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  1. Billy Gallagher

    Tiny house owner seeks place to rent/park. Living in the Baltimore/ D.C. area. Open to other offers, other places- thanks.

    1. Kara Lee

      Hello Billy,
      I have eight acres in the Baltimore area. With the ability to park a tiny house. Can you tell me more about yourself, your interest, your age, your direction. Thanks, Kara

      1. Billy Gallagher

        Hi Kara,
        I am presently living in Columbia. I am now, freshly, the “big fifty”, in human years. Funny, I don’t feel any different, but I have a cat who is almost nineteen, in human. I can tell, he is definitely changed, but that makes him like a hundred and ninety or so, right? Just kidding, but he may or may not soldier on with me.

        I have a Masters in Five Element Acupuncture but am not presently in practice. To make ends meet I do tons of handyman related work in my local community, working mostly with the elderly. However, after three years of this, I am ready for a change. Perhaps I will continue to work with this population, or go back to group home work, caring for the “cognitively disabled”. Anything is possible, I believe, and tiny living should open me up to a lot of other hopes and dreams; too many to describe here.

        I’ve lived in many places around the country, but Columbia has been my base since it’s inception; my family too. My house, the Gifford, by Jay Shaefer, is close to becoming habitable, but there is a long ways to go, before it becomes finished, finished. More Windows, my shower, closing up the interior walls and so on will all have to wait. I’m adaptable, usually pretty patient, and excited about the future. There is plenty more to describe, but hopefully this can be a good beginning.

        How about you? Anything you might share to help me in my process? Thank you for reaching out. My build and my journey throughout has proven to be quite isolating. I guess most people around here just don’t get it. When they see my house they will- I think. And YES, can you believe it? I’m building right here on the edge of Columbia; hassle free!
        Cheers, Billy 443_618_5397

        P.S.- shoot me an email and I will send some wonderful pictures of my build so far . I think it’s very handsome and have made an excellent choice . Thanx!

        1. Barbara

          I’m Barbara from South Carolina and would love to see this pics of your new home if you don’t mind sending them. I am always interested in seeing new ideas and new places. Just a hobby of mine I guess lol.

          Thanks in Advance


      2. melissaneill1958


        I too am looking for a place to park a tiny home in the Baltimore/DC area. As a 58-yr old school music teacher in PG County, I live a very quiet life. For hobbies, I make jewelry, collect rocks, do lapidary work and camp in the summer. I am an avid reader and prefer solitude.

        I am looking for a long-term location. If possible, I am looking for a place I can make home for the next 10 years. Then if, I’m lucky…retirement and financial freedom! As a single mom for years, the struggle to financially provide for my kids and myself has taken its toll on my life. The future is bleak unless I can make my dream of a tiny home a reality. I have a design and a builder but the trial of finding a place to park the home is disheartening.

        I woul.d love to hear back from you in response. You may email me at melissaneill1958@yahoo.com, melissa.neill@pgcps.org or call/text 301-957-5706. Thank you for your time.


        1. Audrey

          My name is Audrey and I live in the same areas. I am originally from Baltimore but I just started working in DC Metro area. I too am planning a tiny house build about 6-8 months from now, and I too am struggling with finding places for term parking, but in a neighborhood-type area. There doesn’t seem to be any place to park a tiny house anywhere near here. Have you made any progress/found anything? It would really help me out. If not, let’s stay in touch incase either of us makes progress.
          My email is aschmitt4020@yahoo.com

          Thanks in advance!

      3. Stacey Murphy


        I’m interested finding a place for two, possibly three tiny homes.

        I grew up between Baltimore and DC! And lived in Savage fars as an adult.

        Where is your property?

        What would you charge? How long cuold I stay? It be my daughter, me and not likey, but possibly her friend.

        Could we bring in solar? Plant a garden?

        1. Simmone Anderson

          Stacey are all of your tiney homes spoken for? I’m from Baltimore and I’m looking to go tiny. Just me, no pets, kids, etc. Relocating after living in Vegas for 5 years so I’m practically bringing nothing with me.

