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  1. Linton Tomlin

    Steven, I just bought some land outside of Bandera, Texas and want to start a place for tiny house owners to visit or stay on their way to somewhere else. I’m trying to get an idea if there is any interest in such a place. And also, I need ideas about how to set it up if anyone has already done this. I have 24 acres. I was thinking I could do off-grid people on the front and electric hook-ups and septic on the rear where my electric comes in. Thoughts/suggestions anyone? You can reach me at manager3120@gmail.com. Enjoyed your blog, Steven. Thanks.

  2. Garth

    It seems like economics are more of a reason for younger people. I’m 57 and very fit and have no ideas of ever retiring; but I’m truly tired of owning so much, something that’s probably not the situation with younger people since they’re less experienced at life. Unfortunately society and family require us to own more than we want. Zoning laws usually won’t let you build a house under a thousand square feet anymore, let alone under 500. Governments want the tax revenue that comes from a bigger house. You could rent a small apartment, but then you’d be a slave to whoever sets the rent (which, in this area, will be more than the mortgage payment and property taxes on our house we bought 26 years ago), and you probably can’t do other things to be more independent either, like grow your own food, produce your own electricity, or do other reasonable things with the property, and you might have to share walls with noisy neighbors.

    I’m not saying economics are not a factor for me. They are; but it’s partly things like the cost of painting or re-roofing when those things come due. In a tinyhouse, those things become very small projects.

    It will be a while before my wife is onboard for a tinyhouse; but I look at the tinyhouse listings to get an idea of what’s possible and what I like (and what she might like when she is ready for a tinyhouse).