by Helena Mattsson

Do you dream that you can change the world by changing yourself? I am convinced that this is the case. I think that by changing myself, I automatically changed the people I meet in my life. It is impossible not to affect another human being so why not live your life as the change that you want to see in others. By living your life the way you think is good for you and your environment, you are kind to yourself and others. All change starts with one thought and one act of a man.

So do you want to be the change that you want to see in others? 
My change is that I built myself a Tiny house and changed lifestyle. I give with joy my thoughts to you so that you and other people can enjoy them and do the change you want in your life. It may be everything from starting composting to actually carve out a life in which freedom to control your life completely is possible. The rat race is a lifestyle that most people are born into and it looks like a natural part of life but it is not. It may seem impossible to get out of this rat race and shape it in the way that you think it should be. But guess what? It is possible with a little craving you can get out of it.

I think that the fear of change is the biggest reason why people don’t take the necessary steps. They are so afraid of the change and that it will become a failure. A failure is the second reason that people cease from making the necessary changes. I just want to say to you who have that fear. There are no failures! The only failure is not to try.

Failure is one step closer to success. You have tried one way an option and it turned out that it was not the right way. That’s all there is! No failure, only one finding a conclusion that the path you took was not the right way to achieve the target you wanted to achieve. The advantage is that you can now rule out that particular method and try another. You are now one step closer to see more clearly what sort of changes that are necessary to achieve your change in the best way. All who have succeeded with their changes have encountered obstacles in their way but they have been able to see it for what it is. It is one step closer to your goals.

The third reason why you fail to get out of the rat race is the fear of how other fellows will look at you and how you can defend what you believe. To overcome this obstacle, you have to see that life is short and this is your life to live as you want and feel is right for you. Here is the fear of failure great because if you defend a lifestyle that is odd or strange it may seem like a loss of reputation if your path doesn’t look good right away in others opinion. Remember that the only thing that an old man regrets is not what they did do, but what they wanted to do but did not.

On my deathbed, I would like to say to those who stand at my side that I am satisfied with life and that I have done what I wanted and failed a lot. By that I mean that because I failed a lot, I have tried new things, learned a lot, and exposed me to things, made changes in myself and the world I live in. It shows that I have done a lot of things in life. I have lived my life and not yours. I have followed my heart and not yours. It is my life to do what I want to do with it.

My advice to you is to face your fears. They are just thoughts and it is seldom that they turn out to be as scary as you think they are. You can take a small step and see how it feels and then a short step again until you dare to take bigger steps. With time you will take the big leap and the life you desire is within reach. Do not forget to enjoy the journey it is not only the goal that is important. The journey is as important as the goal if not even more important. Live in the moment and enjoy. Believe that you are put on earth to do miracles. 
I have changed my life and in doing so changed the lives of others by being the change I want to see in others. Life is a journey of learning so do a lot of learning by doing a lot of mistakes. Live your life the fullest!

I have not just built me ​​a house on wheels; I have freed myself from the rat race and the limitations within it. I am now free to do whatever I want with my life.
The benefits of my house on wheels are that it makes it possible for me to do what I want. I can do what I want because of:

• I have very low expenses

• I have very little stuff

• I do not need to clean a lot

• I have built the house myself so I know I can fix it myself if something breaks

• I have time, lots of time, to do what I want
• Small surface makes me do more things outside the home

• I am self-sufficient in electricity and water

• I can move whenever I want and never have to change accommodation.
• I have more choice.
• I do something good for the environment

These are just some of the advantages that make my life what I want it to be. 
How do you want your life to be? 
Be the change you want to see in others.

You can learn more about Helena by visiting and following her blog at (linked to the translated version from Swedish to English).

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