          Let me know if you’re interested in renting one out. Thanks.

      4. Kayla

        Hi Kara and Billy,

        Sorry to jump in here, but i am also looking for land for my tiny house in the Baltimore area! Kara – do you have any more space available?


      5. Yasmine lee

        Hello Kara my name is Yasmine I am currently a full time college student and work part time I love the tiny house movement and was looking into building one. Is your 8 acres full or do you still space for another tiny home in the future ?

  2. Wayne Whiting

    I need a spot to park my tiny house. Needs to be near Winston-Salem, NC. Can pay $400 a month. Call 336-747-0752

  3. R Kinsley-Meissner

    Southern NH area to just over the border in MA.
    Very much interested in the open land near Derry, Londonderry areas.
    We keep to ourselves. would love a spot off to the side of one of those big lots with tree’s.
    We have kids, so an area for the house with an area for the kids to play (not huge, just an area)
    If we have electric hookup ($60/mo is our yearly average)
    if we have water hookup (depends on your system)
    open to suggestions $$$

    1. David Parker

      I have a lot in pelham NH, however – how would you manage with no water or electric hookup?

  4. Lori

    In Canada looking for anyone in Ontario wanting to park a tiny home in Kawartha Lakes or anyone with land who would be interested in the same. Let’s chat!

  5. Lorie Ward

    Southeast Georgia tiny house parking. 30 Acre’s farm land. Park beside small pond in natural wooded area. Water available. Must have off grid accommodations (no electric/sewer) 45 minutes to Savannah. 2.5 hours to Charleston SC; 2.5 Jacksonville Florida. Short term parking 3/6 months. No outside pets. Adults only. (For safety reasons) only 4 spaces available. $300.00 monthly email loriew84@aol.com for pictures of site area.

  6. Yvonne

    Seeking a small lot in NC or SC to work on my 40ft container home. 3-6 months.

  7. Andria Fort

    Hi looking for a tiny home parking can be on or off grid. Preferably in the Monmouth County area.Also if you have an slightly used home I may be interested as well.

  8. Christina

    Looking for parking in the lake County area/Cobb Mtn/ north of Santa rosa. I’m hoping for a 1 year lease a for around $200 month. It would be my 2 tottlers and myself.

  9. Chris Ott

    I am looking for a lot in Utah County, Utah to park a tiny home. SiZe TBD, but I imagine I will end up with at least a 25-30ft unit. Max budget of 350 per month. Will need all utilities available. This will be a long term lease agreement. Contact Chris at cott444@gmail.com

  10. Andria Fort

    Greetings one and all. I am currently working on a Tiny House Community in The Jersey Shore. The ocean is about a mile and a half away.Our group yet to be formerly named will be off grid except for connection to the town swear system. There will be solar, alternative electric,heating and cooling options and a hopefully a home of your tiny dreams. As you all may know many towns in NJ are not so friendly to the tiny home concept. I am at this time working on approaching board members and planning committees to find a way to live close to the beach ,leave a little less footprint and save our well earned money.
    This would be a very special community especially with housing in this area are in the 500,000- to 4/5 million. Our group would like to change the Mc Mansions of NJ to some elegant Tiny Homes. Our style is yet to be set in stone but with keeping up with the local architecture a more Vintage look.There are many builders currently doing quite well.I am hoping to get our small Villiage to agree on a builder and perhaps get a little price break as a group.
    The other possibility is someone reading this can build there home or just our homes. I am not saying cookie cutter houses at all. To the contrary I love to inspire people to live creatily and make their home uniquely their own.
    If this is of any interest to you as an individual or company please feel free to contact me.
    Andria Fort
    PS your ideas are welcome so let me know……..

