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  1. I’m currently renting a room in my parent’s condo in Panama City Beach, but we are considering moving to Mobile, AL area near my brother’s family. My parents plan to buy a home, but I’m very interested in checking out a Tiny House that I could park nearby.

  2. I lost my home in Avery ugly divorce and have almost been homeless since I am trying g to find a little house rent to own.I cannot tellyouhow much indeed my own home again.I have just lived with this family member and that family member always wanting a place of my own. But now my granddaughter has come to stay with me and she is living with me now. So I have to get a place quickly.

    1. Deborah, have you found a place to call home? I read your message and am sorry that you’ve had a rough time.Take care of yourself!

  3. i’ve been living in a trailer park but don’t like the environment. I’d don’t make a whole heap of money but i’d like to find a tiny house in Alabama somewhere that i can live for cheap on my own terms, living with pride in my own tiny house.

  4. I want to know where in North Alabama that I can take my tiny home? Also, I have a friend that doesn’t own a Tiny home but wants to move into one…is there a place like that? Would people be interested in a community like that in North Alabama? What barriers are there?

    1. Where building a tiny house community in ashville Al right out side city limit’s twinty mins from gadston Al if any one is interested. Where are selling lots and building tiny homes on some of them. Have one built now about to start five more please feel free to email me at kirby1476@ gmail.com or call 2053624130 for more info

    2. we are starting a tiny house (500 square foot ) village in Northeast Al.

  5. Looking for a tiny home in prattville alabama. .I ownmy land just ready to downsize

  6. I think Alabama needs to look into allowing Tiny houses on someone’s own land, or a start of a tiny house community. Many people are definitely interested, and it could help people who are retired, trying to save for a bigger place, or simply just choose to live simply. Maybe we could start a petition.

  7. We have got one started just have one house but more coming real soon

  8. Interested in a tiny home community near Prattville/Montgomery area.

  9. I’m retiring in June and am looking for a Tiny house in or around Fairhope Alabama. I would love to live a community’ of tiny houses, but haven’t been to locate anything.
    Does anyone know of something like this in or around that area.

  10. I have just started making my tiny house out of a 53′ semi van trailer..Gonna take a lotta work and money but it beats being homeless or living with family members.ill keep y’all updated.
    Sissy from Talladega

  11. How much is your tiny houses and do our have to have good credit to buy one

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