The average adult in the U.S. (and elsewhere) works a 40+ hour week, pays lots of bills, drives a car that isn’t paid for and lives in a house that has more square feet than they need, which also isn’t paid for. All of this to support a lifestyle that exceeds what they really need. They spend many hours each week cleaning, cooling, warming and paying for their homes that they seldom get to enjoy. Happiness is a moving carrot dangling in front of their face.

The good news is, there is a solution to the average adult’s daily mayhem…by opting out.

Tiny Houses and Voluntary Simplicity Go Hand-In-Hand

Lately I’ve been hearing the term “voluntary simplicity” being thrown around social sites and blogs. It deals with scaling back your life even though you don’t have to, but probably should. It struck me that owning and living in a tiny house is probably the biggest step forward you can make to living a life of voluntary simplicity.

Read an enjoyable book on your tiny house front porch or pay hard-earned cash to watch 100’s of channels with commercials convincing you to buy stuff? Stand in line at the grocery store or pick fresh veggies from your garden? Work forever or retire young? Go to work or go on a walk? Look up at the sky or look down at your desk?

Your home is the center of many of your daily choices and owning a simple home can be the biggest first step towards living your life of voluntary simplicity.

Photo credit Rachel Hadiashar

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