    1. Ed

      Check out our homes, much more area friendly ecobuilthomes.com

  11. Cindy Thillet

    We live in Denver area and need a place to park our tiny home

    1. Susan Radakovitz

      I wish I were closer, I’m in California and would love to be involved in a group project. I would have a small amount to invest, but I could totally see a community that would have a garden area, bocce ball courts..,just a darling clean community.

      1. Tamra

        I’m also in California and would love to invest in a tiny house community I’m in the South Bay Area , I want an area for me and my daughter

        1. Kimber

          Hi I’m in the Ventura county area of California and I’m interested in developing a tiny house community!

      2. Deborah Burgstrum

        I too live in California and am looking for a place to put a tiny home for when I retire. Ideally, I would like to live in a tiny house community. Any leads would be appreciated.


        1. Kathleen conner

          Hi,l too live in Calif.Orange county.l to would be interested in investing.l love the concept.l want to retire in a community of tiny homes if possible.


          1. Teri Royal

            Please call me if you are interested in San Diego. I own some land there and I would be happy to discuss sharing it with you!

        2. Dita Whitelock


          I just saw your post from a few months ago. I am not sure if you are still looking for a community, but we have just opened our doors to tiny homes. Our community, located in La Mesa, CA is a small one. We only have total 45 lots, of which about a quarter are mobile homes, a third are park models, and the rest of the spaces is now open to tiny homes. I have been leading and improving this community for over 20 years. Our website is http://www.lakemurraymhp.com/
          Please let me know if you have any questions.


  12. Jay oliver

    I am starting a tiny home community 20 min from Portland Maine on a small 12 acre lot with a pond and wooded area. Looking to see if there is any interest out there?

    1. Ilona Yaeger

      Sounds interesting. Anymore info? Pets allowed? Off grid?

    2. April

      Absolutely, I have an acre on the Penobscot river, but I live in Massachusetts, sick of the drive and was looking for something more south, but still in Maine.

    3. Michelle

      Very interested! have you begun the project? What town are you planning the tiny house
      Community? Will utilities be available? It would be my husband and my toddler. What size plot would be available for each tiny house? Please let me know more on the tiny house community outside of Portland! Thanks

    4. Lisa

      I’m interested in the community near Portland ME. Will there be electricity, sewer/water etc.?

    5. Megan Zopf

      Have you started the project or are you just seeing if anyone is interested?

    6. pat gabriel

      Just saw this posting. I am in NH and looking for a tiny house community. Would you email me at patriciagabriel@comcast.net so we can be in contact?
      Thanks! Pat

    7. Elizabeth


      I’m wondering if you’ve made any progress with this project? I’m starting my plans for tiny house living.

  13. Kiki

    Hello, I am looking for a place to park my tiny home in the Central NJ area starting in the Fall, preferably Middlesex County. Are there any tiny home communities out there? Any info or suggestions would be a great help. Thanks.

    1. Nicole

      Hey Kiki, have you found anything? I’m also located in central jersey

  14. chance2u

    Mother & Son looking for a quiet farm, off grid/on grid land, lot, backyard, etc to park our future tiny home….we are in the early stages of building our tiny home but we are serious about finding a future home for our dream home….

    We currently reside in CA, but are open to different states to call home

    1. Martha

      Would you be interested in Calaveras county? I have a three acre vineyard on a 40 acre lot in a serene valley. We come up on the weekends to the trailer and are considering having alternative forms of income by having campers do vineyard work in exchange for parking.

      1. Brittany

        Hello…saw your ad…where is this located..?? sounds interesting..

      2. Brittany K. ....8/15/2016

        Greetings..Martha…please call me about your vineyard work..702/883-5926..Brittany

      3. Katie Sippel

        Hi Martha, I am very interested in your proposal for tiny house parking.

        Please email me with your contact information, at:

        Thank you,

  15. Heather

    There is a community in Washington state on an island. A women with land and putting hookups to be not off grid option.

    1. Ashley olson

      Hey heather! Do u know which island and for how much?:) have a tiny house bus looking for a spot to park:)

      1. Diane

        Did you ever get an answer as to where this place is at?

