This post serves as a reminder that with a little creativity, a tiny house can be built from almost any existing structure.

Built around 1750 in Louisiana, this lovely abode once served as a house to raise pigeons (also known as a pigeonnier) which were considered a delicacy at the time. When Angèle Parlange, author of Creole Thrift returned to her family’s home where the birdhouse resides, she felt it would be the perfect space to call her own.

She called on her brother to assist with renovating the pigeonnier. They started the project by replacing the original brick flooring with hardwood.

Angèle decorated her retreat with textiles and furnishings she acquired from her world travels.

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  1. DanielleCara

    I wish more of these were still standing and for sale. It can’t be tough to find or draw plans to recreate a “little birdhouse for your soul”.
    Love this!

  2. Jan Swift

    This is a beautiful and inspirational post. How elegant to live simply with “just enough.”

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