There are lots of benefits from buying and living in a tiny house. The most obvious is the cost of the house itself.

I have written this blog post for you to SEE the difference in price between traditional homes and tiny houses. This only covers the issue of the price of the house itself. It doesn’t get into other factors such as purchasing land for the tiny house to sit on. I have purposefully excluded the issue of land since many tiny house owners select to park their homes in a friend’s back yard, lease the land, travel, or some similar arrangement. This is just a basic graph to prove a basic point.

According to CBS News, the average cost of a house in the United States is $156,100. The below graph shows the average price of a house, the interest paid and the total of both the house cost and the interest paid (purple). The graphs also shows the same for a tiny house (green). Although I don’t have statistics on the average price of a tiny house, based on my observation I would say the median price is somewhere around $25,000. Some cost less and some that come with all of the bells and whistles cost more.

The graph also shows the interest paid on a 30 year note for a traditional house, and a 15 year note for a tiny house at 4.5% interest.

How much does a tiny house cost

A typical American family’s rent or mortgage payment represents roughly 30% of their total income. This is before they put a piece of bread on the table or pay their utilities. If a potential home buyer bought a tiny house and gave up the extra square footage of a traditional home, they could quickly pay off their home and could focus their financial efforts elsewhere, such as retirement, vacations, changing careers, more time with their family, and so on.

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  1. Shirley Blair

    These tiny houses are fantastic in price.
    Just wanted to share, my husband and I use to live in a three bedroom standard house. Before he passed away, we decided to have a steel building built, it is 30×50 ft. Has 2 car garage, then we built living quarters ourselves. We borrowed $50,000 from my husbands savings and paid back in three years.
    I know both of us would be happy here, as I am.
    It has 600 square feet living area, but is great, something comes in, something has to go out, that is a fact. Ha.
    Anyway, we both discovered better to live with what we need, not a hugh house. And great to pay off in 3 years.
    Loved your article.
    Bless you

  2. Arthur Renner

    I am building my first tiny house on wheels for about $3,000. This includes cost of a new trailer, appliances, flat screen tv and sound bar, 5 foot bath tub, solar panels and deep cycle batteries, all material and insulation, a house type front door, baths and kitchen. It should weigh 2,200 lbs. or less, including the trailer.

    1. drew Roberts

      How is that going for you now? I am a senior in high school and am thinking about doing the same thing so I don’t have to pay for housing in college.