    2. Adele

      Hi Heather! I’m north of Seattle & looking for a place to park my really cute (not a contemporary rectangular tall box on trailer) THOW, it has personality and not painted wild colors either. I’m a quiet & respectful retired female who does not drink/smoke anything/do drugs/throw parties or have overnight guests. Looking for peaceful serenity in WESTERN Washington that I can afford on a fixed Soc Sec income! I can provide rental & personal + professional references, and have no problem being asked to submit to a WA State Patrol background check. This will be my first & hopefully my FOREVER TH HOME!!!)
      If you can share any info on a place in WA (on an island?) I would definitely appreciate yor help!

    1. Kathleen conner

      Michael, please let me know if you find a spot in so can.l too am looking.

      Kathleen 949_607_9295

    2. Kimber

      Same here! Ventura county for me

  16. Roberta

    Looking for a place for our future Tiny Home near Seattle WA. Would need access to power and water. May consider other western states. Would love to rent on land where we could also keep our 2 horses with us.

  17. Bradford

    I have five acres in Lexington, Georgia, 25 miles east of Athens. Lovely rural hunting area.
    Property has a stream and is covered in hardwoods.
    I have one acre available for a tiny home or small RV.
    This is offgrid with no well, sewer, or electric. You can use a composting toilet you build. Stream water is suitable for anything but drinking.
    You can tie into the power grid at your own cost.
    $300.00 per month with $250.00 deposit. 15 miles from Watson Mill State Park.
    Absolutely no drugs ir alcoholics. Pets should be fenced or kept inside.
    This area has fox, deer, owls, and other wildlife.
    I live in an offgrid rock cabin on the fifth acre back.

  18. Lisa

    Has anyone heard of safe property in Hampton Roads area-Tidewater VA (Hampton VA, Norfolk, Yorktown, VA Beach) of allowing or availability of land for tiny homes. Or a developer, land owner interested in working with us to start one. We are builders of sustainable-reclaimed wood furniture, and restaurants. We are interested in developing a tiny home community but need interest from other parties who have the land, and other resources. My email to reply is lmb239@gmail.com

  19. Pam

    The North Woods of Maine are beautiful….I have an acre of land that could accommodate 2 tiny homes. Well installed but would have to hook up to electricity. (no sewer) Adults only. Perfect for your “Tiny” farm too if you want a garden, chickens or farm animal. Located 30 miles north of Lincoln Maine. You would have your own 1/4th of the acre. Monthly land rental $225.

  20. William

    East Bay/Oakland/SF San Francisco/Berkeley

    Hello there! I’m looking for a backyard, driveway, or similar space to park my 8.5’x16′ tiny house on a trailer. I will need a space with access to electricity, and a garden hose hookup for water.

    About me:
    My name is William, I’m a carpenter and printmaker. I love reading books, riding my bike, and my cat.

  21. Vanessa

    Hello all, I’m looking for a home for my tiny house in orlando, fl. I’m open to other places in Florida and maybe even another state if right opportunity presented itself.

  22. Suzanne Faulknberg

    We have about one-half acre, level and fenced, with septic in place, city water and electric 12 miles outside Russellville, AR. It is in the country and outside city limits with no restrictions. There is a view across the road of countryside and Mt. Lee in the Ozark National Forest. There is, also, a 31′ 1984 Airstream on property now that is hooked up to all utilities. Just outside Ozarks in Dover, AR. Russellville has a great University. One hour to Little Rock. 2 hours to Memphis. Land is $20,000. Airstream is $9,500. Both for $25,500. Cash sale only.

    1. Rita

      Suzanne, just to clarify, you are saying you will sell the land or the Airstream, or both together, right? Can you possibly email pictures of both to me? What is surrounding the one-half acre on all sides? I would be interested in knowing who the neighbors would be. I am a single woman, currently live in South Carolina, but a looking for a place to build a tiny house where I can have a fence for my 4 small dogs….would possibly be interested in the Airstream, depending on the size. Looking for a place where I can enjoy nature and a view, but close to town so as to feel safe. I am originally from Oklahoma, so have been thinking of moving back to that part of the country where I can see 4 seasons, especially the fall leaves!
      Thanks for any information you can send.

