by Laura LaVoie

Once again, the following items have been totally, 100%, unscientifically selected by me. I hope, in fact, that you disagree with some of these as the biggest tiny house news stories of 2012. Let us know what you think should be on this list!

5. Ryan Mitchell starts his tiny house. After blogging for more than three years about The Tiny Life, Ryan Mitchell has finally put his money where his mouth is and started building his tiny home. The best part is that he has all of this experience with his blog that he is following his own story very closely. It is great to see the steps.

4. Tiny Houses continue to gain momentum. I’m not sure we’ll see the president build a tiny house behind the white house any time soon, but 2012 continued a trend of seeing tiny houses get more and more press. Various builders and tiny house dwellers were featured on CNN, Yahoo!, Huffington Post, the Oregonian and even the Washington Post. This kind of press has good and bad consequences. Sometimes it is hard to read the negative comments in response. But publicity is also good for the tiny house movement. Even if people don’t want to live in tiny houses they are beginning to see the benefits of downsizing and simplifying.

3. Tammy Strobel publishes You Can Buy Happiness (and it’s Cheap). I am actually in the middle of reading her book as I type this. I can’t help but nod along and occasionally shout out “preach on, Sister Tammy!” It is interesting for me read because Matt and I have come to many of these same conclusions over the last few years. Tammy dispenses immeasurable wisdom with her philosophy of simplicity. There is nothing she says that isn’t essentially common sense but she has packaged it in a wonderful way. I can imagine some individuals picking up her book and being profoundly changed by it.

2. Andrew Odom’s r(E)vo Convo. Drew has been a voice in the tiny house community for as long as I can remember. His enthusiasm is infectious and it knows no bounds. This year saw the establishment of his Podcast as a staple in tiny house conversations. He has had just about every major tiny house personality on his show and each conversation has been enthralling to listen to. I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for Drew and his Tiny r(E)volution.

1. Jay Shafer leaves Tumbleweed. I could have titled this “Jay Shafer Starts Four Lights Tiny House Company” but that would have been disingenuous. The truth is, the biggest news this year was that the founder of Tumbleweed left Tumbleweed. I am glad to see two results from this situation. The first is that Jay did start another company that holds a lot of promise and the second is that the big changes at Tumbleweed seem to be headed in a great direction.

What do you think were the biggest tiny house news stories in 2012? What do you expect to see in tiny house news in 2013?

Laura is a contributing writer for Tiny House Listings and she walks the walk. She lives in a 120 square foot cabin in Asheville, NC that her and her husband Matt built themselves. You can learn more about Laura and Matt at their website

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