renting to own” in the future. TH is on my 2 1/2 acres in the country, near shopping and community activities. Rental is available for single adults only, no cats, no smoking. It has stairs with storage under, beautiful interior with apt. size refrig., stove, oven, broiler, full size shower, and nature’s head composting toilet. Queen size bed in loft. Beautiful views, quiet living in central AZ highlands. Email me for further details and photos.

    1. I am looking for a place for my daughter and I and we are moving from ATL. We have guaranteed income. Can you email me with pricing and pictures if still available?

  13. I have a tiny house and for those of you who do not understand the laws you better get informed. These are wonderful options but are not for most people.

  14. I’d be interested in a 2-3 month rental in a cooler-climate area — Cottonwood, Williams, Prescott, Flagstaff, Payson etc. Prefer to be a little away from downtown in order to enjoy some quiet time. Please send photos and desired price. Thank you.

  15. Jim can you tell me more about the laws? I am interested in making this investment, and want to do everything properly

  16. I want to find a small house in mesa AZ for myself. Just a place for my first home.

  17. Looking for a tiny house to build/buy/maybe rent. Going to college in tempe this fall and looking to live in tiny home instead of dorms to save. Email if you have anything available.

  18. Are tiny homes allowed in AZ? If so, I interested in having one built in the Scottsdale area. Very interested.

  19. I’m ooking for a tiny home to move into. If anyone know any please contact me. Thank you

  20. I have a tiny home available to purchase. I live in Cave Creek. You can move to your property.

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