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  1. Michael Greenawalt

    Please send general discription and coast of planes

  2. Eddie Aguilar

    Looking for a tiny house plans and building cost.

  3. Mark

    Please check this page. There is a script error or something, because whatever should appear on this page is not here.

  4. Debra Mullikin

    My husband and I live at poverty level and are tired of being homeless/ worrying again of being homeless. We would need cheapest possible without having to worry about running water being available or not. Need easy access so. 1 bedroom queen size down stairs or only having to go up a few stairs. A loft for guest. Have animals. This is probably just a pipe dream. What if anything do you have that the poor might be able to afford?

    1. Robin Yarborough

      Start with a book. U can maybe get one used. UsedBooks.com

  5. NJ

    nothing here folks. someone should respond.

  6. Dominique Soto

    Hi there,
    Can you send me some plans on how to do it youlrself tinyhouse.

    Thankyou so very much,

  7. JelinaS Ross

    How much does it cost???

  8. JelinaS Ross

    How much does ezup cost?

  9. JelinaS Ross

    I’m interested in a tiny house kit

  10. Marilyn Kirkman

    Would like prices for a home plans for home 300 to 400 sq ft. Want to start building in about 5 to 6 months.
    Thank You, Marilyn

  11. Marianna Hardin

    Nothing, to look at or info as to where to go to find some plans. Need to correct

  12. debra

    Hi can u please send me the plans for the tiny house can not find them on this site

  13. Sue Wagner Hathaway

    I’m interested in purchasing a rent to own home approximately 250 to 300 sq ft tiny home on wheels. I would need to be able to tow with a smaller truck. I am 67, a teacher still, college degreed woman with a higher than 700 credit score. I would need the home set up by your company and I would like open space with Queen bedroom on main floor. I also would like a composting toilet with a shower