There’s a common misconception that’s been spread about tiny house becoming too expensive. Actually, that’s not the case at all. It’s just a new segment of tiny houses has been created. I explain in this episode of The Tiny House Listings Podcast. New tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily at

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  1. P W.

    Yes, they are to expensive. Absolutely derailing the initial purpose of reasonably priced housing, etc., etc. Now, of course, any of us can come up with millions of reasons to back a belief we may have. I can purchase a house and land for the price of some tiny homes! That’s ridiculous! I know, the first thought is, do it then. Guess what, that’s not what I want, I have that now and want something less expensive for a senior person. These tiny houses have just become a way for some to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of some people who haven’t figured it out yet or just don’t care. Some are even offering financing now. Now, that is really showing where some are taking advantage; isn’t it supposed to be getting people away from a mortage????? Just my two cents. I would be paying cash if I were to find one of reasonable price.

  2. Jeff Davidson

    You can’t find container homes in the Cincinnati metro area under $250,000. Other types of tiny houses are equally expensive when you consider finding locations where you can place them, hooking up utilities and having them moved to your location. I own a renovated, 2200 sq. ft., brick, Greek Revival house near downtown Cincinnati. The house has a garage, stained glass windows, 11 ft. ceilings, pocket doors and a dry basement. It has 3 bedrooms and two full baths. I could sell it for approximately $225,000. It is in a desirable neighborhood that has low crime.
    Please explain to me how downsizing to a 200-500 sq. ft. space with no garage is a reasonable option? I want to downsize, but I don’t want to have to lose money in order to do it!

  3. Cheryl

    Yes, I too would love to live in one but can’t afford it because with the crash of Wall Street, all of my savings disappeared over night, now I’m starting over at 56, single and having to pay rent with no hope of real home ownership now.

  4. Holly Pierce

    The sky is always falling for a segment of the population. They will never be happy and will find something to complain about.

  5. Louise Vogt

    I am interested in acquiring a small house, 500-600 sf, can any builders be recommenced, and are any small homes being built or developments being built in the bay area, say Napa, Davis, etc. CA?

  6. Stephanie

    Why are tiny houses in the U.S. much more expensive than in Australia where the housing and the overall cost of living are both much MORE expensive than here in the states? Thanks

  7. Stephanie Laverty

    Why are tiny houses in the U.S. much more expensive than in Australia where the housing and the overall cost of living are both much MORE expensive than here in the states? Thanks

    AND!!! When I try to submit this very relevant question, it says I already submitted this question (approximately kne year ago) and that question was never answered, Soooo, please answer it, if you can. It is a legitimate and relevant question. Thanks

  8. mj

    Thanks for the pod cast , you answered some of my questions.

  9. Lisa E.

    The first Tiny House was built by Jay Shaffer and cost $7K. I have been in the THM from its inception. Then Alex Pino and some others (Deke Dickerson and Dee Williams,) got involved. Then after a brief time together, Everyone split up to start their own version of the Tiny House. After the split, Tumbleweed Tiny Houses came into being. They had a basic style (the Cypress) that was very popular, and in no time the prices rocketed up into the tens of thousands. Original Tiny House people complained and this made many aware of the prices. In the beginning it was explained away as the high cost of labor. Later, more amenities (combo washing machines, under and on counter dishwashers, etc.,) were added to justify the pricing. People just got carried away. The original purpose of the Tiny House was to have a very affordable place to live, but it became a fad, and so the prices went up. The thing that, I believe, has brought the pricing back down is the inability to find affordable places to park. If you take a Senior on a fixed income of $550.00, a month, but the RV parks are asking $650.00, a month in rental fees, or if the local zoning laws prohibit any housing under one thousand feet, then you run into trouble trying to sell Tiny Houses. Off-grid features have been helpful because it allows some to move into more rural and underdeveloped areas that may not have such bias-regulated zoning laws (biased in favor of realtor remunerations, and local taxing boards). On the other side of things, if you aren’t using re-cycled materials and appliances, then you will be paying top dollar because of the constant price elevations we have been experiencing over the years. We Americans pay four times as much as any other country for the exact same things, be that prescription drugs, or lumber. (We ship felled trees to China, they debark them, cut them into planks, and then sell them back to us; another example of the terrible “trade agreements” we are getting from a corporatized government, with this being attributed to globalization and the loss of our democracy to the current oligarchy.) I don’t expect anything to change in the near future because people are only too willing to accommodate whatever hardships are imposed upon them without dispute.

  10. englandsc

    As a Tiny House advocate for 3 years now… I’d like to understand how having a 20ft Tiny Home built, would cost me around $45K-$65K (as quoted by several builders) Tumbleweed even more expensive (I request no appliances in my package) yet I can purchase a Beautiful “Park Model Home 12’x38” full upgrades and set-up, (brand New Build) for $45k or maybe purchase a 40′ Fifth Wheel travel trailer with all the upgrades & 5 slide-outs for less than $65k. Seems like there is a great deal of “Opportunist” in this Tiny House build space hoping to cash in… also see them dropping out like house flys. Wheres the trust?