  23. Tracie

    Hi. I’m looking for a place to park my tiny house. I’m open to almost anywhere in Michigan.

    1. Misty

      I am in the market, also. I found property for sale on this site at: 2554 S Blodget Rd, Lake City, MI 49651. I like it but it’s too far from where I need to be for work. Some are talking about forming a tiny home community, but so far that is still in the idea stage.

  24. Tina Berger

    I have a cleared pad on a wooded lot in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with water and electric. Space for one or two tiny houses. 20 minutes’ drive to Burke Mountain Resort skiing and mountain biking. 1.5 hours’ drive to Montreal. $350 / month plus electric.

  25. Mark

    Hi all! My girlfriend and I have been renting a home in Brisbane, CA for about 6 months and are looking into purchasing a tiny home.

    We would love to continue to live in the San Francisco Bay Area (ideally in SF or on Penninsula) for 6 – 12 months prior to exploring the western U.S. but would prefer not to set up our home in an RV park. I’m inquiring to learn if there is interest in renting out a small amount of land on your property (the tiny home we would purchase would be ~24′ x 9′) to house this unit. It will be built on a trailer so will be easily moveable/non-permanent and would require only water and electrical hookup. We’re open to flat monthly rent pricing, rent + utility usage, etc. – whatever makes sense to the land owner.

    Happy to provide all sorts of details to those interested. We’re both professionals working on the peninsula (I work for a data company, she is a nurse at Mills Hospital) and are looking to simplify our lives and see our beautiful country at some point in the process! Move in would likely be early – mid summer.

  26. Lynne Presley

    HI-I am looking for space in the Lake Tahoe area. Would like to have water and sewer. Anyone know of any places like that? Seems we are all looking for space? We should get together and purchase a plot of land and forma tiny house community.

    1. Chris

      It does sound like there are many people with visions of a tiny home and a need to park them somewhere. I’m in Illinois (Chicago) and before i get too serious about the move to a tiny home I’d like to. Have a scenic spot ,possibly near water for fishing and swiming as well as other outdoor activitys , where i could park my tiny home. A community of small houses or tiny homes sounds ideal. If anyone hears of such or is interested in trying to organize and or finance something in the midwest please. Let me know.

      1. Terese

        Hi Chris,

        My name is Terese. I also live in Chicago and would like a place to build a small or tiny home.
        I am interested in getting involved in the development of a community in the Midwest.

  27. Chandler

    Nice and quiet RV space, two person occupancy only. Non-flooding water front. Also, river front relaxation, eagle watching, and fishing just steps from your front door.Just outside Lake Stevens with all hook-ups water,sewer, and garbage. Power metered separate. Monthly rental $700, 250 deposit, additional storage also available.

    1. Carolyn Harris

      Chandler,I’m looking for parking space for new tiny house approx. January 2018. Do you allow small dog (on leash when outside & cleaned up after)? Do you have 30 or 50 amp electrical service? Thanks!

    1. Teri Royal

      Please call me if you are interested, as II would be happy to discuss this opportunity with you! My number is 657-500-8085.

  28. Alison Roth

    Hi all! I’m in the market to acquire a Tiny House (I have a specific one in mind), but first I need a place to park it. Is anyone in the Madison, WI or surrounding area interested in leasing some land? The house in mind is 300 sf max. I’m a quiet grad student with an indoor cat, so I won’t disturb you or your family. Happy to help with chores and the like as well!

    The community near La Crosse is too far of a commute for me. Please e-mail me if you can help aroth2010@yahoo.com or reply here! Thanks!

