YouTube is a curious place. There was once a time when it could be quite lucrative for budding filmmakers, new media personalities, and authentic documentarians. But as smartphones have gotten smarter and their cameras more defined, as more drone pilots have emerged, and more, younger filmmakers have emerged, YouTube has become less of an appealing platform for many. I say all this to say that when viewing the Tiny House Listing videos, there is really no rhyme or reason for why some videos do amazing despite their straightforward approach, minimal editing, and even shaky camera work, others that are more thought provoking, more serious, and even more interesting, barely make a ripple. Case in point: Top 3 Tiny House Myths DEBUNKED.

Top 3

The video is very minimal. It features Tiny House Listings creator Steven Harrell talking directly to the camera in a very conversational tone. There are no home tours. There are no interesting angles. There are no Casey Neistat-inspired soundtracks. It is a man, a camera, and a conversation. That is why it seems these sort of videos get less traffic. They are real talk on a basic level. In Top 3 Steven breaks down the Top 3 things he hears that are really myths of the modern tiny house movement. Those 3 are:

  • Tiny Houses Cost Too Much
  • There’s Nowhere To Park A Tiny House
  • There’s Not Enough Room For My Stuff


These are the videos that should be getting traffic though. These are the videos that help pre-tiny housers understand more and be less susceptible to the talking heads of the modern tiny house movement. Tiny houses cost too much? Starting at 0:00:43 there is a bitter pill to swallow. The prices of tiny houses haven’t raised, the expectations of the buyers has. Listen in…

What do you think? Is Steven hitting the nail on the head? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Ashley

    I dont want to go over $20,000 – 30,000 for a house! I need help finding one in Arkansas. I have a small budget, and i want to make payments what do you suggest!?

  2. Mark Polk

    In the THOW market, $20k -$30k is more of a work shed than a house, period. Another point is that in that price range, lenders don’t want the loan…not enough profit on such a small note. To get a loan on any THOW, or park model home, you have to have perfect credit, period. 800 credit score with no debt and major income.

  3. Carolyn Bailey

    Slabtown Custom Tiny Homes (Scott Stewart) Mountainview Ar. Look it up in Utube..

  4. Monica Koziol

    I own a home in Littleton that is too large for me and my three cats. I need to find a tiny home in Morrison or close to Denver perhaps. I am partially disabled but want to downsize dramatically. Is this even possible in this crazy realty market? Please contact me..Thanks.