A few years ago, Matt and I discovered that we really enjoy cooking. Actually, I should amend that: Matt really enjoys cooking. I really enjoy eating what he cooks. When we were planning our tiny house we decided on a simple and minimal kitchen which we knew would present some interesting challenges to our food preparation. However, over the last year I have been cataloging our cooking adventures on my blog under the label The Tiny Table. I thought I might take a little time to share a few of the recipes here on Tiny House Listings.

Before I go into the recipes themselves I should mention a few things. Our kitchen is off the grid. We have two small butane burners, an outdoor camp oven, and a smoker. Not only do we have kitchen space indoors but we built an outdoor cooking space so we could enjoy the gorgeous seasons in the mountains. We do not have traditional refrigeration or plumbing so many of these recipes are designed to be very simple. We shop at the Farmer’s Markets around Asheville and use a lot of fresh ingredients.

  1. Jerk Shrimp and Noodles. If you like shrimp and spicy sauces this is a perfect dish for you. The only ingredients are shrimp, angel hair pasta, and jerk sauce and it can be made with just one pot and one pan.
  2. The Baconalia. This event was born at a camping festival with friends last year. We had two pounds of bacon that hadn’t been cooked by Friday morning – so we just started cooking it. Then we realized that we had a lot of bacon grease and the only solution was to slice potatoes and fry them up. Delicious. Cook this outside to limit the mess.
  3. Roasted Veggies. We joined a CSA last year and frequently they had a lot of great root vegetables at the market. This time we got a variety of carrots and potatoes. I tossed them in olive oil and spices and roasted them in the camp oven. We grilled up some steaks to go with them to complete the meal.
  4. Tiny Eggplants in the Tiny House. Another CSA find was Fairytale Eggplants. We made use of a lot of eggplants from the Farmer’s Market all year long (our favorite were the Italian eggplants) but these tiny versions were adorable and we couldn’t pass them up. We sliced them and fried them in oil and added them to pasta and a locally canned sauce. This is a perfect meatless meal for a tiny house.

As I began to pull these posts together I realized that we made a lot more great food than we profiled on the site. I believe this will need to be corrected in the future. Do you live in a tiny house? What kind of kitchen do you have and what are your favorite meals to prepare?

Laura is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings and she walks the walk. She lives in a 120 square foot cabin in Asheville, NC that her and her partner Matt built themselves. You can learn more about Laura and Matt at their website 120squarefeet.com.

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