  29. Alison Roth

    Hi all! I am looking for a space to rent to live in my tiny house on wheels (in the process of acquiring) somewhere near the Madison, WI area (as close as possible). I am a quiet grad student who is looking for a small place of my own to live with my indoor cat. I am happy to pay rent and help with any chores. I have about 3-4 years of grad school left after which I (and my tiny house) will move on. Please e-mail me (aroth2010@yahoo.com) or reply if you or someone you know might be interested in renting to me!


  30. Lisa

    Looking for land to park a tiny home in Northern Cal with my tiny dog-currently in Bay Area but amenable to moving.

  31. Avery

    Looking for place to park tiny house, that houses a family of five.
    Near the metro/twin cities Area In MINNESOTA.

    Let me know if any one has any options!!!!! Thanks guys!

  32. Taylor Ulrich

    Hello Tiny House family! My wife and I are serious about building a tiny house this summer but we need a place to park it in the Twin Cities region. Please contact me with options!

  33. Sascha

    Hi! I am looking for a place in the SF Bay area to move me and my 23′ tiny house in September 2016. My house is energy efficient–it runs off a regular (outdoor) extension cord (until I set up solar) and a garden hose hookup. Otherwise, it’s self-contained. It’s a modern design, rather than the more common Tumbleweed styles.

    I work in higher education, am really quiet, and quite responsible. I have an older, very mellow dog, who goes with me most places except work. I travel when I can, and usually do social stuff away from home. I’d love to do some limited container gardening in the right place, but nothing large scale.

    snocal [at] live [dot] com

  34. Kaitlin

    I am looking for land to park a tiny home in West Knoxville. My husband and I are moving to Knoxville while he finishes grad school and are interested in leasing land. We have no pets or children but would love a garden spot. We are currently looking at tiny houses between 200 and 400 sq ft. Please email me at kbholley24@gmail.com if you can help!

  35. Paula

    Hello, I am new to the THOW and I would like to find a place to park my tiny home in the north Denver, Co area. I want to find a place to live before I purchase my home. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paula

    1. Mandi

      Hey Paula,
      Any luck finding a place to park yet?

  36. jesse chandler

    My husband and I are looking for a place to park our 23′ class c RV. Anywhere between Mebane and Raleigh, N.C. for Fall 2016. We need hook ups and are willing to discuss terms. Thanks so much, Jesse and Michael

    1. lori

      Hi Jesse! Curious if you found anything, as my husband and I are looking to park our RV near Raleigh while we look to either build a tiny home or invest in property here. Thanks!! Lori

  37. Peggy

    Hello, does anyone know of an area close to St. Peters/O’Fallon, MO where I would be able to park a tiny house? I am new to this and owning a tiny house has been my dream for several years. I am in the process of making that dream come true.

  38. Janet Levy

    I am thinking of purchasing some land where I can have a small house built. 650 to 950 square feet. I would like to find something in Northern California.

  39. Jackie

    Looking for any temporary parking in Wisconsin (SE Wisconsin preferably but anywhere near: Madison, Chicago, up north) for a few months this winter while we look for land.

    1. Jed

      Hi Jackie. I have a gorgeous Mississippi River view bluff-top property above De Soto, Wisconsin (WI) you may be interested in (3+ acres). It’s at a height with breathtaking views where you can watch the bald eagles soar by. Email me at jed [at] bucking-the-trend.com for more information and photos. Water and electric available.

  40. Diana

    Hello tiny homes community lovers…if anyone noes about Virginia I am trying to find a place (in grid) to settle down in my tiny home. I know Virgina has lots of big lots of land…Can someone point me in a good direction? Or any suggestions…
    Thank you,

  41. Dave

    Four seasonal sites sharing 2 acres in west Michigan. Semi-wooded site is elevated with amazing sunrises and surrounded panoramic views of corn and soybean fields. Many paved quiet roads for bicycling. 20 minutes to Grand Rapids. One hour to Kalamazoo. 20 minutes to Lake Michigan. Shared Water well, metered electric, and sewer hook-up ready for connection Spring 2017. Rent by the month.

