Its’ been quite a few years now that the tiny house movement has been in full steam. More and more people now know about tiny houses aren more seem to be considering the possibility of taking the tiny approach to solve their housing needs. So from here, where is this thing headed? Tiny houses listed for sale daily at

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  1. Lucille DeMeis

    Based on the enthusiasm for tiny homes, based on so many factors I.e., cost, down sizing, transportable, etc; the concept is here to stay and can only get bigger.

    I enjoy subscribing to these websites, my only concern is no information is offered regarding
    Tiny home communities through the united states. Where to we park these houses once we get them built. Not all of us have family land to place them on. Can someone put together a list and keep it updated???

    Thank you

  2. Izzi Smith

    the tiny house movement, once affordable, took a real dip in the mind of future tiny house owners who think at that price, I can afford to go bigger. For some, the tiny house is great. Those 150 to 200 foot trailers. I live in 400 sq ft and wish for 600 for closet space (I work out of my home). I think the 600 to 1200 sq ft house that is designed ”correctly” is what the tiny house movement is headed toward. And very definitely builders who are flexible to our way of living, which is not always a long hall way with three bedrooms and two bath rooms branching off. Bottom line: we need better designed homes that are efficient, affordable to buy and maintain, and enjoyable to live in.

  3. Melinda Roy

    Hi! My name is Melinda and I am almost 50 but my dream for the past 3 years is to have my very own tiny home on wheels. My problem is that I don’t seem to know where to start. If you could point me in the right direction or where I should start I would really appreciate it. I would love nothing better than to be in my own tiny home in the next year or so.

    Melinda Roy