    1. Madylan

      I am extremely interested in one of your sites!! Please email me @ artista94@gmail.com– that goes to Dave and any one else who may have a spot for parking near Grand Rapids!

  42. Linda Dorzok

    Looking for a lot in Omaha, NE. Just my husband and I and we are willing to help with maintenance.

  43. Kelly

    Looking for a lot to build or buy a tiny home in Dayton oHbor surrounding cities to include KY

    1. Kelly

      Meant to say Dayton OH or surrounding cities to include KY


    Looking for an established tiny house community 55+ in the New England area.
    Does anyone know of any? Thanks

  45. Lauren

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a young professional in the Boston area looking to rent space for my tiny house on wheels. It’s super tiny (13.5×8) and has an electric hookup. Anything in the Boston area, south shore or other in Massachusetts I would encourage you to reach out!


    1. Rachael


      Did you ever find a place in Massachusetts to park your tiny house? I am looking to build but would like to have an area of where I might park before I get to far along.


  46. Robert & Cyndi

    Quiet couple with small Scottish Terrier in their middle fifties looking for a place in Central Florida or either coast to park their tiny house on w
    heels which is 8 by 16 we are currently in a friend’s yard in a small town north of Orlando but he is now renting space to giant commercial semis and it’s not a quiet or clean environment any longer my husband is a drywall mechanic and generally work 6 to 7 days per week I am an at-home worker who makes jewelry with Swarovski Elements please reach out to us

  47. J P Ledford

    Couple in our mid 50’s, drywall specialist and carpenter, farm raised and a folk musician. Have current Comet restore\repurpose in progress and looking for a place in the woods to call home. We are sorely tired of making the rich richer!!
    Self contained, green and very simple off grid situation needed … Not opposed to being part of a
    Small community. Prefer to work for the parking space, but if rent is required, then garden plot
    Must be part of the deal. Will consider anywhere Mid to Northern USA.


    1. Louise

      Might have a perfect situation for you on 3 acres here in New Hampshire, between towns of Candia and Epping off the Hwy 101. Only willing to share information/pics if seriously able to consider this area where I live.

      Or, I have 4.33acre “camp” with electricity, sewer tank, naturally fed spring that gravity feeds to “camp” in the woods. Parkman, Maine (Burt’s Bees). Coming off RE listing in Dec. 2016. Prefer sell by owner or some kind of arraingement. My guys don’t want it and I have no use for it. Could easily put several “tiny” houses on it etc. Again, only if seriously considering the area.

    2. Louise

      J P Ledford – I sent you an email and awaiting your response . Either Yay or Nay please

      1. Louis

        J P Ledford, I am sooo sorry. I think I’ve been on too many “tiny” sights and getting myself quite confused between my inbox/spam and too many inquiries. Please accept my apology. Please refresh me of your particular need/interest. I will most certainly beware aware of your email this time. Please put on subject: J P Ledford – tinyhouselisting.com and I will get back to you most quickly.

        Sincerly, Louise

  48. Kalilah

    Hi I am currently in the in the market for a tiny house but want to see how much it would be to rent land to,park it on I am currently stationed on Whidbey Island I’m Washington State and would like to be on island but am willing to drive if the area is right. My email is kalilahs@gmail.com if anyone knows of any where close thank you in advance

  49. Gregg Ganley

    My family has land for sale in Gloucester that we would love to extend to Tiny House enthusiasts as a great piece of property to park their Tiny House.

    1. Jeanine

      Dear Gregg,
      Does the land have sewer and electric hookups?


  50. Reyna

    Hi! We’re looking for a parking spot for rent here in North West Arkansas.
    If you could help us out we’d really appreciate it 🙂
    Thank you!

  51. megan.perez.13


    I am a medical student looking for land/open lot/ backyard to park my tiny home. I am looking for a place in DENVER or AURORA, COLORADO. If anyone has any availabilities, ideas, or tips I would greatly appreciate any information you have.

    Thank you!



  52. cynthia dooda

    My name is Cynthia Dooda and me and my husband are looking for spot/land to be able to park a tiny house, with hookup San Fernando Valley, CA. If any one can help with information it would be greatly appreciated!

  53. JoAnn Rhinehart

    Interested in purchasing/building a tiny house in the western MD area. Are there any places to rent to place my tiny house?

  54. whitney_oban

    Hi there!

    My husband and I just moved our self-built Tiny House to Whitefish/Kalispell area in Montana. We are living in an RV Park for the winter, but would love to find a better space to move to around April. We want to stay in the area and find a great spot for us and our two dogs. My husband is a chef and I am a writer and our dogs are the friendliest, happiest pups around! Our house is a cute barn style and 26 feet long. We are willing to pay rent and/or help around the property. Please contact me if you have any property in this area and think we might be a good fit!

    Thank you!

    Whitney and James


  55. A

    Hey there!
    My wife and I are looking for a place to park in Maryland. In the Washington D.C. Area. Ideally as close to the Potomac River as possible!

  56. somice

    WEST VIRGINIA 4 tiny home lots available on 20 acre creek-front partial nature conservancy property. Off-grid available now. Developing on-grid options as well. Peaceful and private with beautiful views and only 15 minutes from major stores and interstate 80. Only 90 minutes from Washington DC and Baltimore! Land will also be home to community organic garden, orchard and small animal farm. Creek is clean and great for tubing and picnics. Contact me at somice@gmail.com.

  57. Rachael

    Prospective tiny house builder looking for options to build and/or park a future tiny house in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, preferably near the Rhode Island border. OK if it doesn’t have utility hookups. Any leads would be much appreciated.


  58. iizzie03

    My husband and I are looking to either rent a lot or purchase a piece of property here in the Bay Area, CA. We are ready to move out of our apartment and into the tiny house of our dreams. We are super friendly and are also interested in even parking our tiny home in a friendly backyard. We would love to stay in our current Burlingame location but are willing to move to a different city.
    Any feedback or help with land would be lovely.

  59. Tai

    I am looking for parking for a tiny house in the Rockland or Orange County areas of upstate New York. I live and work in Rockland County near the New Jersey border and am in the process of going tiny. Of course, I am also very open to the Northern New Jersey area because of the proximity to my current home location. A semi-secluded space to park and live would be ideal, but I’d consider less secluded locations as well. You can reach me at tainabliss@gmail.com.

  60. Kim Clouser

    Does anyone have a tiny home spaces in Carpenteria, Ventura, Ojai, Camarillo, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica Mountains, Santa Monica, Playa, Hermosa or Redondo Beach area? I am previous home owner that wants to go tiny. I am a business owner of 25 years as well. Good bet to rent to a solid person. My tiny home is 9 X 24 and is solar powered. I would need a water hook up only.

  61. mcspxdden

    ARIZONA – Hello, my name is Matthew, I’m from Arkansas and I am going to college at UAT in Tempe. I am in the beginning stages of building my tiny home(40FT all black shipping container) which my wife and I are going to live in during college. I’m looking for a spot to park it in the Phoenix/Tempe Area, I’m willing to commute up to an hour or so, you can contact me anytime at mcspxdden@gmail.com. It seems to be limited in this area. Thank you for your time!!

  62. Samantha Grofe

    Hello, my name is Samantha
    My boyfriend and I are looking for a place to rent to put our tiny home. It’s looking like three months from now. It need to be near Denver, doesn’t have to be in Denver but near it. We also will have three dogs if that matters. Thank you if you have any help.

  63. Kristina

    My husband and I are in need of a lot to temporarily park our 30ft custom built tiny house on until June 2018. My husband is a medical student and will be at the hospital in Mcminnville. We are a quiet responsible couple with no pets or children. We are looking for a lot with water, sewer, and electric hook up 50amp.

  64. Kristina

    We would like somewhere within 20 minutes of Mcminnville, Oregon.